Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 183

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 183

Wednesday was Daphne's first day of pre-K.  She's still attending the same place she's been since she was 12 weeks old, but now she's in Miss Jessica's class. And she has homework. And a reading log.

"Mommy, I keep dis sign?" Uh, ok. Sure. What could she possibly want to do with...

Say it loud. She's in pre-K and she's proud enough to shout it from the window. To everybody.  It's also SuperBowl season at my house (Olympic Gymnastics).  D and I have been streaming since the prime time re-airing is a bit late for her.

D got sent home with great reports from her first week of classes.  When we picked her up Friday, she had a giant Naveen sticker on her chest, "because I so good today!" We'd originally thought we'd do an MK night, but D said she really wanted to "go Hollyween studios an ride Tower Terror." Plans, schmans...

MOMMY! FASHION SHOW! Yup, kiddo loves some Star Wars.

Headed to Launch Bay to avoid some rainy weather. Chris caught up to us. D was a little distracted.  "Mommy! I got da piggies!"

The rain stopped, but it stayed overcast.  Perfect opportunity to catch Daphne's other favorite: Jedi Training. Saw a familiar face at the stage, Kelsey.

Went over to ride Toy Story Midway Mania.  D's skills are much improved.  I don't know what to think of the fact that our percentages of accuracy are that close.

It was around this time that D remembered exactly who Chris was: her lift buddy.

Remember how D said she wanted to go to HS to ride Tower of Terror? Yeah she backtracked on that.  Over to Star Tours, where she still refuses to wear the glasses.

What now, kid? "Mommy, I ride Tower of Terror." Are you sure? You don't have to.. "YES!" So over we went to Sunset. Walked in. Went through the room with the TV. Got to the loading room. "MOMMY! LOOK ALL DA PIPES! BABY DORY UP THERE!" Sure, kid. Hey... your legs are shaking do you need to potty? "No... Mommy... Mommy I no ride Tower of Terror." *sigh*  Well, now I know how the bail out elevator works (which D really didn't want to get onto at first, until the bellhop and I assured her it wasn't a haunted elevator).

The bellhop was very kind and said if we changed our mind, to just wait by the elevator, and he'd bring us back up.  "Mommy... sometimes I brave, sometimes I just don't want to ride Tower of Terror." That's ok, kid.  The sprinkling as we exited put a damper on our Fantasmic hopes, so we decided to call it a night. AFTER some very artistic hat stacking.

Daphne was pretty bummed Saturday morning that we were out of eggs for Avocado toast.  Perhaps it was this listlessness that led her to look for buried treasure on the dining room table?

Daphne has been asking to go see the new Pete's Dragon for what feels like weeks now. We finally obliged her Saturday evening. We painted her nails pink and green to match her Elliot Tsum.

Did you like the movie, D? "Yes, I like Elliot. Is a liiiiiiiiitle bit long, but I like it."  Daphne begged to have a treat when we were leaving, so we took her to Marble Slab for the first time.  She could not BELIEVE how cool that place was.

I believe that's the exact moment Daphne realized she could have gummi worms in her ice cream. Gummi worms in her chocolate ice cream.  Ian was so grossed out he couldn't watch. In his defense, it did get a little Walking Dead in there for a minute.



Took D to check out Lucky's Market (my first time), so we could make avocado toast in the morning.  They have Daphne sized carts.  She was over the moon. Please forgive the vertical video from my snapchat.

Yes, I have a snapchat. I barely use it, and I usually get confused when I try to do so, but I'm working on it. We had a leisurely morning before decided to get it together and go to Epcot to finally see Mulan in her new dress. I warned Daphne about it, she asked to see pictures. "Mommy, what that dress called? Who make it? Why she change?" Yes, we've entered the why stage, for sure.   Turns out that Mulan is meeting inside while it's so hot out (that new dress is pretty heavy).

It felt so good reuniting these two. Plus D got to have all her burning costume questions answered by the expert.

D bargained for time on the drums again. Twice now, she's upheld her end of the bargain when i say it's time to go.  Ian is still skeptical. While we were grabbing lunch at Morocco, I surfed through my instagram and discovered something I'd been hoping to see for a long time: Jack and Sally training.  (Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas hold meets at Halloween parties, and Halloween party training/warm ups generally start in mid August.)  We love Jack and Sally, but meeting them can take a huge chunk of time out of a party night, so we were really hoping we could catch one of these sessions.  Amanda even got a Sally dress for Maddie and we'd been keeping the outfits on standby all month (thank goodness, D still just fits into her Jack dress).  I texted Amanda, and we hauled ourselves over to the Art of Animation resort to catch the pair. Indeed, they were out when we arrived, but their line for that session was cut off.  That's fine. Gives me time to get D into her outfit. We've got wifi and an iPad. We can do this.

There was pretty much nobody there. I saw some people making their way toward the backdrop. I squinted.  One of them looked very familiar. TAYLOR! One of D's honorary big sisters!

D gave Taylor "ice skating" lessons.

We did a little photo shoot with the girls. I mean, the backdrop was just sitting there.

At last the spooky couple arrived! 

D was a little shy at first with Jack, but Taylor helped her along. Actually the biggest turning point was when I suggested she show Jack the Zero Tsumtsum.  That launched a whole conversation.

Once D walked over to him for group pictures, she was completely smitten again, just like last year.  Almost every picture I have of everybody together, she's just staring at Jack.  You can see it in the video. Plus they were both just so excited about Halloween coming soon.

It was raining, so we opted to hang out for a bit.  Let the girls explore the gift shop. They put on a headwear fashion show. When the rain let up we hit the road. Ian decided we'd stop at the outlets on the way back.

D insisted on carrying the shopping basket the whole time. She put a baby Ursula plush in it, "for mommy."

Daphne likes to sing and tell very long stories. Mostly to herself. If I try to participate or ask questions I quickly get shushed. On the drive back from the outlets, D got going on one of her stories. I captured the tail end of "the princess adventures."

This. Is. Every. Car. Ride.

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