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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 157 Valentine's Edition

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 157 Valentine's Edition

Achievement unlocked: Big Girl Bed.


Yes, she posed that way all on her own. Getting Daphne to eat anything for dinner that isn't frozen chicken nuggets or Easy Mac is still a battle, but look at what a dainty and efficient job she did at helping me to shred chicken.

She crosses her legs, like, all the time. Who is this little lady?? Speaking of Lady...

I wanted Daphne to have a special outfit for Valentine's Day at Disney. When I think of the most romantic scene is Disney history, I immediately go to the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp (No? Just me?). So Daphne got a Lady dress. And fur mittens and leg warmers. Like a tiny raver. I shot the outfit early to get special Valentine's printed that said "I Woof You" for her school "Friendship Party" and for our treat bags to hand out at Disney. I made baggies of Valentine's (pink and white) "Puppy Chow" with M&M's.  POWDERED SUGAR EVERYWHERE. And little pawprints on the treat bag.  I'm feeling so crafty, y'all.

We'd originally just planned to do Valentine's Day itself at MK and have a low-key Saturday. President's Day / Valentine's weekends are brutal for crowds, and we didn't want to over-exert ourselves. Ahhh, the best laid plans... Found out that the "rare characters" being paraded out for the holiday would be at Animal Kingdom instead of Epcot or MK... so... alright. AK Saturday morning it is. We'd planned to get there around 15 minutes before the first set of rare characters meeting. That didn't quite happen. We ran a tiny bit late. Our friends were trying to hold a spot in line for us so we literally ran from the parking lot to Character Landing. Still didn't quite make the first set, but only waited maybe 20 minutes. Not too bad, considering we got to see this guy...

Ian and I had been quoting the SNL skit so frequently that week, even Daphne was calling him "JOHHHHHHHHHHHHHN SMIIIIIIIIIIITH." (What am I talking about??). I'm pretty sure Daphne's favorite part was the unexpected round of applause for her twirling skills from the line of people waiting.

Also check out the return of Daphne's side-eye for Maddie's poses. You can probably guess what our next stop would be, based on Daphne's outfit. As further proof of the progress Daphne has made with previous shyness, our time with Tarzan and Jane was pretty flawless (although Daphne was disappointed Terk wasn't with them). 

Maddie was QUITE taken with Tarzan. Daphne gave him a hug, but would not do his little fist bump thing.  D was also sad she didn't have Jane's hat (it's the first thing she said to Jane when Jane mentioned they were twinning. LORD my child and and attention to detail, so help me).

D had refused to believe me when I was putting the spats on, that Jane had those. The spats are for her trolley costume, but they pull perfect double duty.  D made me show her a picture of Jane's outfit to prove she also wore spats. I'm not kidding. 

D was the most excited about the third of the special couples we were planning to meet that day.  Not only did we have Valentine's treats for Flik and Princess Atta, we'd also made a special bag of seeds for Atta and a rock for Flik that D put her name on for him. This was, by far, the silliest and sweetest meet we had all day.

Daphne just could not keep it together once she got a good luck and their bouncing thoraxes. But don't take my word for it...

Amanda and Maddie had to call it a day, but we'd heard from some friends that they were also in the park so we stopped by Harambe market to say hello.

D. Loves. Babies. She took little Maisie through some bouncing aerobics at her chair. At Daphne's demand, we took her to watch Festival of the Lion King before calling it a day.


It was still relatively early so we stopped in to Swine & Son for lunch. Cask & Larder was having a little beer festival with a bunch of Ian's clients, so we said hello. Daphne looked for more rocks for Flik.

We headed home at that point. D got to spend the evening at home with Grandpa Bobo (she made him watch Home), and the hubby and I got to have a date night at Club Villain. That write up is coming soon, but I will mention that Maleficent asked about Daphne and wanted to know why she didn't come with us. Gahhhh alright. I guess I'll book another trip in March with the kiddo.

Isn't she perfect??

Isn't she perfect??

Sunday morning bright and early we hit the road. We managed to make it into the park close to 9 before major crowds and immediately ran into Mellie as well as Amanda and Maddie.

Also in perfect timing, the trolley show was making its way down the street.

D got to hand out treats to all her trolley friends, and Taylor even stayed to hang out with the girls for a while. They made puppy sounds together, twirled, and when the girls suggesting going up the stairs of the train station? Up they went...

The girls led Taylor and I on a merry chase around the station, but she somehow manages to run and be more graceful than me even in a full petticoat and heels. I'm pretty convinced she's a secret descendant of Grace Kelly. Finally managed to get the girls to let Taylor go find the rest of the Trolley kids.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love these two?

Given Maddie's ensemble a trip to the Mad Tea Party was in the cards. We were very surprised to see a special duo out doing meets.

I honestly didn't know how D would react to the Tweedles (they're pretty weird looking, honestly), but she LOVED them. They're pretty funny, after all. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given her predilection for Russel from Up. 

Tweedle Dum picking his nose and wiping it on his shirt: GOLD.   Caught a Dream Along show in the hub on our way back to hit up the Neverland Map (D actually ASKED to see Peter Pan!). However we got an incredibly welcome surprise

Wendy almost never does meets, pretty much only at the Christmas party, and we'd missed her this past year.

Wendy was FANTASTIC. She played hide and seek with the girls. TWICE. We ran into D's favorite prince and dance partner, Chris.

I'll have you know she ran right up, hugged him, and waited a full 10 seconds before asking him to do the lift again. We watched Philharmagic, then moseyed through Adventureland. Said HaygurlHay to the silliest baboon.

pic by Amanda

pic by Amanda

Lauren found us and we got to introduce her to the gloriousness that is the Enchanted Tiki Room.

pic by Amanda

pic by Amanda

(Can you tell the girls were getting a little cuckoo?) Headed back to the hub and caught a Move It Shake It party. Phineas and Ferb played with the girls, and D participated more than she ever has before (although for the line dances/ choreography she opted out and did her own thing, surprise surprise).

Hung out with some friends on the hub grass for a bit. The girls practiced their Dream Along choreo and poses along with the show.

Mary Poppins came out with her Penguin for meets. Mary, I apologize for my child, who clearly wants to run off with your umbrella.

Finally, though there was still a lot of time, we opted to stake out our prime real estate for Festival of Fantasy (IN THE SHADE) nice and early due to the holiday crowds.  This was the right decision.  We took over most of the space under the train station. Thank goodness, the girls found ways to entertain themselves while they waited. A PAC cast member led a huge group of kids in a round of "Duck, Duck, Donald Duck" (D didn't quite understand what she was supposed to do).

We spent our last hours with Brooke (she's shipping off for several months to work for Disney Cruise Line!) with D enlisting her to be "Prince Phillip."

Ian got in a quick workout.

At last the trumpets blared and the parade began.

Making such wonderful friends at WDW has the downside of many of these friends eventually making their way back to wherever they call home, or finding a more long term career option inevitably far away. Brooke, Molly and her mom, they will all be leaving us in short order. But as Mickey says, it's not goodbye; it's "See Ya Real Soon."

We left after the parade to meet up with some of Ian's family who were in town for a convention. We had dinner with Ian's mom, Aunt, Sister, and of course, cousin Aria. D got to eat macaroni and cheese and an applesauce, so she was stoked.

The place played a lot of loud music, prompting many toddler dance parties as well.

So there you have it: the reason I could barely walk Monday. I think it was the Saturday double dip, especially that awkward run into Animal Kingdom that did me in. Happy Valentine's Day!

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