Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 175

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 175

Some very sweet friends over at Blue House Blooms sent Daphne a gift.  She's in love with her pink floral Mickey Ears (although she insists they are MINNIE ears, thank you very much).

We headed back over to Saint Añejo for dinner on Daddy's birthday (most of our official plans would be over our long weekend).

Daphne ordered a cheeseburger. And actually ate most of it. Go figure.

Friday morning I took off work so we could go to the debut of the new castle show, Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire.  Daphne dressed herself and ate a breakfast sandwich.

We got to the park pretty soon after opening and parked ourself with the growing crowd of people in front of the castle.  More than an hour before the first show was due to start. IT. WAS. SO. HOT. I came reasonably prepared. I had my uv-blocking parasol and some new cooling athletic scarves that definitely helped.  D got to play with friends to also help pass the time. She dragged Junie all over the place and tried to steal her water.

Amanda had to fill in for Ian.

And Taylor stopped by for some quick hugs, too.

So many friends and people we knew, and D made them all take turns carrying her around. Haley ended up pulling Daphne duty during the show itself (I love you, Haley!). At last the music kicked on and the new show started.

(check out my Flickr for a full album of the debut MRFF performances) D loved it. She had a huge grin on her face the whole show. She is still quoting Olaf and his "and you are...?" moments.  I loved the Princess and the Frog music, the tap dancing, and Vladimir the Snuggly Duckling thug.  Overall, whether you want to compare it to Dream Along or not, I'm so glad to have a new castle show to help pass the hours lounging in the hub grass in the coming months.  I had originally planned to camp out in front of the castle most of the day, but I overestimated my ability to handle the heat.  We all headed to Harbor House for some air conditioning and rehydration.

Had a FastPass for Seven Dwarves Mine Train (hooray!).  Just barely made it on while it was still drizzling, they shut down the coaster as soon as we got off.

Rode the carousel with the girls. As we were leaving, we asked the girls what they wanted to do next.

You know it's hot and awful when I willingly go on the Carousel of Progress. Followed by the people mover!

Hit up Cosmic Ray's for lunch, where Ian caught up with us. D continues to obsess over that dude's eyebrows.

Rode Haunted Mansion with a FastPass. Then the Tiki Room, where Lea caught up with us. Maddie fell asleep in her stroller as we were leaving, so while Amanda and Lea grabbed food, we chilled in a tiny patch of shade in the hub grass. Daphne stole Giana's umbrella and paraded around for us.

Speaking of parades, Festival of Fantasy came through.

D got creative with cooling off.

Daddy got pulled into dancing, too.

We made our way back to the castle so Ian could see the 4:15 show.  D drafted more friends to hold her. This time it was Paola. At least she shared her cooling scarf?

Haley suggested we check out hoedown after. This time, D would have nothing to do with it. She was, however, 100% on board for some country bears.

The girls went to Move It, Shake it. Maddie's turn to give side-eye when D kissed on Phineas.

D was definitely starting to show that she'd been at the parks all day, so we called it and headed home.

Saturday morning avocado toast breakfast followed by Finding Dory with Ava and her family.

photo by alexis

photo by alexis

We all really liked the movie (especially Hank the Octopus!).  It's not better than Finding Nemo, but it's a very good movie in its own right with a fantastic cast of characters and mind-blowing animation.

Sunday! Father's Day! We ended up having a relaxing day of shopping.

Light Saber pool noodles at Toys R Us.

This poor little girl D wouldn't let leave her side at Kohl's.

Playing tic-tac-toe with daddy at Smokey Bones.

Unimpressed with the movie selection at Best Buy. We ran around Target for a little while then finally headed home and called it a day.  Monday we dropped D off at school and I treated Ian to a grown up bday/father's day of lunch at Morimoto in Disney Springs (omg so good) and Captain America: Civil War in the theaters. Overall D was largely improved in attitude this week. Food continues to be an intermittent issue, and she still has NO chill, but we're getting by.



Knock on wood.


The Weekly Peanut, Issue 176

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 176

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 174

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 174