Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 209

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 209

Ian and I have been working a lot.  Late work nights mean I feel lazy and don't end up cooking as much.  And D gets to pour all the barbecue sauce she wants into her 4 Rivers Mac and Cheese.

Saturday? I worked.  D watched Harry and the Hendersons with Dad, and we all caught up at Pollo Tropical for some lunch. D found barbecue sauce and put it in her rice and beans.

Sunday we decided to have a nice family day at Universal parks. This trip we started our day at Universal Studios to try and ride the rides that had too long of a wait our last visit.  We got there close to open and made a beeline for Diagon Alley to get D onto Escape from Gringotts. D? Decided she was suddenly scared. Of everything. She didn't want to go on anything or do anything. It's a weird mood she'll get into, since 90% of the time she's fearless and up for anything.  Then she likes to throw out her new favorite phrase, "I changed my mind." We finally managed to talk her into giving Gringott's a try so she could see Harry Potter "rescue the trapped dragon" (we had to convince her the big scary dragon on top of the bank was a good guy so she'd go on the ride).

She sat between us in the car and clung to both of our arms, but the moment the dragon shows up to fight off Voldemort? Game changer.  She loved it.  She couldn't stop talking about the
"nice dragon" that rescued us all from the bad wizard.  We made a quick stop into SugarPlums to visit our favorite little witch.

Our next stop was Transformers.  D was reluctant, again. But she got interested in us explaining about the good and bad robots. 

She loved it and keeps asking me the names of the robots and such.  Maybe next time I can talk her into actually meeting one of the transformers. Next stop: Simpsons ride.

D has never seen the Simpsons, but she is always trying to talk Ian into letting her watch Family Guy when I'm not home. She dug the ride well enough, especially "the cute giant baby."  Our longest wait of the day ended up being Men In Black, which only at a 10 minute posted wait but kept stalling when they would stop the ride to add more cars.  D liked the ride, and insisted that her 3,000 points "won." I didn't argue.  I think she might actually like these movies, putting them on our watch list.

We caught up with some friends after that and we all rode ET. together.  D still really digs the ride. Studios was starting to fill up with people for Mardi Gras, so we hopped on the Hogwarts Express.

And grabbed some lunch at the Three Broomsticks.

We wandered around Hogsmeade, sipping our frozen butterbeer and practicing some magic spells with the wand that chose Daphne at our last visit.  Made our way around the park and ended up at Marvel Island.  D got to have a nice long chat with Storm from the X-Men.

This is a very small sampling of the very extensive conversation they had, with nobody trying to rush anywhere.  D was in hog heaven. D says that Storm and Spider Gwen are her favorite superheroes now.  Speaking of Spider Gwen, D took her tsums to go meet SpiderMan.

It was frankly adorable.  It's interesting to see how engaged D is becoming with the subject matter of superheroes and magic.  Time will tell.  She still loves her twirly princess dresses.

Took a spin on the SpiderMan ride.  Then Ian told D there was actually a Storm ride.  It's basically the teacups on speed. 

D LOVED it.  Suddenly it was after 4pm and we were all wiped.  We got distracted by Toothsome Chocolate Emporium in City Walk.  The wait was a little long, but we had fun checking out the place and that menu has us convinced we will be there before long.

And then D met a giant dapper shrimp on the way to the parking garage.

We stopped at Black Rooster for dinner on the way home.  D got chicken tacos with avocado slices (but refused to eat the tortillas). Starting to wonder if it's possible for a kid to exist on just avocado and barbecue sauce.


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