Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 170

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 170

D picked up a new snuggle buddy.

She's also been practicing her Chewie gargle voice.  I'll get it on video soon. 

The birthday party extravaganza continues in Peanut World.  This week we celebrated Bella's birthday with a party that puts a lot of weddings I've attended to shame.  Seriously. Party of the decade. ^That's the cake up there.  The Cake Boss himself flew into town to make that cake for the Sleeping Beauty themed party. What did D do as soon as she saw it? Slapped her hand right onto the side of it.  There was a collective gasp from everyone around. Thank GAWD it was still mostly frozen at the bottom, and while D came away with a bright blue hand, the cake showed no signs of the assault. Oy.

D broke out her little Maleficent costume for the occasion (it's one of her favorites at this point). There was a face-painter for all the kids (and, ok, yeah, the adults, too). D got her whole face covered. She got a "Maleficent crown" as well as a "Maleficent dragon breathing glitter fire" (her descriptions, btw).

D was surrounded by friends the whole time and in hog heaven.

Bella had two extra special guests come as well: Maleficent and Peter Pan! D, typical, wanted nothing to do with Peter.  Mal and D are old pals by now, though.

I honestly don't know what D talks about with characters most of the time anymore, but she certainly had a lot to say to Maleficent.  Probably reminding her she needed to come to D's party in July (oh HELP). Too soon the party ended, but most of these awesome people decided to just carry the celebration over to Hollywood Studios, so off we went.

This is Lauren. D says she's her new best friend. We went to Launch Bay, and do you know what D wanted to do first (well, once she saw the Jawas weren't out)? KYLO REN. No, really.

Yup. That's my daughter. Sassy. Strong-willed. Looking right into the face of the First Order and saying "No." What a trip.  I was frustrated with the lack of Jawas since I'd FINALLY remembered some proper things to trade with them.  D was just fine killing endless time in the Angry Birds game room, however.

Lauren saw the Jawas finally come out and make an appearance. D eagerly snagged the plastic frozen ring I'd bought and charged over.

We wandered in search of food and beverage after that. D wanted to show the fruits of her Jawa trading to the storm troopers. She loves them.

D spent most of the day taking turns stealing and carrying around purses. Not mine, since it houses a heavy camera, but Lauren and Ashlyn both got to be sacrificial lambs.

D was also pretending to be Maleficent most of the evening, putting everybody else "in the dungeon."  Chris came to hang out when he got off work. D was too distracted at first to come say hi, but Chris had the Dirty Dancing music loaded in his pocket apparently, and as soon as he crouched down she, of course, came charging over for their signature lift moment.  There was much cheering from bystanders. 

We drove home and D somehow convinced Amanda to read books to her in the backseat on the way home. I don't think Amanda believed us when we told her our kid wouldn't fall asleep on the way home, despite the late hour and all the crazy activity.

Sunday morning I had to work. D let Ian dress herself.  It was only 90 degrees out, btw. I met up with them at Kohl's, and D promptly ensconced herself in the Star Wars toys.  D is obsessed with the light sabers. 

She wasted no time in demonstrating to me that she has pretty much every move from the Hollywood Studios' jedi training memorized already. 

She also picked out this very expensive leather purse, declared it "Daphne-sized" and told me she wanted it more than anything in the world. Uhhhhh let's just put that on your birthday wish list, ok kiddo?

Today's lesson for D: listening.  She seems to have forgotten how to do it.  Another parent at Bella's birthday party told me that when her kid turned 4 "it's like someone flips a switch and it's a new kid!"  Yeah, I'm ready.


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