Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 166

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 166

Wednesday night. D is getting her shower, and I'm prepping her on the big plane ride we'll be waking up extra early for the next morning. D hasn't been on a plane for close to a year. "Mommy we go on plane tomorrow?" Yup. Up in the air. "I been on plane before!" Oh, yeah? You remember that? "Uhhuh!" What was it like on the airplane? *serious pause* I wonder if she's going to wax about being up high in the air.

"Red, orange, and blue."

At first I'm lost. Typical since my kid can be really out there errrr imaginative. Then I remembered: we flew Southwest last year. O_O

Have no fear, Disney fans thinking this would be a Disney-free entry. D got to meet Snow White at the Disney Store in the Orlando International Airport at 5 am!

D was pretty good for the plane ride. 2 hours passes relatively quickly when you've got Neverbeast to watch on Mommy's laptop with your new Frozen headphones. She got a little whiny when her ears started popping on the descent, but otherwise it was smooth sailing.

And she ran straight to Grandpa Marc where he was waiting in the terminal.  So here we are in St. Louis, still morning but we've already been awake 6+ hours.  We headed back to the house to unpack, but come lunch time there's nowhere else I'd rather be...

Ian likes to mock my love of Lion's Choice and claim it's no different than Arby's. Them's fightin' words, son. Daphne had a grilled cheese, apple sauce, and yogurt. Most of which she finished, high praise from my kid.  We split up so Ian and my dad could go check out breweries and the ladies went SHOPPING.

D had a ball at Target and put on a fashion show when we got back to the house.

And Grandma DeeDee painted her nails.

Friday morning we headed out to Kayak's for delicious cold brew and breakfast.  We still had time before people were coming to visit, so we did what we always do in St. Louis (other than go to Lion's Choice): The Zoo.

The St. Louis Zoo is one of my absolute favorite places on the planet. One, it's free. Two, it's HUGE (you'd be hard pressed to see everything in a day). Three, it's spectacularly maintained and BEAUTIFUL. We got there right as it was opening and were able to walk into the children's zoo while it was mostly empty.  D found this tiny house with brooms and was more interested in sweeping the porch than looking at all the animals.

D got to play.

And make some new friends.

We checked out the insectarium and the reptile house before we had to make our way back to the house for our visitors. But not before a quick stop in the gift shop where Daphne fell in love with a pink baby penguin she named Mariposa.

Back to the house. Everyone that came to visit D brought presents.  She thought it was her birthday. D got to see Great Grandma Jo, Grandma Kadi, Uncles, Aunts, and extended family and friends (have I mentioned practically all of my relatives are in this city?).

Saturday was a similar plan. We woke up and decided to check out a place called Half & Half for breakfast.

Daphne ordered bacon. I was so proud. My kid never orders meat except for chicken nuggets.

Swung back by the house to pick up Grandpa Marc (and the stroller) and headed back to do some more of the Zoo (like I said, it's free, and it's also close to the house). This time we checked out the new riverbank attractions (new since my last visit anyway) which were incredible.

D really dug this photo op, although she refused to get any closer to the cobra. I found this ABSOLUTELY PERFECT spot for portraits near one of the displays. 

SERIOUSLY, KID?! Grandpa Marc to the rescue with silly faces.

Yes, the riverbank was a hit.

The new penguin enclosure is very cool. Pretty similar to the one at Sea World, although the emperor penguins were out swimming and my goodness they are HUGE.

Daphne-sized penguins. Our last stop on the way back to the car was at the Orangutan enclosure. This guy brought his blanket over to say hi to Daphne.

More visitors for D Saturday afternoon, but this time there were kids!

D got to play with her cousins Ellie, Joe, Sophia, Riley, and Adam as well as my aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a pretty great day filled with awesome people that I love dearly.

I was endlessly impressed with my kid over the course of these two days. She had to be extremely sociable for extended periods of time, and she was pretty awesome for most of it. Of course we had an incident with the stairs, which we repeatedly told her NOT to play on and sure enough, she fell and flipped out and had a breath holding spell. She milked it for all it was worth, snatching up the ice pack offered and putting it to very good use, as you can see.

Overall really great. Polite. Hugs. Mostly very gentle with the other kids (she may have squeezed little Eleanor a little too hard when they were hugging goodbye). Every now and then she'd be over people and she'd go play quietly in the den, then come back and join the social festivities a few minutes later. Sunday morning we had some time before our flight, so we went out for a quick breakfast. D asked for a chocolate macaron covered in pink glitter, of course.

Of course right after I took this picture she turned into a complete turd. Attitude, whining, moaning until I finally just took her outside since nobody else should have to put up with all that first thing in the morning. It was understandable, the kid was running on low sleep and high stimulation. Honestly I'm impressed this was the only major thing we had to deal with the whole trip. Made our way back to finish packing and say our goodbyes. D got to have one more "taste" of St. Louis at the airport.

THEY HAD A TED DREWES DISPENSING MACHINE! A TED DREWES CONCRETE AT THE AIRPORT! I am still in awe. D was even better behaved on the flight back than she was on the flight up, not even flinching over any ear popping. We landed in time for the Disney Store to still be open.

She insisted, I swear.



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