Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 155

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 155

We've had some serious fun this week. D has, at least.  I had a rough day last week. Taking the dog for a morning walk led to wet shoes which led to me wiping out hard in my kitchen, moaning and whimpering on the floor.  It's ok, though...

Dr. Daphne to the rescue. We've continued D's "Superheroes" movie kick. She's watched both Avengers now. She likes "the green guy." (Hulk)  When Thanos first showed up in Guardians, we explained that he was Gamora's dad. When Vision showed up in Avengers II "Mommy! Dass da green girl's Daddy!" which led to a long discussion about the differences between pink and purple. Another fascinating observation by my child: when not in costume, the Avengers are "being grown-ups."

This weekend we went Disney Hard: 3 parks in 2 days. It was definitely the most ambitious Disney weekend we've ever had. D got to debut one of her new outfits for Saturday at Magic Kingdom.

We rode Haunted Mansion.

She heard they had a lot of cobwebs in need of dusting

She heard they had a lot of cobwebs in need of dusting

And the carousel.

Before running into Mellie and Bella's family in line for the Tremaines. Y'all I swear I didn't plan this.


The Tremaines, as usual, were fantastic.

First, Drizella tried to get D to polish her shoes. Then Anastasia and Lady T engaged Daphne in some whispered discussion (probably trying to get D to clean something) while a sleepy Bella gave Drizella a good long cuddle. Daphne still gives Lady T hugs, no matter how she may object, and has her Tremaine pose on lock for all family portraits.

Split up the group for a quick FastPass trip on D's favorite, 7 Dwarves Mine Train.

Headed back to the hub and caught the tail end of Move It Shake It.  For the first time, D eagerly ran out into the street party to hug Stitch and then dance. For a minute. Then she fell down (typical) but she started whimpering that she'd "hurt her foot" (my kid is usually the first one to jump up and claim she's ok and almost never makes a big deal out of physical pain), so we sat out the rest of the parade and cheered from the sidelines.  D started asking for the Castle Show before MiSi was over so we grabbed a spot in front of the castle and waited for our friends to arrive.  GUYS I finally got a picture of the face my kid makes when the Dream Along (castle show) music first starts.

Daphne LOVES Dream Along with Mickey

Daphne LOVES Dream Along with Mickey

Haley & Kelsey joined us for the show. Haley told me after that D has made hand hearts for the Dream Along cast. Her first hand hearts!! (Maddie taught her last week)

Mellie joined us to use a FastPass for D's first ever trip ON BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD!! She seemed a little unsure of the line itself, but giggled and grinned through the whole ride. Grabbed lunch at Disney Chipotle errr Pecos Bill. Took a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean (for once, I was not the one to get soaked) and had a sing along with some Tiki Birds (no shame in our singing and dancing game. Got plenty of side-eyes from tourists. NO. SHAME.) Chris caught up with us in the Tiki line and was subjected to this singing and dancing as well. At this point I received a message from a friend that we should go visit Marie, the cat. D has seen the Aristocats and has shown interest in meeting the kitty, but Marie meets in the Town Square area not-so-affectionately dubbed "The Surface of the Sun" and we've just... never gotten around to it.  It may have been sunny, but the temperature was reasonably pleasant, so we made our way to Town Square to get in line for another Daphne first.

Chris forgot his sunglasses so Daphne loaned him her spare pair for the line. At last it was our turn and I heard the attendant tell Marie we'd be the last family before her milk break. Just as well, I had no idea D was going to be so into this meeting.

Seriously, this was one of the cutest Fur Character meets D has ever had. She LOVED Marie. She was so well-behaved, gentle, and sweet. No crazy toddler in sight. After the initial hug, she walked around inspecting all of Marie's bows (Marie was very patient). She kept giving her kisses and cuddles and petting her fur. Daphne made giant hearts around Marie's face, then they made little hand hearts together, twirled, and went in for more cuddles (around the 10th giant hug, Marie looked over at the camera and made another heart behind D's back).  I told D we should say our goodbyes and let Marie go have her break, but Marie took D by the hand and sashayed back over to City Hall where she normally exits. 

But no quick goodbye, they hung out on the bench and shared more cuddles and giggles.  Ahhh, my heart.  Finally we said goodbye, but as soon as Marie had rounded the corner...

Yup, ambush Pluto hugs. D hopped into her stroller to grab a snack while we debated where we'd be grabbing a spot for the parade, when Marie came back out and gave everybody hugs and kisses again. My kid is so spoiled by these character interactions.

We were in a position to grab some shade for once, so we staked out FoF real estate under the train station. Lea came, and Kelsey and Haley returned for parade time.

D was a big hit during Festival of Fantasy. Smee, Chip, Dale, and Dopey all came over for Daphne love (thanks for the pics, Mellie!).

Rather than getting crushed in the crowd exiting after the parade, we decided to take a quick spin on the People Mover with Mellie and Lea. THERE WAS A HUGE LINE. I do not approve of these lines for People Mover, but at least it "moved" quickly. D did not want to leave "MOMMY IT NOT DARK YET," but it was time if we were going to be up for another early start Sunday morning. We did manage to have a quick Skype session Saturday night with St. Louis family.

She told them all about going on Big Thunder Mountain. My kid is pretty fearless. Sunday morning dawned bright and early. D was up with the sun, whispering into my ear "Mommy... Epcot time." What does D want to wear? In case any of you are wondering, I don't force my kid into these costumes. She LOVES dressing up, and wearing these costumes is a reward she has to earn (particularly the big princess dresses that she doesn't get to put on until we arrive due to car seat buckles). We had provincial Belle out, then Alice, but right before we put it on she declared she wanted to wear Mickey. "Mommy, I need gloves!" Well I don't think... oh wait... I do have gloves. "Mommy, Mickey wears yellow shoes, see?" (She holds up her Mickey plush). Alright... well.. you have these sneakers that are partially yellow, that's going to have to work. Yes, my kid's attention to detail is picking up. 3 minutes into Magic Kingdom the day before, she handed me her magic band declaring "Cinderella not wear magic band!" Alright, Disney take two!

Ian forgot his magic band. And lost his pass. So we let him go have fun at guest services while I took D in to kill time. I asked D if she wanted to see Baymax or go to the Character Spot. "Baymax!" We go in, get in line. 2 minutes later, "No... I go see Mickey and Minnie and Goofy." Alright, back across the hall we go. Ian caught up with us in line.

Mickey declared that he was going to go on break and leave D to do the rest of the meets. D was on board. Managed to actually get into a picture ourselves, too.

Goofy liked their matching gloves.

And Minnie, of course, got extra nose kisses.

D declared she wanted to ride Figment next. But let's be honest, we all know what my kid really wanted to do.

I was only able to entice her away with promises of the fountains. Oh, yes. The fountains.

Still can't believe she held still so I could get this shot. It took at least 2 fountain passes!

Still can't believe she held still so I could get this shot. It took at least 2 fountain passes!

While chasing the fountains, we were joined by D's friend, Ava. Ava's family was park hopping, but the girls had an interlude, screaming at the fountains, chasing each other around, and putting flowers in their hair.

Brooke arrived while we were still at the fountains. We're trying to cram in as much quality time with her as we can before she starts her Disney Cruise adventure in a couple short weeks. We said goodbye to Ava and went on the Three Caballeros boat ride before making our way to Italy to join Bella's family for our first ever meal at Via Napoli.

We decided to check out the hype and all got pizza. D ate her entire pizza. The whole thing. Even the crust. Bella knocked out a slice and half of her parents' large pizza (with olives. That she loves.) as well as a fruit cup which my child helpfully fed to her.

After lunch we strolled back to Mexico to meet up with Amanda and Maddie. Donald Duck was about to come out, so of course...

Maddie curtsied. D tried, although it looked a little more like a lunge. Bella was a little shy with Donald at first, so D tried to encourage her, showing her how fluffy Donald was. Video from Amanda :)

Ian took the girls on the boat ride while the grownups got margaritas.

We made our way around the showcase. Jeanna mentioned they'd never seen where Aladdin and Jasmine meet, so we walked back. The line was cut off, but the girls wanted to hang out and color Duffy bears. Eventually we moved the party out to grab spots for the next meet window. The girls were entertained in line watching the Hocus Pocus show.

When the girls' turn came, none of us was prepared for the silliness. Bella seemed to take to Jasmine right away, so D and Maddie sat around Aladdin's little table with him. He told them all the bottles had to be glued down so Abu wouldn't steal them. Then he said that Abu was actually an elephant that day, and did his impression of Abu as an elephant.

Then there was all this sass.

It was around this point that we started trying to get the girls together for a group picture, but Bella was leading Jasmine on a merry chase back and forth hiding behind the curtains. Aladdin took over chasing Bella (and Maddie), while D took the opportunity to tell Jasmine how pretty she was and Jasmine helped fix her ears.


I think it was at that point that Jeanna and Amanda stepped in to help wrangle the girls out of the curtain. D seized the opportunity for her own photo op.

Jasmine showed her that pose

Jasmine showed her that pose

Then Maddie came over to cuddle Aladdin and D threw ALL THE SIDE-EYE at Maddie (btw, didn't catch this until I looked at the pictures, oh my god!).

I didn't really have the heart to tell her that Aladdin was already spoken for. Jasmine, bless her, seems to share well with Aladdin's adoring fangirls.

Since we so infrequently are able to get everybody all together, we wandered back to future world to grab a group photo at the Visa Character Spot. 

I love all of these people

I love all of these people

Bella and family called it a day at that point. We had planned to head out, too, but then Maddie started making her puppy dog eyes at Ian. They were planning to go over to Hollywood Studios to have dinner and cheer on Chris at the dance party.  We are suckers, and hopped into the car to head over. 3 parks, 2 days. A lot for us.

Maddie has a digital camera that I think she got for Christmas. What you are about to see, I swear, happened with no parental prompting.

Yup. Fashion shoot. Complete with Maddie shouting encouraging "Oh, yes! Good! Aww dat one is perfect! Yes so cute!"

Dance Party. At first, the girls were both being pretty dramatic, taking turns telling each other that they wanted to be alone and not dance with each other. D kept pouting, watching Maddie's twirling dress. *sigh* D, would you like to change into a skirt so you can twirl?

Problem solved. They started dancing with some other kids, then Mr. Chris and Meg joined us.

Meg stayed with us as we went to grab a bite at Fairfax. SO CROWDED. It was hard enough to get food at Hollywood Studios before all this construction, now it's an exercise in patience. D really wanted to stay, but Amanda and Maddie had an early morning so we said our goodbyes and called it a day/ night/ weekend.

There you have it. Jam-packed Disney weekend. We've promised ourselves only ONE Disney day next week. Cause we're adults. Right?

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 156

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 156

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 154

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 154