Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 205

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 205

D put on a princess dress and played along with the Quidditch game during Sorcerer's Stone, so I think we're well on our way to establishing her Harry Potter fandom.  When did everybody start reading the books? I'm thinking maybe next year. 

Friday night we had an impromptu dinner with Maddie and Amanda.

I had every intention of staying home with the kid Saturday.  I really did.  But then I realized the new Festival of the Arts was starting at Epcot, and I somehow snagged a FastPass for Frozen Ever After. So... off we went.

We got to the park early enough to walk on to Soarin' with only a brief wait.  Definitely D's favorite ride now. D insisted on Living With The Land next.

We played hide and seek by the Imagination Fountains.

Wandered around the world showcase. Let D make a rather extensive phone call in the UK.

D found the KidCot station.  Instead of the usual duffy bears, they had a painter's palette to color (in honor of the festival I assume). When she was finished, D had to show her masterpiece to every Cast Member.  Then she gave it to one of them.

Complete with autograph.

We headed toward the gateway to relax and eat some lunch. D found one of the many portrait photo ops they have out for the festival.

Ran into Shaina, Ado, and Amanda.  And this girl, looking for a rabbit...

D was twirling while trying to eat her lunchable, which meant she fell down and somehow scraped her ankle.  She was a trooper, but it called for some $3 bandaids.  Ugh. Then Elena of Avalor came wandering out. D, otherwise unmoved by her injury, suddenly started limping as she approached Elena.  She held herself awkwardly away from Elena for the hug. 

"Elena, I don't want to get blood on your dress."  Well that's... thoughtful... It was starting to rain so we ended up hustling over to Norway to use that super rare fastpass.  D claimed to have no memory of ever riding it (she remembered some of the queue, but not the ride).

D humored me when I stopped into the Odyssey so I could try the dish at the top of my To Do List for the festival: the savory cronut trio. 

The Pop't Art was D's treat for being awesome.  It was basically a sugar cookie with a truly copious quantity of frosting.  So much D couldn't finish it.  The cronuts, however, were deeeeeeeelish.

We headed home after that.  Had a tasty dinner at Azteca with daddy.  D got a balloon animal.

Sunday was the big day.  For months D has been listening to the soundtrack, watching youtube videos, putting the costume together.  At last we get to go see Wicked the Musical.  Ian and I saw it on Broadway years ago, and we were very excited to introduce D to her first big live production (the closest she's come is the shows at Disney, none are longer than around 35 minutes). First we stopped by Amanda and Maddie's house for a quick photo shoot of both girls in our favorite costumes ever.

The girls were very in character.

We made it to the Dr. Phillips Center with plenty of time for the girls to explore the building and grab some snacks.  The girls felt like celebrities; everybody loved their outfits.  There was some really cute art on display.

Maddie was very scared that D's makeup would rub off on her.

We treated D to a program book as a souvenir.

At last we took our seats.  The new Dr. Phillips Center Walt Disney Theater is really really really well designed, there aren't a lot of "bad" seats.  Just as well, since the balcony was all we could afford.  We did pop for the front row of the balcony.  I loved the seats.  I had some trepidation about being this far and D still engaging with the material, they were unfounded.

D's been pretty great in the movies lately, so I was hopeful we'd be ok, even if it was way longer than D's typical 90 minute stint.  I'd explained all the rules, how it was similar in that we had to be quiet and still but that we also couldn't eat (no food inside) or get up to go potty a lot.  The first Act is VERY long, but I was really impressed that D managed to keep pretty quiet and reasonably still through it (she fidgeted some and ended up on Ian's lap, but really, she did stay quiet and never asked for food).   We took a walk during intermission and a potty break, and the rest of the show went very smoothly and D was riveted.  During curtain call, the cast announced that they were raising money for a charity and some cast would be in the lobby in costume collecting money. Done.

D wanted to give money to EVERY person.  The celebrity treatment continued as some of the cast members asked to take their picture with the girls, too.

Despite eating barely anything that day, D was still in very good spirits, so we decided to head out to the stage door to see if we could meet any more of the cast.  Some of the other people waiting outside came right up to introduce themselves as the understudies and gushed over the girls. 

D started giving tours of her program and getting everybody to sign it.

I wasn't sure how D would react to meeting people OUT of costume.  She seemed a little confused at first, when I pointed out Galinda to her when she walked out...

...but before long you wouldn't have seen the difference between when she's meeting royalty.  She was 100% in her element, showing off her program and doling out hugs.

There was a moment of confusion when Elphaba came out.  Until I pointed out that there was still green in her hairline.  The girls got to meet a lot of the chorus and dancers, too.  Even their friends from the lobby out of costume (took D a minute to recognize them).

Eventually our growling tummies got the better of us, so we said goodbye to Amanda and Maddie and took a drive.  I gave D some make-up removing cloths for the ride, and she did a pretty good job.  Still slightly chartreuse for dinner at Pizza Bruno (she ate almost her whole Pizza).

Another Red-Letter Weekend in the books. The whole Wicked experience far exceeded my wildest expectations (D's behavior included).  Hoo. Ray.


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