Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 211

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 211

Remember how last week was low-key? That was not this week. Not one bit.  Friday when we got off work, we picked up the kid and hoofed it to Magic Kingdom to meet up with some visiting friends.

We caught up with Brooke in the hub grass.

Watched Move it Shake it at night.

That lump on her forehead? She walked into a screen door.  Forehead first.  D made friends with lots of other little girls in the hub grass.  We caught up with our Canadian visitors at the teacups.  Before we knew it, it was almost 9 pm. 

Tomorrowland strolls with Julia, Mary, and Brooke

Tomorrowland strolls with Julia, Mary, and Brooke

Of course the monorail was down, so we had to wait for the ferry back to the TTC.  Caught wishes from the dock, though.

And the water electrical parade as we crossed the lagoon.

Despite the late night, D crept into our room bright and early Saturday. "Mommy... E.T.?" Aghhhh fine.

Eventually we roused ourselves for some breakfast.  Daphne wanted to watch me do my make-up, so we had an impromptu lesson. (Don't judge me for the blankets in the bathtub, that's our dog's bed when we aren't home!).

Ian had to work an event, so we girls headed down to Universal Studios with plans to meet up with Jeanna and Bella for our first ever Mardi Gras.  We got to the parks first, so I let D decide what she wanted to do.  Up first? Meet Dora the Explorer.

Hello Kitty was out right across the road.  D couldn't wait to show off her Hello Kitty shoes.

Bella and Jeanna caught up to us.

When D saw the E.T. shirt inside she proclaimed that she loved the ride, and we decided that would be our first stop.

Except D got distracted by a brief visit to a pineapple under the sea.

After E.T., we noticed the afternoon Superstar parade would be starting soon, so we grabbed a spot.  A helpful Team Member mentioned that, after the first pass of the parade, it would end up just slightly down the street and the floats would stop and the characters would get off and meet the kids.  Sweet.

We took that guy's advice and moseyed down the road after the first pass.  The Despicable Me float stopped right in front of us and D got to meet the girls.  It was fantastic.

After the parade we headed to Diagon Alley.  Our friend Ashley was working at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and wanted to perform a pygmy puff adoption ceremony.

At Universal's Mardi Gras, they have a big parade at night.  Leading up to the parade, most of the performers do meeting sets out on the streets.  Since they were starting around that time, we made our way over.  D didn't know what to make of these people hanging out on the street in costumes at first.  Then she found out there was free jewelry.

D was definitely a little intimidated by the stilt walkers, but when we approached the manticore unit she was ready to make friends right away.

D showed Megan her purple petticoat.  

I have a feeling skirt capes might be in Daphne's future. Dare came over and showed D how to make stars out of her necklaces while Bella played hide and seek with a stilt walker.

The Garuda unit was next down the line, and we saw a familiar face in dragon wings.

I couldn't even tell you how much time the girls spent playing here.  It struck me a few minutes in that this was basically Daphne's paradise: friends to play with, no lines, no rushing, just fun. 

It was time for the Mardi Gras casts to swap out.  The bollywood group came by on their way out (the one D wanted very little to do with as the first set, still warming up to people).  She orchestrated a big group hug.

Took a little break to grab some food in the French Quarter set up.  D and I shared some beans and rice with bread ($6 seemed like a bargain at a theme park).

Jeanna disappeared and came back with Mardi Gras masks for the girls.  D loved it.

D raided Bella's leftover beignets, too.

Fed and happy, we checked out the new units that were out.  D got over her Stilt Walker anxiety for these colorful ladies.

Almost had a panic attack when D went to hug the monarch's legs goodbye, thanks goodness she was very gentle. Caught up with our friend, Kelsey, and played some hide and seek.

At this point (even though we still had probably an hour and a half before parade start) we decided to make our way to stake out a parade spot, since it was a concert night and crowded.  We walked by the Transformers meet on the way and just missed the cut off for Bumblebee's line.  D said she really wanted to come back and meet him soon.  Grabbed our parade spot on the tiny stretch that is both the beginning and end of the parade route (double dip!).  Jeanna's Ipad saved the day with Moana for the girls to watch. Zero complaints about waiting for parade.  Mellie and Sam were also with us holding down the real estate.    At last parade time came.  It was raucous.  It was loud.  Beads flew everywhere and beaned me in the face several times.  It was fantastic.

D got to see all her new (and old) friends on the parade route.

D caught on quickly to the bead collection process. Surrounded by adults submitting all theirs, Bella and D gathered quite the collection of beads.

We said goodnight to our friends and hightailed it back to the garage to avoid the mass exodus that would happen once the concert ended.  D had a blast.

Sunday morning I had to work.  Ian and D picked me up when I was done and originally we'd planned to go to Hollywood Studios.  Then we saw the crowds at the parks from Marathon weekend, and changed plans to go back to Universal so Ian could do Mardi Gras, too.

We stopped at B3 for lunch.  Here's D doing her best Belle impression.

With a dreamy, far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book...

With a dreamy, far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book...

We went straight to E.T.

She really really loves E.T.

Next on our to-do list was Bumblebee.  I headed to the meet area.  Megatron was out.  I asked about Bumblebee.  He'd be after Optimus Prime. Who would be after Megatron.  So we just camped out, waiting for Bumblebee's line to open.  D loved watching the other Transformers, but even though I offered, she didn't want to meet them.  Only Bumblebee.   We were first in his line.  I had planned to video the meet myself, but D got a little shy so Ian started the video once I walked up with her.

You aren't supposed to touch the Transformers, but the kiss-blowing and googly eyes abounded.  It was so stinkin' cute. D was acting shy, but she kept staring back at him and giggling in my ear.  Kelsey, Mellie, and Ashlyn all ended up joining us as we went to grab some food and then stake out that same parade spot.  Since it wasn't a concert night, the crowds were much more low-key.

While Kelsey and I held our spots, the rest of the group went and rode Transformers.

Now with 4 adults all collecting beads on her behalf? It got a little out of hand.

D got overwhelmed by the beads before the parade was over.  I asked her if she wanted to stop collecting them.  Oh no. She just wanted to take these off and get more. LOL.

In the end, between the 2 nights, D ended up with more than 10 pounds of beads.  Now I need to come up with what to do with them all...

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