Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 165

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 165

The news hit the Disney sites last week: Joy and Sadness from Inside Out were finally available to meet at Epcot. Obviously this was a must-do for us.  We made plans with some of D's friends to meet up Saturday in time for park open to head straight back to Headquarters. We were blessed with unseasonably pleasant weather, so I asked D if she wanted to wear her Bing Bong outfit one more time before it got retired for the summer. She was SO excited, even though we didn't tell her about Joy and Sadness. She really does love that outfit.

We met up with Ava's family, Amanda and Maddie, and Mellie at the gate. Bright and early. GO US. I'd almost spilled the beans to D the night before while we were watching the movie, but Ian talked me out of it. I'm so glad I did. We entered the park and D started asking to go on this ride and that ride and I told her, no, we had something else to do first. What? A surprise. WHAT SURPRISE!? Patience, kid...

The meeting area and even the line for Joy and Sadness is SO. GREAT. The line is designed like long-term memory, and D recognized it IMMEDIATELY.  So I let her have a little peek into the exit before we got in line to see what was coming. Ahhhh her face lit up so much. We got into the queue which was a bit more than half full at that point. We'd anticipated the wait, and Ava's family had the movie loaded on an iPad for the girls to be entertained by as we waited.

The line moved FAST. Ended up taking us around 30 minutes, which wasn't bad. I heard that if the line was full the wait was around 70 minutes.  Still not nearly as bad as what people had to wait for Baymax with Hiro when they were over at Hollywood Studios, so I'll take it. Especially since we're sure to be making some return trips to visit the voices in our heads.

At last the girls were on deck, ready to go. That meeting room is even cooler than I'd heard. You've got all the headquarters area, the memory balls are all lit up in their tubes, the control panel is there and the memory view changes every so many seconds. There's even little pieces of furniture direct out of the movie. SO. COOL. But the coolest, honestly, are the friends you get to meet there.

Although after the initial hugs, as Amanda and I predicted, the girls were completely distracted by the awesomeness of the control console.

Eventually we managed to wrangle everybody together for a picture.

And some last cuddles.

We headed over to the seas.

D is suddenly REALLY into manatees? Also rode Figment before heading in for a trip around the World Showcase. Yet again used the Violet lemonade incentive to get D to behave herself. That purple stuff really is her favorite thing ever. Amanda mentioned that some friends of ours were working over at Hollywood Studios if we felt like park hopping. 2 parks in one day? Old hat for us now, eh? But first a quick stop for some puppy love.

D and Maddie both had some leftover Easter treats for Pluto. In related news my kid needs to stop growing up. Immediately. Over to Hollywood Studios we went. Our friend, Adriana, caught up with us on the way into the park.

Despite never having seen any of the movies or shows, D recognizes the Star Wars logos and music and always gets excited about both (thanks, WDW). We took D to watch the Jedi Training for the first time. At first D hid from the show entirely. No, really.

But eventually I dragged her up into my arms and tried to explain everything that was going on in the show to her. It helped that our friend, Denise, was there! Darth Vader came out for the kids to spar with. He walked over toward our side. "YAYYY D LET'S CHEER FOR VADER!" She cowered against my shoulder.

"Awww, come on, kid! Let's blow him kisses!" MOMMY! YOU CANNOT DO DAT! By the end of the show, D was no longer hiding. She was particularly fascinated by the "Seventh Sister" and said she wanted to meet and/or spar with her. Alright, fine. You can watch the movies, kid.


After the show Denise ran out to say hi to the girls and do a quick picture. Maddie totally got the whole "using the force" pose. D, however...

At first she did a little... bear claw pose.. thing. Then she looked up at Denise, "No... I can't do dat." Oh, how about we pose with our arms crossed? No...  Hey, D, can you do your Maleficent pose?

Ahhhh winner winner Maleficent dinner. "Hey! Hey! Maleficent coming to my birthday party!" Yes, kid. We know. Denise was just about to go on a nice long break, as was Chris, so they joined the party and we headed over to Animation Courtyard. It's been a while since we watched the Disney Jr. show. It hasn't changed.

Denise introduced the girls to Snapchat filters. D thought it was great until the creepy old man filter went over her face, and then she totally flipped out. Good to know.

Chris asked if we wanted to go visit Chewie in Launch Bay. D was totally on board. Maddie has been a little iffy with the giant walking carpet. We decided to take a chance. First Denise and Adriana took the girls to trade with the Jawas. D apparently traded some streamers from the Disney Jr show for a plastic bracelet. Score.

As you'll note in the video, Maddie isn't a big fan of Chewie's sounds. Chris talked to Chewie beforehand and Chewie was quiet the whole time for Maddie! How sweet is that? Witness my weakness at 1:04. I have an inexplicable obsession with all anthropomorphic robots, and BB8 and his complete defiance of the laws of physics is no exception. I swear, I only walked up to the popcorn booth to get some cups of water, and I somehow ended up walking away with this adorable BB8 cup clutched in my arms like an abandoned kitten. D has become similarly obsessed, and she couldn't wait to show him to Chewbacca. 

After goodbyes to Big Kitty, the girls really wanted to go back to see the Jawas again. What followed is one of my new favorite videos ever, right up there with D sassing the Mad Hatter.

Yes, when the Jawa tries to rub its head on my kid, she declares "I NOT A PILLOW!" The last time we were in launch bay, D wanted nothing to do with the Jawas and their weird glowing eyes. It's amazing how adventurous she was this time.  We left launch bay and caught the new Star Wars stage... I hesitate to use the word "show"... presentation? on the main stage.

We said goodbye to our friends and hit the road to treat ourselves to some Cafe Tutu Tango dinner. D LOVED their pizza. We let her pick out a cookie at Whole Foods on the way home.

This is my kid's cookie-eating-grin. Sunday was a more low-key day. We had breakfast, went to Target. Came home and introduced D to Star Wars.

D found the enterprise and insisted on holding it while she watched. I'll have to explain cross-fandom to her when she's older. D LOVED the Jawas, shrieking with glee at every "ootini!" She also loved cheering for Chewie and the last battle scene, but she definitely got a bit bored with it in the middle. While totally gung ho to sit down and watch the first, when I offered to put on the second her response was "Ummmm another time. It very long."

Sometimes D's helpfulness isn't so great. Like when I'm trying to chop onions, or when she notices the soap dispenser is empty and sets about refilling it herself. Thank goodness we caught her before she got the big one opened. Sunday night D wanted a new bedtime lineup.

D asked when she could get to meet Fear and Bing Bong and Disgust and Anger. I told her we'd just have to keep going back with her other costumes so she could reunite Joy and Sadness with their friends. Zootopia and Inside Out are definitely vying for that #1 spot in my daughter's heart right now.

Well those and Neverending Story. She still won't let me fast forward past the Artax scene.


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