Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 182

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 182

D has continued to enjoy her breakfast sandwiches. Which we just ran out of.  Pray for us tomorrow morning since I won't have time to pick up more before then. She shared hers with her newly rediscovered Neverbeast, Gruff.

Wednesday night D got to hang out with her buddy, Ashlyn, while her father and I went to see Pete's Dragon with some friends.  She showed Ashlyn the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular.  D got a new dress in the mail from Grandma Kadi. She tried out some new fancy poses.

Daphne is also no longer afraid of SnapChat filters.

Saturday started out a leisurely day. We finished the Star Wars prequels.  Revenge of the Sith left D with more questions than answers.  Me, too, kid. Me, too. The Revenge of Avocado Toast, however, was question-free.

Grandpa Bobo came for a visit, and we took him to see Ian's new work (Playalinda Brewing in Titusville). 

While Ian took Bobo on some beer "flights," D sampled a pretzel and watched Powerpuff Girls.

Don't call CPS, that's a root beer that D specifically requested in a "little cup." We headed home and D opted to watch the Wizard of Oz again. I also introduced D to gymnastics on YouTube.  She's working on pointing her toes in her jumps now. I tucked my little dancing gymnast into bed to get a good night's sleep before our return to Magic Kingdom Sunday morning.

We haven't been in MK (other than our FoF viewing) for a while.  It's been so hot, but we were so eager to finally see the gator, Louis, in the new castle show. We booked a few FastPasses, grabbed our cooling towels, and crossed our fingers. We had planned to FINALLY ride Splash Mountain for the first time, but we got there a little later than we'd planned and ended up catching the first trolley show instead. We ran into Bella and her family when we were talking to the Trolley kids after the show.

Since Splash Mountain wasn't happening, D took a moment to switch into her Haunted Mansion halter before taking a stroll down Main Street with her buddy.

D has been asking to go on the Winnie the Pooh ride for a few days now. Out of nowhere. We almost never go on it any more. But it was early, and the girls were into it. Honestly, I think they just love the queue. Speaking of the line, our friend Lea caught up to us while we were there.

And Daphne would stay in the little Winnie the Pooh house all day if we let her. It was raining on and off lightly. Normally, this would make for just a steamier, brutal August day. Instead, there was a pervasive cloud cover that kept the temperature incredibly mild. Ian and I couldn't remember the last time we had such a pleasant day at the parks.  Early April? Maybe March? We made our way to the Castle stage to catch the first show of the day. It's the first time I've ever watched the new show without feeling like a raisin in the sun.

We finally got to see our musical gator in action! We cheered! Then right after Olaf came out, the rain started up and the rest of the show got cancelled. Everybody scattered. We lost Bella's family, but the rest of us decided to go use our FastPass for Haunted Mansion. Haley caught up on the way to spend one last day with us before she ships off to college for at least a month!

Next we headed to the hall for a long waited reunion with D's big sister.  But first, Rapunzel.  D told Rapunzel she had her dress. Rapunzel suggested she wear it sometime so they could match.  D ran to me and whispered loudly in my ear "MOMMY! I WANT TO WEAR HER DRESS AND COME HERE AGAIN!" Ok, kid, you tell me when.

But nothing compares to sister time.  We had some belated birthday gifts for D's big sister.  D made her a birthday card, and we spent a VERY long time practicing writing her name so that she could do it all by herself on Tiana's card. We also got Tiana a Judy Hopps tsum tsum (since they both believe in hard work to reach your dreams). Tiana wanted to measure how much D had grown since her last visit, too.

Moments like these, and the incredible bond these two have, are why I continue to renew my Annual Pass. Even when they continue to up the price (insert side-eye emoji here). Took a stroll back over to Adventureland for a ride on Pirates. Took a very blurry selfie.

The Jack Sparrow pirate show thing was going on when we walked out. D had never seen it and ran over to watch. That look on her face is because I made her leave before it was over so we could eat, not because she wasn't enjoying it.

We said goodbye to Lea who had to go start her shift and the rest of us went into a remarkably empty Pecos Bill for lunch.  The park was really pretty dead for a Sunday in August. And the weather... the glorious weather... it stayed so mild I FORGOT TO REAPPLY SUNSCREEN and got a couple of crispy spots later when the sun made a brief appearance during parade.

Disney recently moved Chip and Dale yet again, this time to Storybook circus.  No fancy outfits, but they sure do have a lot of fun props to play with. D had a fantastic time playing hide and seek with these two troublemakers. We may go long periods of time between visits, but D always has the best time with the rescue rangers.

We crossed back over the park for our next/last Fastpass: the Jungle Cruise.  Our skipper, Phillippe, had me dying over his Golden Girls jokes.  FOUR STARS!

Honestly, we'd planned to have a short day at the parks.  We really did. Yet here we were, hustling to make it back to Town Square to catch Festival of Fantasy and cheer on our friends.  I think the weather helped.  It almost never did much more than sprinkle, and the cloud cover kept the weather in what felt like the low 80s at the most.  Maybe even the upper 70s.  Or maybe I'm so used to blistering triple digit heat indices, that I just can't tell the difference any longer.

The Little Mermaid unit won the day, honestly.

D begged to stay.  We honestly would have liked to, with how nice it was.  On the completely not-punishing walk back to the car, Ian and I worried that we were angering the Disney Weather Gods by not staying to take advantage of such a marvel, but we needed to be responsible and get ready for what would be a very important day Monday:

D's first day of Pre-K. 

*EDIT* WELL, just figured out pre-k doesn't start until Wednesday. Oops. #ParentOfTheYear




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