Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 188

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 188

This kid has been such a rockstar this week.  Jinx jinx jinx.  The next time I'm pulling my hair, questioning if I'm raising a sociopath, wondering why I became a parent, please refer me back to this past week so I can remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.

One of my coworkers was cleaning out his house and found a tea/picnic set and offered it to Daphne.  After her incredibly good behavior all week, I decided to let her have it as a reward.  Coincidentally, Daphne had started mentioning that she wanted a "real" nice tea set for in the house, not just her pool one.  She was STOKED.  She loves the little porcelain set with her picnic blanket and napkins and tiny silverware.  She immediately pulled me into a tea party in her room, which I promptly got pushed out of by the rest of the party attendants.

Daphne has been kicking butt at all her homework and schoolwork, so we let her stay up a little on Friday night and watch some Disney parades on TV.  We watched the now defunct Spectromagic, but Daphne (and, honestly, Ian and I as well) FLIPPED OUT over Tokyo Dreamlights.  Holy cow, that parade is amazing.

We decided to try out Food and Wine for the opening weekend, hoping for manageable crowds since it's the first weekend out of the gate.  Also because we missed Epcot. Daphne said she really wanted to ride Soarin', so we set out to make it to rope drop.  We did, and even with a quick photo op requested by child...

...we managed to walk onto a half empty Soarin'.

I still say this is the best ride upgrade ever.  Soarin' went from being meh to something I actually love to do, and the third theater really has managed to take a huge chunk out of the former wait times. D asked if we could go visit Joy and Sadness.  The line was reasonable, so we did.

Some of my most cherished character moments have happened at Headquarters with these two.  I'm just so happy that Disney finally brought them out to Epcot, and can only wish that maybe some of the other characters might eventually make some appearances, too. D must have given Joy a dozen kisses, and Sadness, too.  The girls each took turns twirling (Sadness very, very slowly).  Hugs and cuddles and giggles all around.

We caught up with our friends Andrea and baby Maisie at the Baby Care Center (and D had an outfit change, Alice was her choice from the night before, must have been the tea set).  Have I mentioned that D LOVES babies?

We ventured into World Showcase hoping to hit a few Food and Wine Festival booths without crazy crowds. Our first stop was the "island" ? booth (it's mostly Caribbean inspired foods) and tried out the quesito and mojo pork, both of which were tasty (No, I didn't photograph my food, but I'm recapping what I can remember since people asked me for my F&W thoughts). Also hit up Canada since it had no line (nothing new there, still love the steak with truffle sauce and the beer cheese soup which now is served with a little pretzel roll for dipping).  We took a little break at the International Gateway to nosh on our food and let the girls play (D collected acorns and rolled them down the hill).

Suddenly Alice and her attendant appeared. Alice grabbed Daphne's hand, and they took a walk together.

The girls twirled around the UK, then they went hunting for the White Rabbit in the gardens.  I forgot how much I love visiting Alice at Epcot; it's just so picturesque.

Daphne declared that the White Rabbit was actually in Mommy's purse.  True, I brought the White Rabbit Tsum with us.  Alice thought it was pretty funny. Thanks for the magic, Alice. We headed back to the gateway to grab the stroller, but D found a slug and insisted on dragging everybody over to look at it behind the trash can.  Including my friend, Ado.  He doesn't know I have a picture of this, so I'm not going to post it, because he might kill me. ;)

Stopped by Morocco. Had my favorite new dish so far: the spicy hummus fries.  OMG, FOUR STARS.  I want a whole pile of them.  Andrea mentioned that maybe they have this dish regularly at the Spice Road Table place? Hot dog. Gimme gimme. I also, for the first time in years, was curious enough about a dish at the Italy booth to actually get it (my first F&W I made the mistake of having some stuffed shells and, frankly, it tasted like a weight watchers frozen entree): a polenta cake with stew.  It was actually pretty good, but at a $6+ price point, I don't think I'd bother again.

Daphne introduced Maisie to the Africa drums. Maisie fell in love. D asked to go on the Donald Duck ride, so Maisie went to take a nap while we ventured into the Mexico pyramid.  In case you're wondering what the impact of closing the outside Margarita booth would be on La Cava del Tequila: The line wrapped all the way up the walkway almost to the entrance of the fake courtyard.  It looked like a 2 hour wait. For margaritas.  Yikes. There was even a small line for Three Cabelleros. Ugh this is just one of the reasons I find Flower & Garden infinitely superior to Food & Wine...

D suddenly realized she was desperately hungry.  We went back to The Land since we knew we could find some Mac & Cheese.  Also cans of Schöfferhofer for Daddy and I.

Maisie woke up from her nap, so we met back up to go on The Seas. D posed for a picture.

After the ride I offered Andrea to take a few pictures of her and Maisie together (we moms are almost never in the pictures).  D asked me to take a few poses of her, too.  You can tell she's working on her comp card.

And how about this adorable moment Andrea caught?

We took the girls on Figment and did the Pixar/Disney film festival. 

We had FastPasses for Test Track, but as soon as we were done designing the car it started raining and the ride was shut down.  D was SO SAD.  I had to promise her we'd do it next time we were at Epcot and we hit the road.  Stopped at Lucky's Market to grab some stuff on the way home.  D's favorite store.  Guess why.

Sunday ended up being a relaxing day around the house.  We lounged on the couch watching Clone Wars.

Daphne and I reorganized our TsumTsum family while Daddy worked in the yard.

And Daddy worked on swimming lessons with Daphne while I cooked dinner. 

By the time they were done, Daphne was holding her breath and swimming with her face in the water for a handful of feet.  Pretty excited about that progress! Here's hoping we can keep riding out this awesome mood of hers FOREVER (hahaha yeah right).


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