Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 225

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 225

We didn't set out to burn the candle at both ends, but I feel like I say that every time we do?

Friday I picked Daphne up after work, and we headed down to Hollywood Studios to meet up with friends.  We got there first, and the clouds were definitely ominous.  Still, we had a FastPass to go enjoy the Frozen Singalong.

The rain started while we were inside.  FOR ONCE I was prepared! We ducked under stroller cover and umbrella and hoofed it over to Launch Bay to wait for our friends.  If you're going to wait out the rain at Hollywood Studios? It's a pretty good place to do it.

Especially if you love Jawas.  Got a phone call: nobody wants to brave the rain and go to studios, so why not just meet for dinner? Alright, off to BJ's we go.

I have to say, BJ's has gotten a lot better since the one time I ate there years ago.  We got to hang out with Addison and Madison and their parents and D got to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with the crust cut off (Maddy took the crust).  I got a pile of fun veggie sides like roasted cauliflower (I'm not a vegetarian, the sides just all looked really good).

Maddy's mom had been trying to talk us into coming out to Epcot the next morning.  I knew we had plans for DAK on Sunday, plus we were out the night before, plus I'd ripped open my toe a few days before.  I just wasn't up for it. I was trying to be strategic, honestly.  Ian, however, was up for it.  So he grabbed D and they headed to Epcot.  I'll do my best to recap with their pictures ;).

First, a visit to Daisy.  No one is surprised that my kid's pose is extra.

D is obsessed with "baby" Addy.

Maddy convinced D to give Baymax a cuddle.

D gave directions to lost tourists.

And visited old friends.

And though the clouds were ominous, they somehow dodged the rain and made it home for a quiet evening without getting wet.  Speaking of our quiet evening, we decided to show D Avatar (since we had plans to visit Pandora Sunday).  I wasn't sure if it would hold her attention (it is LONG), but SURPRISE she was really into it.  She had a lot of questions that were difficult to answer (like... what greed is and how it's this underlying motive for most of the film).

Since the FastPass I'd scored us for Na'vi river journey wasn't until the evening, we started our day with a trip out to Playalinda Brix for breakfast.

D got the doughnut board. Of course. She also rocked her new Power Rangers romper (it's her first romper, and she loves the pockets!).

Those clouds were screaming RAIN at us, but, again, we weren't letting it stop us.  We're practically Florida natives, we know how summer weather works.

Although we had a few hours until our FastPass, we decided to go wander around Pandora first.  It was crowded, but nothing like what we'd been hearing about the past weekend.

We checked out Windtraders.  The interactive banshees are already sold out (CM's said they'd be back in stock in 2-3 weeks).  I'd wanted D to see them, since I have one waiting to surprise her for her birthday, but oh well.  They had these cute stuffed banshees out instead and D was quite taken with it.  Actually, there was a lot more merch out than when I was there for the preview, and Ian and I were both really impressed with all of it.  Everything is really tasteful when it comes to the adult clothes, and the kids stuff is fun and interactive. 

Wandered over to Dinosaur to use a FastPass.

I still don't know if D actually likes this ride, but she never fights us about riding it.

We were going to watch Festival of the Lion King, but we were all hungry so we ended up going to Satuli Canteen instead.  I was a little worried that I'd overhyped this place for myself and my husband, but that was unfounded.  Satuli is the BEST counter service option I've ever had at ANY theme park and, so help me, I wish they found a way to put this in EVERY park.  I would eat at this place even if I wasn't in a theme park.  The food is fresh, healthy, and incredibly delicious.  I mentioned in my write up about being a little unsure about the kids' options, but D (after some grumbling) got the hot dog.  She LOVED it. She even ate the dough that was wrapped around it (she normally doesn't bother with buns).  The chips ended up being a miss with her (they were surprisingly spicy, actually.  Might ask for another option next time).  So with all these positive glowing endorsements from me? I'm sure they'll completely change the menu and make everything I love about it go away within a few months, because THAT IS MY CURSE. 

With still more time to kill before our River Journey, we saw that the safari has almost no line.  We hauled butt up there, the rain was just starting as we found our way into the queue.  As we walked to the load in, it started pouring.  Hmm, a rainy safari? This could be interesting.  A new experience to be sure.  But the deluge stopped as quickly as it started and had reduced to barely a drip as we got onto the truck.  Still, my expectations for animal viewing were very low.

I was wrong. EVERY ANIMAL WAS OUT.  Or most of them anyway.  Apparently it was feeding time, as we saw lots of animals gathered around keepers to catch food being lobbed their way (hippos and elephants!).  And the BABIES were all out!  Here's video from our insta story of D freaking out over babies (sound on).

Back to Pandora! (Yup, found our way back 3 times in one afternoon.)  As predicted D was quite taken with the drums.

The standby waits for the two main attractions were 70 minutes (NRJ) and around 120 minutes (FoP), which is considerably more reasonable.  I was concerned there might still be a considerable wait with Fastpass, but it was not the case.  They also told us to bring our stroller with us through the queue.  They do this on the safari; there's stroller parking partway through the queue.  I kept expecting that to happen, but then we got all the way up to theload in, and they just took our stroller and rolled it through like it was a wheelchair since load out is the same area and it was just sitting there when we got out.  Weird, but it worked?

D liked the ride.  There were so many things to look at.  Not particularly thrilling.  She's way more excited to try flight of passage after she tested out the loading apparatus outside the line. 

One more wham-bam weekend in the books.

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