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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 185

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 185

So, yeah. Daphne's been sick. All. Week.


The fever which got her kicked out of school on Monday persisted, along with the cough. So I took her to the doctor on Wednesday.

D's in good spirits. She loves the Star Wars stickers she finds in the treat box. The doc checks her thoroughly, listens to her lungs, and declares it's a cold.  Keep an eye on the cough, fever, appetite.  Keep doing what we're doing, it should burn itself out. Got a note that she could return to school once she's fever free for 24 hours.

We celebrated her awesomeness with a "sparkle" cookie. I took D to work with me that day.

She was so good. She watched movies on her IPad while I met with coworkers and got so much done. So grateful for a job that gives me some flexibility with a sick kid. D's still behaving pretty normally despite the persistent fever and cough.

We even had some lunch at B3. The fever persists.  Ian and I are going stir crazy, so we escape to a new restaurant near waterford that claims to be a mexican gastropub. F&D Cantina is pretty good, and has some awesome tapas and drink happy hour specials.

Friday D still has a fever. I call the doctor. 5 days seems excessive.  Apparently it's not at all uncommon right now for a fever to persist 7-10 days, that it's been going around.  Lord, I never remember having a fever that long, and D almost never gets sick. She offers to bring us in for a special Saturday appointment for peace of mind, but D's still in good spirits and mostly normal, so we decide to be patient.


D and I have started crafting for our MNSSHP treat bags.  She loves painting! She's also decided she likes So You Think You Can Dance and wants me to replay dances over and over so she can perform along with them.  Here's her little medley at the end (sorry it's dark).

She really likes the tap dancing. Saturday D definitely started to go a bit more downhill.  She claimed to be cold all the time and wanted to bundle up.

And her already picky eating took a turn for the non-existent.  She started getting cranky and tired and the cough got worse and worse.  She begged us to take her to dinner at Azteca so she could have mac and cheese.  Her willingness to eat had us running out the door.

Eat she did. Hooray.  Took her home, got her tucked in to bed. Ian went in to check on her before we went to sleep, only to find D had coughed herself into puking in her sleep. A very unhappy D got scooped up and had to take another shower while we decontaminated the bedroom.  We're all 100% done with sickness.

Sunday D's fever is still kicking. She's still cranky. Ian and I can't bare another day cooped up, so we ventured out to at least go to a few stores and just walk around. D showed me she was totally capable of riding a bike all by herself, though she never has before to my knowledge. 

Though she could still use some work on steering.  We wandered Toys R Us and found a Disney Princess version of Candyland. D has been obsessed ever since.  I think she's made us play at least 20 times.

Ian took D back to the doctor Monday.  The bad news? D's cold turned into bronchitis. The good news? TREATMENT. D got antibiotics, special cough medicine, and a nebulizer to take home.

The even better news? D was acting almost totally normal again by Monday night.  Tuesday morning her fever was under 99 for the first time in 8 days.  Although with the fever and cough improving Monday and Tuesday, D got a little... psycho. Maybe she was just going stir crazy, too, but she was... mean... contrary... angry all the time. Ugh. I finally vented Tuesday night to my mom friends about how difficult she's been, and before I mentioned any medications one piped up with "Oh is she on a steroid nebulizer?" Uh... yes. "Girl! My kid gets epic roid rage!" And sure enough, a bunch of other moms piped up agreeing. Roid rage, eh? When I dropped her off at school Wednesday (and somehow resisted spiking her like a football and doing a victory dance), her teachers supported the nebulizer roid rage (they also got lots of sympathy when they said "imagine having 4 kids on those at once") and mentioned the prednisone for her cough can also make her go a bit nutso. Huh.  Ok.  So I'm still in survival mode as we make our way through the meds, but at least she's back at school and (fingers crossed) staying there.


And that this weekend will be back to Disney. I can't remember the last time we went 2 weeks without Disney and we're all itching for a fix.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 186

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 186

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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 184