Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 226

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 226

The weekend was a quiet one.  We did responsible things, like mowing the lawn and cleaning the house.  We did irresponsible things like Ian buying vintage Power Rangers Megazords to share with Daphne.

We took care of our skin.

Grandpa Bobo came to visit Saturday.  We headed out to Playlinda Brix for lunch.

Ian ordered bread pudding and had to work it off.

Daphne has been wanting to practice writing letters and numbers all the time.

After hearing lots of feedback from friends, we decided to go ahead and take Daphne to see Wonder Woman.  We knew it was long and had some adult content, but after she had no problem sitting through Avatar, we were pretty confident she could handle it.

The movie/writing is perfectly decent, but honestly I got chills during almost every battle sequence. The novelty of seeing badass women kicking tushy in a COMPLETELY non-sexualized manner was.... a revelation. I am grateful to this movie for being good enough to be deemed both a financial and critical success so it can pave the way for MORE movies like it.  As far as D goes, she seemed to like it well enough.  A lot of the themes were sort of complicated for her, but she didn't get fidgety and she paid attention the whole time.

Sunday was another day of responsibility.  D and I went on a super secret shopping mission to pick out birthday and Father's Day gifts for Ian.  I'm happy to report that, so far, little Miss Can't Keep a Secret To Save Her Life hasn't spilled the beans. Yet. 

Lunch at Swine and Sons.  Avocado Toast 4-Lyfe.  Hit up Costco on the way home.  Free-sample-Sunday Is D's favorite.  She even tried some veggie patties that she LOVED and begged me to buy for her.

Skyped with the Grandparents.

D helped me make dinner.  She's gotten back into doing that, and thank goodness since it highly increases our chances of successful dinner eating.

So, as you can see, the weekend was pretty low-key.  Honestly I was wondering how much content I'd even have to write about.  BUT... Monday.  Monday was our big day. 

Monday marked the 1 year Anniversary of the Pulse Incident here in Orlando, also taking place during Pride Month.  I'd heard about a special event that had been popping up around the country called Drag Queen Story Hour, and (halleloo) they had one scheduled here in Orlando for the Orlando United day at the Orlando Public Library.  The event was free, but required registration.  I jumped on it.  At last, my kid can meet some drag queens but in a surprisingly wholesome and family appropriate situation.  I figured there would be a couple of local queens.  Imagine my excitement when I got the update to the event two days before announcing that Ben Dela Creme (one of my favorite queens from one of my favorite seasons of Drag Race) would be appearing at the event.  My excitement was further increased, because DAPHNE WOULD KNOW WHO THIS IS (we've watched a few episodes of Drag Race together and Season 6's Shade: The Rusical is one of her favorites).  I was pretty sure D would be excited about the event regardless, but a queen she'd recognize? Even better.

Picked the kiddo up from school and changed her into her rainbow-covered Trolls dress (seemed appropriate). 

The event was "sold out," but since Ian couldn't use my third ticket, we got to bring my friend, Ado, with us.  He was also so kind to take some photos for us since I just had my phone.

They had seats but most of the "seating" up close was on the ground. Disney Junior show-style.  We may have been 40 minutes early, but I was ready to hold down the floor in the front row for my kiddo as she raided every snack in my purse and watched videos on my phone. 

All the stories on this night were centered around open-mindedness, acceptance, manners, and bullying. I'd only ever heard one of them before. The event started with a local storyteller, followed by the first Drag Queen. Miss Sammy is local to Orlando (does a lot of Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's), but has also appeared on Broadway. 

Miss Sammy read my favorite story of the night, A Peacock Among Pigeons.  I'm going to pick it up to have at home, too. It was around this time that D and some of the other kids found themselves creeping up to sit right in front of the stage.

After Miss Sammy's two stories, Dela was introduced.  She bounced onto the stage, twirling in pink, and I knew D was going to fall in love pretty quickly. Dela, bless her heart, was so good with the kids, talking to them, engaging them, and even patiently addressing my kid's endlessly raised hand.

Photo by Wiicked Photography

Photo by Wiicked Photography

No, really.

Storytime ended, and I heard Dela say "Ok I've gotta run over to do this meet n greet." THERE'S A MEET N GREET?! I looked down at D, her eyes following Dela across the library eagerly.  Wanna go meet them, kiddo? We basically ran across the lobby to get in line.

I honestly could not have picked two queens better suited to be D's ambassadors to Drag Queen culture.  Dela in particular was so kind, so engaging (I mean, we weren't at Disney, but Dela could have had me fooled).  My heart really exploded toward the end, though...

What an incredible first experience for D to have with Drag Queens.  What a fantastic way to be introduced to this community. Raising D to be open minded and appreciate other people's differences is so important to me, and I was so proud of her through the whole night. 




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