Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 215

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 215

I promised Daphne if she was a good girl all week, I'd let her play hooky (from day care, no pre-k this week for spring break) Friday, and we'd have a Mommy-daughter day.  Not only was she good, she was exceptional.  Polite. Even to us.  She definitely earned her Friday trip.  So we kicked off our day with a visit to Flower and Garden festival.

Even snagged a FastPass for D's favorite ride, Soarin'.  In the queue she pointed out to another little girl that "one day you'll be older and you'll have a baby in your tummy." 

D was in such a great mood, she offered to stop and get our photo taken together.

Given her outfit, we had to make a beeline for Morocco once the world showcase opened.

D had WAY too much fun showing Jasmine ALL the goodies she'd brought in her purse.  She even brought a special friendship bracelet for Jasmine.

(Major shoutout to the Photopass photographer in Morocco for getting some great shots while I was talking.)  As we were leaving, she begged for a coin to toss into the fountain and make a wish (this is her new thing).

We grabbed lunch while we were there.  D had picked up a coloring passport back in Mexico for Flower and Garden, and I'd been letting her stop periodically to do more coloring.  She finished in the U.K.

When she was done, a sweet cast member asked Daphne to sign her autograph book that was "especially for Princesses."  D thought that was pretty darn cool.

Honestly, D was so great that when we finished our trip around the showcase, I got her a Violet Lemonade she didn't even have to share with me.

At that point we opted to hop over to Universal Studios to enjoy one of the last two Mardi Gras of the season. First stop? No surprise.

D asked if we could go on Jimmy Fallon again, and I managed to snag a virtual line pass for later in the day.  Love that feature. Watched the superstar parade.

Despite spring break crowds, E.T. had a short wait.  D got the basket bike.

Daddy caught up with us when he got off work, and D put on her special costume I've been working on.  I took some of the MASSIVE quantities of beads D picked up at parades earlier this season and made her a top and skirt out of them. Which she promptly trotted down to watch Megatron in.

Then we headed down to show all of D's Mardi Gras friends her new outfit.

And oh yes, there were twirls.

Took a quick twirl break for some pizza before heading over to the Jimmy Fallon ride.

It was around this point I was starting to feel unusually tired.  But I chalked it up to not having slept enough the night before and headed to Diagon Alley to say hi to our favorite sugarplum.

And stopped by Grimmauld Place to wave at Kreacher.

D started asking to go visit the bus, and my exhaustion had seeped into all my joints.  I was flagging. It wasn't even 7 pm.  What the heck...  Ian wanted to stick around a little longer, so he offered that I could head out and he'd come home with D when they were ready. I was grateful.  As I started the long trek through citywalk to the parking garage, the fatigue and aches just kept getting worse.  By the time I got to the car, I knew I was more than just tired.  I started shivering and blasted the heat in my car all the way home (it was maybe 70 degrees outside, not cold).  I soaked myself in a hot shower at home, but in the end there was no denying: the plague that Ian and Daphne had shared the previous weekends had now visited its wrath upon me.

So Saturday I lay in bed miserable while Daphne and Daddy headed over to Tampa to visit the family.

Sunday wasn't much better, but we all stayed home and we marathoned the first three Batman movies for D.  She liked Batman Returns best.

And there you have it.  I still feel like I swallowed a pack of razor blades, but I'll get over it.  Soon.  I hope.




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