Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 224

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 224

Some people look at 3-day weekends as an opportunity to relax and recharge.

Yeah... not us.

This happened way too quickly.  Speaking of maturity, this was the dinner D requested I make for her last week.

Shrimp stuffed avocado and kale caesar salad. What??

Saturday was a Mommy-Daphne day at the parks.  We knew we were ending up at Epcot, so we parked over there around 8:20 and rode the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.  Even though it was a holiday weekend, we were hopeful for the best since Pandora opening at DAK would probably draw the biggest crowds. 

I thought we were making it to MK for park open, but they had sneakily opened at 8am.  Oh well. Asked D what she wanted to do first? Splash Mountain.  Great.  Lovely soaking wet way to start the day.  We made our way back toward Frontierland.  The park was surprisingly empty.  We saw Mary Poppins out at Tiana's old spot.  D surprised me and asked if she could go meet her.  Sure.

Rode Splash Mountain in the front row. 

Paid for it.

It was well after 9 am, but Thunder Mountain still only had a 10 minute wait.  D was in.

Surprise! Mine Train FastPasses!

D has actually started lifting her arms up on some of the rides.  She's not as serious as she used to be, and tends to laugh and giggle through the whole thing. The Carousel was done with refurb, so I let D take a ride.

These carousel pictures really seem to show how much D has grown over the years. Sigh.  The park still wasn't too crowded, so we decided to take a trip to the hall to visit Elena and Cinderella.  It had been a while, for sure.

I 100% blame Tiana for the fact that my kid feels the need to have every princess see how tall she is every time we visit the hall.  Mostly D just wanted to show off how good her dress is for twirling.


My kid and her poses...

Grabbed some lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus. D charmed her way into a free slush again.

Cheered on fabulous friends in the Friendship Faire.

Hustled to Town Square to wish Ava a happy birthday and watch the last Summer Trolley show of the day.

We even got to see Taylor, one of D's honorary big sisters.

We hopped the monorail back over to Epcot at that point to use our Living with the Land Fastpass, and a good thing we had one since the last weekend of Flower and Garden Festival was hopping.

Hot, too.  Happy to report, though, that our Frogg Toggs kept both of us pretty comfortable.  D loved hers. We had a Test Track Fastpass.  The FP line was was WAY out in front of the building. I would have been happy to skip it, but D insisted.  So we waited patiently and built a new pink monstrosity.

We explored the World Showcase with Briana and Victoria.

We had to have a little photo reunion in Germany, since it was where we first met Bri years ago.

Before I knew it, it was 5 pm. So we headed toward the exit.  Just in time to catch D's BFF moonlighting as a super greeter.

Sunday morning we headed down to Megacon bright and early (traffic and parking can be a nightmare otherwise).  D was really excited to finally debut her Spider Gwen costume

D was in her element.  We found bins full of Power Ranger toys, "indestructible" light sabers, and friends!

D even found a couple other Spider Gwens.

This purple R2 was her favorite.  She gave it so many kisses.

She saw some familiar "faces," too.

We even made some new friends.  D was rather taken with Artist Abe and conversed with him endlessly about Power Rangers and Kylie Ren and Guardians of the Galaxy.

On one of our potty breaks, D told me gleefully "MOMMY! Everybody knows who I am!" so I had to explain to her what Megacon was and fandom and how everybody here loves Spider Gwen and Guardians of the Galaxy and the other things that she likes.  She thought that was pretty darn cool.

D had too much fun raiding dollar bins of old Power Rangers toys.

She even picked out her own first graphic novel: Spider Gwen volume 1.

It was a heck of a day, and even without a stroller the kid was a trooper.  I clocked 30K steps this weekend, 12K were at Megacon and she was along for most of those.  She didn't want to leave and she didn't want to take off her costume, either.

Memorial Day! Amanda invited us over to hang out at her parents' house.  The girls got to decorate cupcakes.

We cooked out.  D discovered she likes bratwurst.  She also continued to make strides with swimming.

D also got to take her first jet ski ride!

So basically I'm planning to sleep all week to recover from this weekend.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 225

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 225

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