Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 208

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 208

Knock on wood, we seem to be turning a bit of a corner with food.  D has been much better about trying new foods and even liking them.  She absolutely scarfed this bowl of Panang Curry Chicken.

Some of my extended family made their first big trip down to Disney, and I took a couple of days off to help them get around the parks.  D got to spend some time with Daddy.  He finally showed her the wisdom of dipping bread in pasta sauce.

Friday night we were able to all get together at last at Hollywood Studios.

Everybody offered Daphne funnel cake, but she was more interested in Beef Jerky?  We managed to catch a pop up set.

D's cousin, Eleanor, has been quite taken with Snow White on this trip (she met her three times), and the girls got to play hide and seek with her.  Bless these sets.

And D got to play with her favorite Agrababes.

We called it a night after Fantasmic and made plans to meet up the following morning at Epcot.  I was excited to make more of an attempt at exploring the Festival of the Arts this trip.

D really loved the portraits you could pose in.

We met up with the family to go on the Gran Fiesta tour in Mexico.

The Festival has a scavenger hunt around world showcase (not unlike the easter egg hunt) to have kids hunt down favorite pieces of art with Figment in them. We enjoyed exploring some areas of the World Showcase we'd never been before.

D just loved showing her family around.

We also rode the Seas. D had to show her cousins the sharks, of course.

And Turtle Talk was a big hit.

At last we had to say goodbye.  D was not happy about it.

So I let her pick where we'd go for dinner. Smokey Bones.  Her pizza came out quickly and she inhaled it.

Then my sandwich came out with a lettuce bun.  There was a ton of extra lettuce and such that I started picking off. D surprised me by diving on my extra lettuce and chowing down. "Dis Veggie? It's good for me? Help me grow?" Uh... yes. She probably had 6 pieces of ice berg lettuce that she casually dipped into barbecue sauce. Man does she love barbecue sauce.

The following day we headed out to Playalinda for some lunch.  D did her hair. We picked up some beers and flatbread to take over to Maddie's Grandparents for their Superbowl party.

D actually ate the chicken wing and the salad, so I'd call it a victory. 

Now, loyal readers, here's your special bonus feature.  If you're friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen me talking about Daphne deciding to bless us with performances from Wicked the Musical.  Now, I bless you.  Here is Popular and Defying Gravity as performed by Daphne in her Aurora dress.

Is it too early to sign her up for Drama classes?


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