Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 222

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 222


Uh... guys...

It's happening. D's Pre-K Graduation is this weekend.  So you know what we did last weekend? Took a tour of D's Elementary school.  Hold me.

We arrived a little early, and D wasted no time finding a new best friend.

We got to hear about the school from the principal WHO LOOKS AND DRESSES EXACTLY LIKE JASON SUDEIKIS which threw me off, not gonna lie.  About halfway through the tour D got this weird look of distress.  She started saying "I want to go back to my old school, I don't want to go here" and just generally freaking out.  Out of nowhere.  I crammed half a protein bar into her and she managed to calm down.  We got to share lunch in the cafeteria.  School lunch has come a long way.  There were multiple entree choices, and each kid also gets a choice of one fruit and one veg from at least two options.  And it was all food that was super kid friendly.  D picked out their version of pizza lunchables and some apple slices.  Food made a huge difference and she seemed normal again as we were leaving.

Speaking of growing up, D finally made some major breakthroughs in swim lessons with Daddy.

Saturday we took the drive out to Titusville to visit Daddy's work so I could take some photos for them.  D got to have pizza again.  It occurs to me now that this was the weekend of pizza, as you will soon see.

We went shopping on the way home at the ThinkGeek store.  D fell in love with some Power Rangers plushies.

We hit up Bubbalou's for dinner. D got her favorite: mac and cheese swimming in BBQ sauce.

Mother's Day.  We had plans to head to MK and celebrate our friend-anniversary with Tiana.  Disney, always classy, was handing out flowers to moms on the way in.  D hijacked mine very quickly.

We met up with Maddie and Amanda before heading up Main Street (catching our first summer trolley on the way). We had a few minutes to kill before our first FastPass, so I let Ian and D drag me onto Carousel of Progress.  Then it was time: Space Mountain.  D was nervous.  But after insisting we'd hold her hand the whole time, she bucked up and got on with it.

D's verdict? "I don't know." By the end of the day she said she liked it and would like to ride it again, though. As previously noted, "I don't know" is D's response when we are right and she was wrong and she doesn't want to admit it.   It was crowded but not crazy. We rode People Mover and Little Mermaid with almost no wait.  D was being weirdly grumpy so we decided to feed her.  Pizza. Again. At village haus.

Mellie joined us just in time for us to go visit D's big sister.  Before the trip, D picked out some special flowers to give the princesses (maybe for them both to pass on to their Moms, since they are the rare disney princesses that both still have their moms...).

For this special visit, we also Facetimed Amy & Liv over in the UK so they could be with us.  The girls ask about Liv all the time and it was nice to have them there, so to speak.  Also my kid is a nut.

D was very proud of the flower she found for Rapunzel, that looked so much like the magic flower from the movie.

My kid is so extra, y'all.

After Ian and I grabbed some food at Pecos Bill's, we snuck over to Pirates.

Caught a VERY hot Friendship Faire (summer has definitely arrived).

In another day of firsts, we took the girls to Splash Mountain.  It was also Ian's and my first time on the ride.  WHY DID YOU GUYS LET ME GO SO LONG WITHOUT RIDING IT? This ride is going to be our summer staple.  It's long and refreshing and awesome.  I made the mistake of mentioning to Daphne to keep her mouth closed whenever we went down a hill, she took that as trying to hold her breath almost the whole ride.

Mary had joined us, and we caught up with Caylin and family to watch Festival of Fantasy.

Ran to hide in the Country Bear Jamboree for the air conditioning.  Ian surprised the girls with (D's first ever) Mickey Bars.

Got to say hi to Casey, one of the very few males who gets unprompted hugs from my kid.

Mary found out very quickly that my kid does not issue idle face-licking threats.

Took a trip on the jungle cruise. D pouted because she was told she had to face forward instead of dangling half out of the back of the boat.

By then it was after 5 and we knew we'd had our fill.  The worst part of any MK trip is the trek back through the parking lot at the TTC.  Brutal.

Ian wanted to treat us to something fun for dinner for Mother's Day, so we ended up at Pizza Bruno. It was perfect.  D ate literally a whole pizza (minus the crusts). 

Another weekend in the books.  I got to go to a special sneak peek of the new Pandora land at Animal Kingdom.  You can sneak a peek at the photos now on my Flickr, OR you can be patient and wait for my full write up as soon as I get a chance. 



The Weekly Peanut, Issue 223

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 223

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