Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 199

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 199


This weekend was bananas. Ba. Na. Nas. Saturday we got to go to Universal Studios with friends.  But first, D needed to tuck Ludo into her bed and hold his attention with a piece of cereal.

Since D was barely 2 the last time we went to Universal (briefly during the soft opening of Diagon Alley), I was pretty sure she wouldn't remember anything about it. I was wrong. "Mommy, we been here before." Yeah? What do you remember? "We go through the shops. And on the train." Yup. She remembers Diagon Alley.  I'll be darned.

We met up with Mellie and Bella's family outside of Islands of Adventure.  We got to do the Seuss and Friends character breakfast.  May not be the well-oiled machine of Disney character dining, but it was pretty fun, nevertheless.

Daphne really liked all the citizens of Whoville that were wandering around. We got some food. D nibbled on bacon and a doughnut, but mostly she was just staring at the total stimulus overload that was the Circus McGurkus, plus the characters, plus Whovian carolers, plus Whovians...

The Cat in the Hat was the first to come to the table.  MOMMY I KNOW HIM! BUT I DON'T HAVE HIS BOOK.  We brought some ribbon-wrapped candy canes to hand out, and it was a perfect ice breaker for her.  Particularly with the Grinch, who she pretended to be shy around for all of 3 seconds.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 stopped by. D got one of her group hugs in.

In the "not super organized" category, Sam-I-Am was walking around on the other side of the restaurant but never quite made his way to us.  We were packing up to leave and D said, "Mommy... I didn't get to meet all the critters...." Yes. Critters. Her word.

We rode the Sneetches ride and then got into the massive line to see the next showing of Grinchmas. Got there more than 30 minutes before the start and barely made it in! VERY popular show.

It's charming. D was very into it.  Although in the car ride she was telling me that presents are what Christmas is all about, so I have a feeling she might have missed the point.

Did the Cat in the Hat ride (thanks for the picture, Mellie).  Exiting through the gift shop, lots of the performers from Grinchmas were inside the shop, and the girls had a ball hanging out with them.  D showed them ALL the named key chains (none of which had her name).

Ian was really excited to take D to Marvel Island, since she's been watching some of the Avengers movies.  We got there right when a bunch of the characters were pulling up on their 4-wheelers. Perfect timing.  D gave a flat NO to Wolverine, but beelined for Storm and Rogue. 

D had googoo eyes for Storm.  I approve. Wolverine and Cyclops may have gotten shot down, but D was willing to go see Captain America (who seems to be her favorite Avenger other than the Hulk).  He even got a hug with his candy cane.

We continued to meander through the islands.  D was pretty interested in the Jurassic Park area.  We got in line to do the Raptor Encounter.  I know grown adults who are afraid of doing this, but D was on board.  Heck, you can tell how nervous it made me by how high pitched my voice is during this video. 

Seriously, Four Stars for Raptor Encounter.  It's really awesome.  If you can't tell, the part where my voice gets really high pitched and I say "Oh my!!" was when she was sniffing my hair.  Hogsmeade was next.  We bout dat butterbeer life.

D actually did a very good job of sharing as we waited in line for Flight of the Hippogriff. Which she loved. Made our way to Universal Studios next.  I thought we'd beeline for the Minions ride, but D saw Hello Kitty...

I think Hello Kitty might have been D's favorite.  She kept petting her arm.  There was a massive line for Minions, but if you do the stationary version there's a separate line you can hop into that was only 5 minutes.  Uh, yeah. We'll do that.

The girls got to meet Vector and one of the Minions on the way out of the ride, too!

Jeanna treated the girls to Minions of their own, which they played with while we held a spot for the parade while dinner was grabbed from Mel's. I was only slightly bummed that the spongebob parade wasn't happening in favor of the Macy's parade for the holidays (I wanted to wave to Squidward).

It was getting late so Bella's family called it a day, but I wanted a quick turn through Diagon Alley with the kiddo.  Her favorite was the Pet Store.  She went straight for the snake.  She told me she wanted the snake for Christmas.  This is how I know my child is a Slytherin.

That was when we called it a night.  It was a long but wonderful day with friends and such a fun change of pace. 

Ian made us breakfast Sunday, and we had a leisurely start to our day. Eventually made our way to Hollywood Studios and met up with Amanda and Maddie. Poor Ian, Amanda wanted to go straight to Beauty and the Beast Live to see the sign language interpreters. 

Used FastPass for Great Movie Ride, which apparently Daphne wants to ride again now after her brief hiatus of it being too loud.

We went to the commissary to get our favorite Asian Chicken salad, only to find it had been removed from the menu. BOOOO HIISSSSS. Over to Sunset I suppose. At least I got to capture this magical impromptu moment with the girls listening to Christmas music on Amanda's phone.

Stopped into Launch Bay to pop bubbles with the Jawas.

I wanted to surprise Daphne with Moana being at studios to visit with now, so we headed to One Man's Dream.  She figured it all out really quickly, and she was really excited to watch the preview again despite already seeing the movie twice. We were thrilled that one of our favorite blueberries, Magic Mike, was handling Moana's line. He promptly showered the girls with stickers.

The wait was very reasonable, looked like it hovered around 20-30 minutes most of the day. They started jamming out the soundtrack in the room when we were almost up, too, so that was great. D was showing me her hula dance in line, but of course absolutely refused to show Moana.

So I said I'd show them my shiny crab dance, and Daphne almost tackled me to keep me from doing it.  The girls were both a bit moody and tired so we left relatively early (over Daphne's extensive protestations). 

We have family visiting from out of town next weekend, and Ian has multiple out of town work events.  I'll sleep in January.



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