Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 173

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 173

Daphne digs 4 Rivers.  But not for the barbecue like everybody else.

She was being so exuberant over the mac and cheese at checkout that all the employees started cooing over her. Her kids' meal came with a fountain drink, so I gave her some seltzer water with the tiniest splash of lemonade.  She nursed that drink for 2 days at home.

We finally got to have our Friday evening at the parks with Maddie and Amanda again (we always love doing it, but for some reason go months between making it happen).  The most brutal part of the whole day was the walk from the Epcot parking lot to the monorail. Surface of the sun stuff.  Thus explaining our shiny selfies. Why were we on the monorail? We wanted to make a quick trip to Magic Kingdom to send off our favorite froggy prince. With all the changes and moves coming to Magic Kingdom these next two weeks, Tiana is being put into Fairytale Hall, leaving Naveen with nowhere to do meets regularly.  We can still cheer him on in the new castle show, but no afternoon parties in the glen. Naveen was D's first male face character that she liked, and we wanted to give him some last hugs. I grabbed a spot in line for the glen while Ian and D took a walk and ran into Maddie and Amanda as they left the hall. Maddie brought brownies for the frogs and D made Naveen a goodbye note and drawing.

D made Naveen read the card, even though he warned us it would probably make him tear up.  Bless him it was so sweet.

Daphne showed off the Naveen bow from Bows with Character (that she put up such a fuss about wearing and then was so proud to show off).

Then Maddie and D decided they wanted to "see the back of Tiana's necklace."

At least we got some decent "family" portraits. I think both girls are even looking at the camera for some.

We also saw the return of the Daphne-side eye when Maddie was hugging on her sister.

A fitting "see you real soon" for our froggy prince.  Here's hoping that he and Tiana find their way back to the glen together again soon.

Back on the monorail to Epcot.  D entertained us all by doing an impression of ME.

Headed up to The Land and grabbed some dinner before cashing in our FastPasses for D's first ever ride on Soarin'. Soarin' closed for refurb the week before D was tall enough to ride. When the parks announced they'd be reopening the Soarin' attraction for a few weeks before launching the new video, I snagged these passes so we could catch the original.

We got strapped into the back row and took off.  D LOVED it.

We exited The Land to a gorgeous sunset at almost 9pm. Illuminations was getting ready to start, but it's my least favorite of the nighttime shows. The girls, however, did not want the party to end.  I remembered that Symphony in the Stars would be replaced soon, and we'd never gotten around to seeing it.  When does SitS start? 9:30.  Can we make it? 3 parks in one day? Are we insane?

Yes. Yes we are. D liked the fireworks, but she kept getting confused.  During the Darth Vader section she kept asking where he was. And where Chewie was.  I have a feeling she'll like the new show with the video projections even better. We walked out to the cars right after the fireworks. The girls still didn't want to go home. I noticed we could still catch the last Jungle Book show. 4 parks one day... we'd never done it...

AND WE STILL HAVEN'T. We aren't that crazy. Yet.

Saturday we carpooled with Amanda and Maddie out to Windermere for Haley's graduation party.

The girls were quite taken with all the props and started dancing around.  I put on the Dream Along With Mickey music for them and we got a little show.

Maddie's flourishing bows are my favorite. The girls took turns having Ian drag them around like Sadness (the coordinating outfits, btw, total coincidence).

Sunday ended up being a very relaxing day at home. We kicked it off by Ian choosing a new movie for D: Willow. I was skeptical.  It's definitely dark and on the long side. Me culpa, D absolutely loved it. Completely riveted the entire 126 minutes.

D has been eyeballing the Indiana Jones box set for weeks.  Ian asked if she wanted to watch one. Yes. Hmmm. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Definitely some dark, scary, FACE MELTING stuff in there.

It didn't hold her quite as rapt as Willow, but we had many fascinating conversations while watching it. "OH mommy. Dat a looooooooootta snakes in dere." Yes. Lots of snakes. "Tsk tsk tsk." "Oh, are da snakes sleeping now?" And of course came the infamous Ark-opening scene.  I was totally prepared for her to hide her face and all the rest. Instead: "Mommy what dey doing?" Opening the Ark. "Why?" They think it will make them powerful. "Oh... uh oh what happening now?" Well, the Ark is going to wipe out all the bad guys. "..... So why dey open it?" Very good question, kid.

Daphne is definitely entering into the "all the questions" phase of growing up.  Most of the time I'm fine with it. Sometimes a break from them would be nice, particularly when I can tell she's just asking the questions to ask, not because she actually wants an answer.  We also got the heads up at school that they are trying to address D's excessively bossy behavior now that she's moving up to pre-k.  I told them by all means and to please let me know if they have any luck.  Monday was a rough day, because (according to D) "Dylan put his stuff in da wrong place and I told him to put it dis way and he wouldn't do it and I get mad."

Lord. Kid. Leadership qualities are great. Managerial skills are great. But if you try to micromanage every person in your life....



The Weekly Peanut, Issue 174

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 174

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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 172