Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 214

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 214

Last week was Pi day.  I asked D if she wanted to go have pizza.  Of course.  Took her to Lazy Moon. She wiped out a whole slice all by herself (minus the crust).  Then she wanted a treat.  Honestly she was being so cute about it, I figured we could stop by Valhalla doughnuts on the way home, but they were CLOSED. BUT there was a new bubble tea place in the same shopping center.  They were advertising something called Taiwanese Snow.  Turns out its a hybrid of a snow cone and ice cream.  D was beside herself.

Don't worry, we shared. But not the marshmallows.  She ate all of those. It was coffee flavored.

Friday, St. Patrick's Day.  D's school had a "green party" to which they were to wear green and bring a green food. D brought the celery and kept waving it in people's faces to smell it like a bouquet.

Saturday Ian had to work, so D and I had a mommy-daughter day and headed to Universal Studios. We weren't planning on a long day, so I asked D if she wanted to try something: go strollerless. I told her she'd have to stay closer to me and hold my hand more. She agreed. Off we went.  Finally got to use the moving sidewalk since the stroller stayed in the car, too.

We got into the park a little after 9, and I let D pick where she wanted to go.  The Hello Kitty store.  Endlessly.

We visited Hello Kitty herself.  What a great surprise, seeing her new Movie Director outfit! So cute!

I finally managed to separate her from Hello Kitty with promises of the Transformers ride.

Of course, that meant she also had to sit and watch them endlessly.

With spring break crowds looming, I basically took Daphne wherever the lines weren't too long. Simpsons next.

We caught up with Bella and her parents just in time to use the virtual queue to ride the new Jimmy Fallon ride (still in technical rehearsals / soft opening).

The way the line works is fascinating. We showed up during our assigned window and were each given a color card (orange in our case) then led into a first floor lobby that was designed to look like NBC studios. 

You don't stand in a line, you just wander around the lobby looking at the displays until the lights in the room turn the color of your card, then you get to go upstairs.

Upstairs is another open lobby space, but there's also Hashtag the panda walking around, as well as a stage where I've heard there are performances of some kind at times, for us there were just clips from the Tonight Show. Either way, the girls didn't seem bothered by waiting like this. Before we knew it, the lights were orange upstairs and we got loaded onto the ride.

The ride itself is sort of like Despicable Me meets Soarin' in New York with Jimmy Fallon.  D liked it well enough.  We grabbed some lunch together, then headed toward Diagon Alley to check out the Knight Bus.

Wandered through the shops of Diagon Alley.

Said hi to Ashlyn in Sugarplum's.

We were going to ride E.T. but the lines were finally reflecting spring break crowds.  Instead, we ran into some new friends on the way out.

Where were we heading? Back out to CityWalk to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast!

As for the film?

It's a pretty faithful (at times even shot for shot) remake of the animated classic.  They incorporated a few songs from the Broadway version, and almost militantly tried to tie up story loopholes from the original.  My favorite part of the film was all the supporting cast: Lefou and Gaston, all the household implements, they were just fantastic.  I was not a huge fan of Belle or Beast, though, or their total lack of chemistry.  Maybe it was that Beast was 100% CG.  I didn't hate the movie; I liked it.  Most people I know LOVED it, though, so don't let my mixed feelings stop you. D? She hasn't decided if she liked it.  She kept saying "I don't know!" I also got a "I don't like the guns" from her (Gaston brings literal guns to the fight, not just biceps).

D had mentioned her feet were starting to hurt when we got to the movie theater, so when the movie got out I offered her that we could either head out (it was close to 5) or we could go back to Universal to enjoy some Mardi Gras festivities (it's the last week!).  She opted for Mardi Gras.

These are the only stilt walkers D seeks out.  We ran into Emily, working the same unit.  Much twirling ensued.

Ran into Dare with the Manticores as well.

Checked out some friends' jewelry.

"Mommy! Where are my dragons??"  Wait for the shift change, kiddo...

This is my kid, deliriously happy.

She dragged these dragons over to play some game none of us understood. It involved her positioning them in the road, telling them not to move, then she would run off and hide behind some garbage cans.  They would try to sneak off and she would pop up and wave her finger at them or, stealing my move, pointing from her eyes to them with all the intimidation she could muster.  I died.

I debated staying for parade, but it was a concert night and PACKED so we headed toward the exit.  I'd promised her Despicable Me on the way out, so we did the stationary seats (this is a great way to wait 5 minutes for this instead of 70).

Sunday I got called in to work, so Daddy and Daphne went to the Winter Park Art Festival.  I stole screen shots of his instagram story for you all.

Sunday afternoon we busies ourselves around the house.  D dressed up to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

"I'm so fancy, right? Can you send this to Universal?"

Monday we decided to try something new, and we all headed to King Bao after work. D, reluctant at first, finally took my advice and tried a steam bun with crispy shrimp and old bay aioli.  There was no way we could go wrong for D with that flavor combo.

She dug it, but she dug the fried ice cream bao for dessert even better.

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