Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 160

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 160

D and her "Princess Charming" photo by Alexis

D and her "Princess Charming" photo by Alexis

We've been dying for another Friday night at MK for months, and we finally got one this past week.  Headed down after work just in time to catch the last Dream Along of the day. We rode a few rides, then caught up with Mellie and Ava's family in (of course) the hub grass.  Our friend, Sarah, also turned up and suggested we go visit Merida. Since we haven't seen Merida since... well... probably close to a year, her relatively short line beckoned.

Did I mention I bravely did Disney WITHOUT my camera? I'm such a junkie, and I felt so naked with only my phone...

D seemed more interested in coloring than anything else. And Ava's bow and arrow set. Remind me to NEVER buy that for my child, ok? I was just grateful nobody lost an eye. We heard that Rabbit was out with Winnie and Tigger. We have not met Rabbit yet, so we headed over. At first the line was 50 minutes?! Heck no. So we let D do what she was asking to do anyway: play in Winnie's treehouse.

The line shrank, so we got into it after all. The girls entertained themselves with our phones (bless you, Minnie's Home Makeover) and Mellie's ipad (D LOVES Hercules!). At last it was our turn...

D was super excited to see Rabbit, as you can see. But then when Winnie waved at her... SHE HID BEHIND ME?! Like... she's shy?? What?! She was all over Winnie at Epcot a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, that weird avoidance lasted all of 30 seconds, until dancing came into play. No keeping my kid out of a dance, not ever.

Look how Winnie and Tigger snuck in there. I couldn't get over how cute this was. We even managed to snag a group photo on our way out (thanks, photopass!).

Snagged FastPass spots for DEP and were joined by Maddie, Amanda, and Casey.  I took a picture, but it came out BAD so you're going to have to take my word on it. 

Hooked back up with Ava's family at Cosmic Ray's for dinner. I didn't know they had that singing alien guy in there.

We caught the tail end of Wishes fireworks. Rode Haunted Mansion, checked out the Tangled restrooms, and then Ian and Mellie offered to take the girls on Small World. No, I will not fall on that sword again, but go ahead.

By then the park was getting ready to close. At 9pm. Crazy. So we headed out, only to be faced with massive lines for the monorail. Took the boat to the Polynesian instead. That turned out to be the best decision of the night, as we got to see the boat parade AND had a skipper that had more pirate and boating puns than a joke encyclopedia.

Saturday was a quiet day. We had lunch at Stefano's, D's favorite restaurant.

D used her new weights she picked out to do some workouts with Daddy, too.

D got to spend the evening watching Big Hero 6 with Lindsey while Ian and I took each other to see Deadpool. Where has that movie been all my life? Best Comic Book Movie EVER. Ian had to go to work in Tampa, Sunday, so D and I had a girl's day at the parks. Where do we go when Ian isn't around? His least favorite park, Hollywood Studios.

We got to the park at open and promptly visited all the things Ian doesn't like. Like Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Hit up Star Tours with a FastPass.

Mellie caught up with us as we were leaving, and we headed to MuppetVision.

She refused to wear the glasses. We caught up with Bella's family and headed over to Star Wars Launch Bay together. Bella is the unofficial ambassador, and was more than happy to show D around. D said she was interested in meeting Chewbacca, but 40 minutes is too long a line for us. We wandered around, and his line went down to 20 minutes so we hopped in. The line moves quickly and I had brought some little toys for the girls to play with. Before we knew it, it was time. Chewie is VERY. BIG. D was a little timid at first. Mellie ran up to give Chewie a hug. I gave D a lollipop to give Chewie as an ice breaker.

Bella, 100% comfortable with her surroundings, immediately went about exploring the set. Chewie let the girls play with the controls on the spaceship.

In between D overcame her timidity (of course) and gave Chewie some great big hugs.

We said goodbye to Bella's family and headed over to use some FastPasses for the Frozen Singalong (like I said, all the stuff Ian hates LOL).

D got covered in "snow." We grabbed lunch at Fairfax. D fell in love with two of the Hollywood Street performers while I was grabbing food and couldn't stop talking about them / asking where they were the rest of the day. Took D in to see Beauty and the Beast musical. EVERYTHING IAN DOESN'T LIKE!!

Amanda caught up with us, too.

The show got out with JUST enough time for us to run to the entrance for a Fantasmic character meet. There was nobody else around, and our favorite blue guy charged right over to D.

He really liked her Bing Bong bow. Mary was right behind him so D was all over that. I told her point blank that she was NOT allowed to steal Polly.

So she gave him kisses instead. Then there was twirling, of course!

I asked D who she wanted to see next. Pocahontas? Minnie? Nothing could have made me prouder than when my daughter proclaimed "DA QUEEEEEEN!" Bless her. There was no line, either!

D wanted to go talk polka dots with Minnie Mouse next.

Look at that pose! As she was saying goodbye, D waved at Minnie and said "I SEE YOU IN DREAM ALONG!!!" Awwwww. Our last character stop was Pocahontas. D was SO excited that Poca remembered her right away from the day that they twinned for a Characterpalooza ALMOST A YEAR AGO.

Pocahontas really stole my heart when D asked about her necklace and Poca told her about how she still talks to her mom and such. Lawwwwd the feels. It was such a sweet, deep moment.

Our last stop was to give some love to one of our favorite blueberries, Lena. Lena has made some of D's best bow's from her Etsy shop, Bow with Character.  Lena loaned D her shades with she was squinting during the picture.

Overall, other than a brief touchy moment when we had to work on sharing her toys in line for Chewbacca, D was remarkably well-behaved all day. Like CRAZY well-behaved. So much better than any recent trips. So I told her she could pick out a little reward on the way out. At first she dove on this huge Perry the Platypus talking plush (she just got introduced to Phineas and Ferb this week and loves it), but finally settled on a (thank gawd) little light up keychain.

Finally, we celebrated International Women's Day Tuesday the best way I can think of: seeing Zootopia and cheering for Judy Hopps with Junie and Simone, two of the best women I know.

Liv and Amy come in town today! Preparing myself for total Disney saturation. <3

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