Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 223

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 223

D is making a lot of progress with her swimming and feeling more comfortable in the water.

Thursday I took a half day and set off with my kiddo for a special afternoon at Magic Kingdom.  I mostly let her lead us around for a while.

We caught up with Ashlyn and Ryan for Festival of Fantasy

Daphne tried breadsticks with marinara for the first time.  She didn't believe me after when I told her they were the same as pizza crust. 

Took a bittersweet trip to the hall to deliver some special gifts to D's big sister.

Rapunzel danced with D.  Even D's hop around in circles dance. Bless her.

Honestly we were all doing pretty great until D snuck back over for one last hug with Tiana (we were the last family in the room).  Too many feels. 

On our way out, D asked to ride Space Mountain.  She's decided she likes it, no matter how perturbed her face looks.

Saturday was a big day for D: Pre-K graduation.  She's been talking about it NON-STOP for weeks.  They had a whole little recital with singing and dancing. D was the only girl.  I took so many pictures. I laughed. I cried a little. AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLEARED OFF MY MEMORY CARD ON MY CAMERA WITHOUT OFFLOADING THE PHOTOS.  Ugh.  BUT Ian to the rescue!

One of the highlights: the kids were singing a dinosaur song and during this part they pretend to be asleep.  The whole recital was super cute, but for some reason this really set me off and I couldn't stop giggling.  I got an earful.  Also the kids were supposed to wear black shorts and white top; this is D's only white top.

Ian and I were so proud of D.  She did SUCH a good job, she knew all her parts (and even pointed out to some of the other kids when they didn't know theirs, oops).  We didn't have anything really planned after it, but we decided to celebrate D and all her hard work.  First we took her to toys r us and let her pick out something. What did she pick? Power rangers.  The mastodon and the pink and green rangers.  The rangers came with us to lunch, too.

We went back to hang out at the house for a while and were debating what to do.  We offered D a choice: Go to MK and see the new fireworks, or go see the new Power Rangers movie.  She chose the Power Rangers movie.  We trekked all the way to the cheap theater and got stuck pretty close up, but we made it just in time for the best preview.

The movie didn't even start until close to D's bedtime.  It was also barely recognizable as a power rangers movie until close to the end, so I didn't know how D would react.  She loved it.  It was long. It had tons of teenage angst. She didn't care. She. LOVED. It.

The next morning we headed down for what will most likely be our last trip to Flower and Garden Festival this year. D donned her Rosetta costume one last time, no way it still fits next year.

We made it for park open, so we got to ride Soarin' standby.

D made a new best friend in line and they held hands on the ride.  D's other big "must do" for the day was to visit Joy & Sadness (their line has been massive the last few times we went).  D peeked into the room as we got into the line and noticed something: they removed the console from headquarters.  D seemed disappointed, I was OVERJOYED.  Maybe my kid won't be so distracted!

I know I say this every time, but... Headquarters has given us some of our best character meetings ever.  I had noticed their line was moving SLOWWWWWly but I will NEVER complain about that, since it means the families aren't being rushed through their time.  We ended up being the last family of a set, and right off the bat Joy charged over and started trying to fly around the room with my little fairy.

Sadness tried to join in.

The photo op, I am SO glad Ian got it on video.  D was trying to get Sadness to smile for the picture. I was not prepared for what followed.

D and I both lost it. After all the adorable kisses and with nobody trying to usher us out, Sadness and Joy took turns chasing D around the room.  And everybody kept smiling and laughing.  Finally, after a few last hugs and thank yous, I managed to drag my kid out.  Bless you, Headquarters crew.  THE BEST. ALWAYS.

Took D to the butterfly garden. Despite all her best efforts, she still hasn't convinced a butterfly to land on her finger.  Maybe next year, kiddo.

Took a ride on Test Track (finally).

And after a successful trek around the world showcase, D got one last Violet Lemonade. 

She was very excited that she got two flowers, both of which I got to eat.

Summer is here, and by 2pm? We were done-so.  Time to break out the Frogg Toggs and the parasols for future disney trips. The afternoon was spent quietly around the house.

D's movie choice was fitting.




The Weekly Peanut, Issue 224

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 224

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 222

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 222