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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 163 Part 1

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 163 Part 1

As promised vacation time means TOO MUCH FOR ONE POST. So I'll see what I can cram in here and hopefully get the follow up done by Friday. First, and most importantly, D's behavior has been vastly improved KNOCK ON WOOD.

Amy and Liv came to stay with us starting Thursday. Our first night with them we opted for a non-disney adventure in Winter Park. We ate at "Da Chicken Place" (The Coop) and walked Park Ave.

Had to have an ice cream stop at Kilwin's, of course.

Ian and I both had the day off Friday and we opted for a low-key day at Epcot. We got there close to open and our first stop with little Madam Mim and Honey Lemon was to see Baymax.  D was even less intimidated this time and ran right up to give Baymax a hug once Livvy had greeted him.

We also brought some Easter Eggs to hand out to cast members in honor of the holiday. D loves giving gifts. Baymax kept trying to follow us out of his meeting area. I had to let him know gently that he probably wouldn't fit on Spaceship Earth. That was our next stop. Followed by our obligatory trip to The Seas and a follow up photo to the original.

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since these wonderful ladies came into our lives. It should also be noted that Ian is in hog heaven.

We opted to finally try out the World Showcase Easter Egg hunt for the first time this year. The girls LOVED looking for the hidden eggs and getting their maps "stamped" with the stickers as we went. Sure, we "helped" them find the eggs, but it was a really fun way to navigate the world showcase and even get to explore some areas we hadn't gotten around to seeing before. At the end, you can show your finished hunt map for an egg. D chose Minnie.

We headed to China to await our favorite warrior princess. D hammed it up for the camera.

We really need to not go so long between Mulan visits. Our strolls through China with her are still some of the most precious memories I have at Disney.

This time they made a stop to knock for the Matchmaker! Thank goodness she wasn't home, D's not quite ready to find a husband yet.

She was, however, quite eager to show how well she remembered the warrior pose Mulan taught her back in January.

Thank you, Mulan, for being my daughter's other Big Sister. And for teaching her strength and bravery and love.

It was looking like it might storm, so we left Epcot and introduced Amy and Liv to the Disney Character Warehouse outlet. That's a dangerous place for any wallet. We got caught in the rain on the way back to the car. Soaked, honestly. When we got home everybody changed into dry clothes and we had a Baby Groot dance party.

Saturday was a non-disney day (Easter weekend crowds are notorious!). We took Amy and Liv to our favorite brunch spot, Cask & Larder.

Went shopping, hung out around the house. Nice chance to recharge all our batteries before diving headfirst back into the Disney Beast.

The girls woke up Easter Sunday to special treats from the Easter Bunny. D's favorites were her new Judy Hopps shoes.

Easter Sunday. Disney does a lot of special things for Easter, like a parade and some special characters, but we (like most human beings) are usually celebrating the holiday with family. This year there were no family plans, and we had our guests, so we finally (bravely) ventured to the Magic Kingdom on one of the busiest weekends of the year to check out the festivities. D was armed with lots of Easter Eggs to hand out again as well. We took the ferry from the TTC to the entrance since we'd heard there might be some special friends out greeting at the dock. We were not disappointed.

First we got to meet the Easter Chicks from the Easter parade. D eagerly handed out her eggs. There was a band playing music for all the guests coming off the ferry. D marched right over to hand out eggs.

Speaking of the band and music...

Said goodbye to the chicks and the band, then moments later... y'all I almost cried.

The hippos from Fantasia. I believe this was Hyacinth and Petunia? I was too busy squealing and trying to calm my inner child to remember.

There was dancing, hugs, and so much love. And NOBODY else was there, so there was no guilt about endlessly monopolizing these charming hippos. As we said our goodbyes, Ian and I agreed that even if the rest of the day was a wash the trip had been worth it before we'd even entered the park. Yes, it was crowded in Town Square at 9:30 a.m. But this didn't deter us from doing a LOT. Like meeting the Azalea Trail maidens that come out only for Easter.

Of course given the dress D chose to wear, a visit with Snow White was in order. D gave her a yellow egg. "It match your dress!"

Caught our first Spring Trolley show of the season. D couldn't wait to tell all the trolley girls about her trolley dress that she just CANNOT wait to show them. Hopefully she'll be able to restrain herself until Dapper Day.

Caught a Dream Along and stared longingly at Nick and Judy Hopps during Move It Shake It (they aren't letting them down off the floats right now for fear they will be mobbed).

Took a trip to Fantasyland to visit Princess Aurora. D has pretty consistently declared Aurora to be her favorite princess these past few weeks (when I ask about Tiana she says that Tiana is her sister, which I guess disqualifies her from princess status?). She even told Aurora that her little bird was named Princess Aurora.

To be sure, D was on her best behavior during this meet, no jewelry tugging or crown snatching or forced twirling. Phew! Much better doing Aurora meets out at the wall instead of in Town Square where D gets distracted by all the plants.

Watched a Dream Along and got sad that we'll be saying goodbye to this show forever on Saturday. Yes, a new show will be coming, but this show will always represent the spirit of classic disney magic for me. Plus Maleficent won't be in the new show, so it can't be THAT good.

Took the girls on Jungle Cruise while Amy grabbed lunch. At last it was time for the Easter preparade.

Hazeline Hippo threw a LOT of confetti when she saw us. The most exciting moment was definitely when Thumper came over and gave D a big bunny kiss.

Although D might disagree and claim it was waving at Judy Hopps. We ran for the monorail in hopes of beating the mob that was sure to leave once Festival of Fantasy passed. We also were on a mission to try to catch our friend Meg working a special character meet at All Star Sports. We made it just in time!

Minnie Mouse was out having a little dance party by the pool. D actually danced along with the hand jive! A momentous occasion, since most of the time D just stares at any dancing activity.

Yes, Minnie definitely had some extra special mojo working. When we were going to leave, D insisted on running back for "one last hug" with Minnie. She NEVER does that. A wave, a shouted thank you, but never extra hugs. Especially not after a long, hot, busy day. Well done, Minnie.



Thus concludes our Easter Adventures and Part 1 of this week's Peanut. So many more adventures to come, including D's first trip to CLUB VILLAIN! Come back Friday for Part II!

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