Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 195

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 195

Overall? Pretty good week.  Any week that I can get my kid to eat brussels sprouts is a win, right?

We hoofed it down to Magic Kingdom after work Friday to enjoy one of the few Fridays we have left this year without a MVMCP scheduled.  Our first stop was to check out the new holiday finale for Friendship Faire. The park was gloriously empty.

We turned around and caught MISI in the hub.  D got to give Dani a big hug.

But when Dani had to go dance? D wasn't having it. She just wanted to hug and cuddle.

Chris caught up with us as we headed to the Grotto. Ariel got to learn about Lilo & Stitch.

Have you noticed yet that I took the night off from hauling my big camera around? Actually, I took the whole weekend off from my camera.  It's not to say that I don't love taking and editing the photos (I do, trust me), but it was nice not to have a giant heavy bag slung on my shoulder.

Got to see Mellie for the first time in months.  We rode some rides, chowed down at Cosmic Ray's, and enjoyed the incredibly pleasant weather.  We watched Wishes for the first time in Tomorrowland.

We headed to the hub to try to catch the new castle projection show, Once Upon A Time.  About 5 minutes before scheduled show start, it started to mist.  So we ran to the monorails and told ourselves we'd catch it another night.  Just as well, it POURED briefly, most of it we managed to avoid.

Saturday Ian had to work a beer festival, so D and I had a low-key day.  I showed her a few movies she hadn't seen before that I thought she might dig (Ever After, Ella Enchanted). She dressed up.

At some point in the afternoon, D told me to sit down and watch, because she was going to "sing and dance" for me.  Ok. What followed? I don't have adequate words.

Daphne improv'd an extensive show tune.  It started out What Happened to Kids? Then it became What Happened to Trees? What happened to bird houses? What happened to bird seed? On and on and on it went.  Forgive the shaky camera, I was having trouble keeping my reactions in check.  I love this kid. 

Sunday we took the drive to Shady Hills so we could take Grandma Ann to lunch for her birthday and D could meet her Great Grandmother.

We went to Red Lobster. D was very mad that she couldn't have crab to eat.  And she refused to even try the biscuits.  *Sigh*

She did, however, dip her mac and cheese in ketchup. Ian tried not to puke.

We drove back to Orlando to try to catch Maddie & Caylin at Hollywood Studios for a couple hours.  We pulled up at just the right time to catch some other friends out front, too.

Finally got to meet Poca in her new dress. The girls talked extensively about their necklaces and family values. As we were walking away, D looked at me very seriously, "Mommy. Pocahontas dress don't twirl." Like she was so sad for Poca. "Don't worry, kid, twirling dresses aren't super practical for running through the pine trails of the forest or swimming just around the river bend, I don't think she'd want a twirly dress, honestly."

Daphne pulled us to Aladdin and Jasmine's line next.

Jasmine got a lot more attention on this visit. Of course hugs from Big Sister are also necessary. D couldn't understand why she had her cold weather cape on when it was so gorgeous out. 

Headed into the park next and caught up with the girls outside Star Tours. D finally wore her glasses for the whole ride.

Then D wanted to have a photo op on the cruiser thing.  3 girls, one tiny seat, this should be easy...

Maddie & Amanda had to leave, so we guilted Ian into doing Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Uhhh... when did they start making the whole theater rain/mist? I don't remember that. All the fabric seats are moist and smell like old water now and there was water all over me and my purse and my kid.  WHEN DID THIS START???? Caylin and her family said goodbye just as we caught D's best friend Lauren walking by.  We opted to go check out the new Moana extended preview at One Man's Dream. That movie looks so so sooooooo goooood. D immediately wanted to know why Pua wasn't in the preview, though.  Me, too, kid.

We said our goodbyes to Lauren and made our way home at a reasonable hour (even though it was pitch black and D was super confused by that. Ugh. Time changes.)



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