Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 206

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 206

We finally put D's light saber popsicle kit to use.  D came up with this pose all by herself.

She's totally ready for jedi training! We also tried really hard to let D watch the rocket launch last week.  But it kept getting scrubbed.

Saturday morning we accompanied Aunt Shelley, Cousin Aria, and Grandpa Bobo to the parks. We started our day at Magic Kingdom and headed straight back to Peter Pan's Flight.  We almost never get to go through the standby queue there, and I love it so.

D was pretty obsessed with pointing out every instance of Nana. Aria had only ever been to Magic Kingdom one other time, so we really wanted to make sure she got to do the things she'd missed previously.  Fairytale Hall was next.  Aria was kind of shy, but D really took it upon herself to introduce her cousin to all the characters and engage in play. And Rapunzel, BLESS HER, asked D if she wanted to play hide and seek. "Oh, I can't, there are people waiting." And bless my child for listening to me, but "actually, kiddo, we're the last group in the room, nobody's behind us, you can play if you want." D was SO. EXCITED.

Rapunzel found D first. D then proceeded to take Punz straight to Aria's hiding place.  SMH. So big shoutout to Rapunzel for giving my kid what she's always wanted in the hall.   Aria mentioned wanting to meet Belle, and would you believe Enchanted Tales had a reasonable wait time? Heck yeah.

Of course, the mirror broke. Wah-wahhh.  Aria did get chosen to be Maurice for the show, though. 

Went to the Tangled restrooms. On our way in, D saw some girls taking photos on the wall.  So of course, on the way out, "Mommy! Take my picture!" "Ok... look at the camera, D." "No, I looking out at the sky like this!"

We were pretty eager to take Aria to what was sure to be a memorable stop in Wonderland.  This was where D started insisting on introducing Aria as "my cousin from North of Tampa."

Alice, as always, was too much fun.  "Goodbye, Aria from North Miami!" We tried to catch a Friendship Faire, but "due to unforseen circumstances" they were only doing the abbreviated singalong version. 

The park was starting to feel unseasonably crowded, so we decided it was time to park hop.

Hollywood Studios time! The decision was largely based on Aria's Moana fandom (it's the only place you can meet her).  Our first stop was to visit a certain snowman.

D was oddly fixated on his buttons. After scarfing some hot dogs (D ate one of her own all by herself, with ketchup and mustard), we ran in to meet Moana.  Line was very short. Hallelujah.

Toy Story Mania time! I HAD HIGH SCORE IN THE VEHICLE HAHAAAAA.  D's score continues to improve. 

Took everybody to the Frozen Singalong over Ian's grumbling.  Sure, we're sick of the songs, but the historians are so funny it's worth doing.

After a ride on Star Tours (Aria was the rebel spy), we hit up Starbucks.  Pink cake pops.  D was so thrilled.

After a spin on the great movie ride we hauled the girls across the park hoping to catch one of the pop up character sets.  We got lucky.  D's "friends" were coming out just as we arrived.  These pop up sets really are D's favorite character interactions these days. Casual. Not crowded. She can usually get extra time if she wants.  I was especially hopeful that the extra time would help Aria continue to expand her comfort zone and get good time with the characters.  Sure enough, almost nobody was there.  The girls opted to split up as D beelined for her big sister, and Aria went to meet the Evil Queen.

Tiana complimented D's skirt. "Yes, I got it from my fairy godmother." [Me, under my breath] "Yeah, Fairy Godmother named Target." Cue blueberry choking.

Bert was out all by himself.  No line. D, want to see Bert? NO.  D wanted to see the Evil Queen next.

You can tell she's just itching to hug her. But she restrained herself.

We reunited with Aria to visit Pocahontas.  D wanted to talk jewelry, of course.

Then there was talk of magic carpets with Jasmine.

And some puppy love.

There was still NOBODY there, so we just let the girls wander wherever they wanted to go.  D wanted to see Mulan. Bert came up and introduced himself while we waited.

Warrior girl time.

D decided she just wanted to walk laps around this curb.  And then something magical started to happen... Bert joined her.  Bert was amazing.  He didn't try to talk her into anything, he just started playing with her.  And then Tiana came over and took a turn as well (NOBODY WAS THERE!). The Evil Queen watched judgmentally and scoffed over "How Jolly" they were.  Pocahontas wandered over to play and talk to Aria some more.  This :30 is just a tiny segment of the several minutes Bert and these incredible ladies spent with our girls.

Bert even got an unprompted hug at the end.  When characters take the time like this with kids, it really does make magic.  These incredible people are one of the biggest reasons my kid is so comfortable in most social situations. Thank you. :)

Pure Disney Magic and the perfect way to end Aria's day at the parks. 

We'd left the park early enough that Ian was on a mission for a dinner with cocktails. D had a cheeseburger and lounged in her chair at Cocina 214. But her favorite part of the evening was the stroll we took down Park Avenue later.  Here she is, checking out expensive jewelry like a magpie.

Sunday was supposed to be SEVERE WEATHER ALL DAY, so we had a lazy day around the house watching TV.  D watched E.T. and The Wiz. 

D cracked me up with E.T. When she thought E.T. was dying she kept saying, "This sad. I don't think I want to watch this movie again.  No... no I don't think I'll watch this again we should just turn it off now." We really had to keep on her to stick with it until the end, when she made the full turn around of loving the movie, "E.T. So Cute."  She really dug The Wiz, too (combining her love of musicals and the Wizard of Oz, it was a no brainer).  I suspect she'd like the one NBC did recently even better (bright colors and all), but I can't seem to get my hands on it for free at the moment (even with all our streaming services).

Anybody else have musicals I should put on D's watchlist?


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