Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 186

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 186

Daphne was finally back to school Wednesday. Kicking and screaming.  Still out of it, but fever-free.  It wasn't until Friday morning that she woke up acting like her old self.  We decided to celebrate by taking an evening trip down to Animal Kingdom to watch the Jungle Book: Alive With Magic one last time (it ended Monday). The evening started out very promising with the best parking spot we've ever managed to grab at DAK (the park was pretty empty!). We headed straight back to the safari and walked on.

Sunset continues to be a great time to go if you want to catch the lions out and relatively active.  Next we headed down to the Nomad Lounge at Tiffin's to relax before our Jungle Book fastpasses.  D enjoyed the music (watch to the end....).

We absolutely love the Nomad Lounge.  We had a really fantastic server who made GREAT drink recommendations (we got something sort of like an old fashioned and another something that was sort of a margarita but both were AWESOME).  Also tried some of the small plates.  The vegetarian summer rolls ended up being the big winners.  It's not cheap, but holy cow, once the construction is done on Avatarland this will probably be our new favorite spot to chill.

It's September, which means Halloween starts NOW at WDW.  D and I are stoked. 

We sat front row and cheered on the Jungle Book one last time.  I know it hasn't been a particularly popular show, but we loved it. 

Saturday was a rainy day so we took it easy around the house mostly.  D is 100% obsessed with Wicked the Musical, and could watch youtube clips of it all day.

She knows the songs better than I do at this point. Went swimming once the weather cleared.

Yes, she's making "hamcanbanyans." We're making progress on her swimming skills.  She's getting better about holding her breath when she goes under, and she can kick across the pool unassisted with her kickboard (unless she panics and lets go, she does that). Our friend Amanda found some last minute seats for Disney On Ice for Sunday night and asked if we wanted to go. We'd thought about it, forgotten about it, were excited to do it after all and surprise the kids. Only after a morning at MK...

D rocked her new Friendship Faire Tiana ensemble!

We watched the first trolley show of the new (fall) season, then ran the girls into Town Square to visit our favorite pixie for the first time in what feels like ages.

Absolutely no fun was had.

We were super excited to cheer on our first Friendship Faire of the day, so I grabbed us a spot right up front while the girls went to visit Peter Pan.  D still, her own words "don't like him." But she sure enjoyed getting to correct him when he couldn't count to ten...

Had the best time cheering on our favorite ruffians and thugs in Friendship Faire and seeing the new Fall Finale.

Daphne was hot and cranky and telling us how hungry she was.  I was so grateful to have her eating again after the past week, I would have willingly shoved cake down her throat all day. We opted for "da dark place!" (Pecos Bill).

Our friends, Sarah and Haley, came to hang out.  We headed to the Tiki Room. We were the obnoxious people singing and dancing along to every word.  No apologies. Hustled back to Town Square to catch the last trolley of the day and let D see her buddy, Taylor, now that she was in a better mood.

I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I'm so very grateful for the incredible people Disney has brought into our lives, and Taylor is at the top of that list.  After a long, sweaty, exhausting morning dancing down Main Street, most people would eagerly retreat backstage to rest in the air conditioning. Taylor took our kids upstairs and played hide and seek and duck duck goose and danced and ran endlessly.  We love you, Taylor.  This is magic.

Taylor even stuck around to watch MiSi pass.

We'd originally planned to watch another MRFF, but it was just so hot and it was getting overcast, so we opted to head back to the car and make our way home to freshen up before D's surprise. Stopped in Swine and Sons on the way home and got treats.  If anything can put weight back on my kid, it's those amazing Oatmeal Cream Pies.  They've also started selling whole-hog pulled pork by the pound which is a religious experience: imagine pulled pork that tastes like bacon.

Picked up Amanda and Maddie and headed downtown to the AmWay center.  D remarked repeatedly on how "cool" the building was, but still had no idea what we were doing.

Amanda found the coolest seats! We had a private section, a counter, a server, comfy rolly chairs, THIS is the way to see ANYTHING at the AmWay center for sure.

They even have little TVs for the kids while you wait for the show to start. The show started and D was riveted.  I offered to let her sit on my lap, but any interruption to her viewing was met with a harsh SHHH.

Probably had something to do with these guys. The Inside Out characters were the anchors of the first half of the show, and we were all pretty obsessed. PLEASE WDW, bring Disgust, Fear, and Anger to the parks!! Most of the princes and princesses made appearances (no Aurora or Poca though), Rapunzel and Flynn had our favorite princess segment.

D is very proud that she's finally managing to make "fish face." D taught Maddie how to eat salt and pepper during intermission

She also got down to the music.

The second half was Finding Dory, Toy Story, and Frozen based.  You could probably hear my scream from across the arena when the giant Hank the Septapus made his way across the ice.

Of course it was pouring when the show got out, so we let the girls kill some time in hopes the rain would clear up.

Monday ended up being another low-key day for us.  Ian needed to pick some stuff up at Kohl's, so D and I hung out huffing candles.

Took D back to the pediatrician for follow up Tuesday morning and to return the nebulizer.  Clean bill of health. Hoo. Ray.

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