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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 184

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 184

D's had a good week on the food front.  First, there was that time she ate chips with salsa AND guacamole.

Then she asked Daddy for "dark rice" on the way home from school.  She was asking for this sticky rice dish that's stuffed with different meat and nuts then wrapped in banana leaves.  It's really really good. It's from our favorite new discovery near our house: Taipei 101. I didn't know Taiwanese food was a thing (I know how ignorant that sounds, of course it's a thing), but we're all really digging it at our house.

She didn't actually accomplish anything with those chopsticks other than flinging a couple of grains of rice onto my face. Thursday night I got hit with the mother of all migraines, so while I hid in a dark room, Ian took Daphne over to Stefano's. Still her favorite restaurant. He also let D stop for a treat on the way home, which ended up being a McDonald's sunday.  She made it last 3 days.

Still not quite recovered Friday, I opted to rest while Daddy and D went to meet Drew and Ava for a daddy/daughter dinner.

The silliest girls. Saturday morning D's Uncle David came over, and I decided to brave the great outdoors. It's been years, but we decided to venture out to Daytona for the National Reptile Breeder's Expo. 

D couldn't get enough of "baby" everything. Baby turtles! Baby snakes! Baby lizards! She wanted to see/touch EVERYTHING. She couldn't get over watching some tortoises hatching.

She even got some swag, as her squealing/cooing affection for all the critters won over several of the proprietors.

"Mommy! Fruit Flies! Naveen eat those!" 

After making a full circuit, D surprised us by declaring her favorite thing to be the MASSIVE display pair of albino reticulated pythons.  Not babies, no. She wants to go see the huge snakes.

Sunday morning we finally made our way down to Pizza Bruno to try their brunch (morning is a term I would apply loosely here).  D colored and ate pizza, so she was stoked.

Decided to check out the new ThinkGeek store at Waterford after. Honestly? I was disappointed. It felt like a game stop crossed with a hot topic. Like, where's all the fun exclusive stuff from the website? Meh. D was pretty excited about the Funko Pop wall.

Confused by the weird "tsumtsums."

But she continually dragged us back to look at the Star Wars section. Over and over.

Uncle David went home, and I got some scary news that some people we knew had experienced a near-drowning with their daughter who is D's age.  Ian and I have renewed our determination to get Daphne swimming.  She's making great progress, able to move around the pool holding on to the wall. She's also holding her breath better and kicking her legs to move. 

I got a call from D's school on Monday that she had a fever of 102.  So now we're dealing with that.  Other than a cough she's completely normal, just burning up.  Oh well.


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