Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 200

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 200

It was definitely a week of challenges.  Ups and downs.  First challenge: Ian was out of town on a work trip for 3 days.  In a week where Daphne has recently been... what's the nice way to say it... asserting her independence?  Sometimes it's fun and harmless, like letting her pick her outfit for school.

Other times it's long and repetitive talks trying to get your kid to maintain eye contact with you while you talk to her about the importance of listening to others while she insists her "brain can't listen."  Send help.  Or Liquor. Or both.

She discovered one of my sleep masks and has been obsessing over it. My dad and Stepmom were coming down starting Thursday for a visit, and I had a house to clean.  Thankfully, D was up for helping.  Handed her some lysol cleaning wipes and turned her loose.

D made an elf hat at school and named herself "Sparkle Elf."  Accurate.

Friday evening we decided to take the grandparents to meet up with Ian at a work event nearby.  We stopped by Blaze pizza for dinner.  D told me she didn't want pizza for dinner. What did she want?

Yes. That's my kid eating a pizza lunchable in a pizza restaurant. SEND LIQUOR. D woke up Saturday with a runny nose, but otherwise looking fine, so we decided to go ahead with our plans to take the grandparents to Epcot.  We got to the park around 9:15 but got a great parking space.  Managed to go back to Soarin' and have a MAYBE 10 minute wait.  Grandma Deedee was very brave and rode despite her fear of heights.

Lived with the Land.

Took a journey back in time on Spaceship Earth.

D made them do the power game thing that I usually hurry past mumbling that "uh oh there's too much of a line."

Went looking for Nemo and found a manatee eating some romaine.

Finally made our way into the World Showcase.  D really wanted to color and ride the boat in Mexico.  Y'all, the holiday crowds have arrived early this year: there was a huge line for the boat. WTF.

Around the world we went.  Given her outfit, D had to stop and say hi to Belle in France.  She'd brought a book with her: Edward Gorey's the Gashlycrumb Tinies.  I probably wouldn't have let her bring that book if I'd known she'd insist on going through every page of this rather cheekily morbid book with Belle.  Oh well.

Belle seemed to like the book once she got over the initial shock. We took D to do Circlevision in Canada for the first time. She actually really liked it.

Ran into Haley on the way out, but D had already turned into a moody poop when she found out we were leaving the park.  I'm really over this particular behavioral quirk we've seen recently, pitching a fit when we have to leave. It wouldn't matter if we'd been there 2 hours or 20, she'd still be mad that we're leaving Disney. Even though we were just moseying down the road to Disney Springs.

We went to Art Smith's Homecoming for delicious fried chicken. Had to put our name on a wait list, but we got to walk around Springs while we waited and they texted us when the table was ready, so it wasn't much of an inconvenience.  D's runny nose was acting up, she was still moody, and now she was refusing to eat.  Ugh. Boo.  I don't want to deal with my kid being sick again...

D may have had a cold, but after taking some medicine Sunday morning, she insisted she was well enough to accompany everyone out to Titusville so we could show the Grandparents around at Ian's work and get some brunch.

D pretended to be a Disney security guard on the drive over. She inspected my bag and took out all the Disney contraband. O_O

She started out nibbling on doughnuts, was even brave enough to try my breakfast dish and a blackberry.  The blackberry was not a success.  After brunch at Brix Project, Ian gave us a tour of the brewing facilities, too. 

Went home and dealt with epic sick kid bad moods all afternoon.  Ended up doing carryout which D proceeded to not eat.  Had to say goodbye to the grandparents while dealing with grumpy sick kid. Not too sick to go to school Monday, and not too sick to get into trouble and have to have a talk with her about it after.  Like my life feels like a series of repeating myself in serious discussions with my kid, and I have to keep reminding myself that kids go through these behavior cycles early on and that I always reach this point before it gets better... sigh...


I'll sleep in January.



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