Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 198

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 198

We survived the 4-day-weekend. It was rocky at times, but we made it. 

Yes, that's Daphne's Moana necklace that she barely took off all week.  We drove over to Aunt Vietta's house for Thanksgiving.  D was moody and pretty much refused to eat anything the whole time we were there until it was almost time to leave.  But.. she loved the dog.

When we got home that evening there was still time for us to set up our Christmas tree.  I let D do most of the ornaments.  What's symmetry and balance? Nahhhh...

Then... came Friday.  Daphne woke up a little grumpy and moody, but we decided to get out of the house and do some casual Black Friday shopping (no agenda, just watching he crazies).

Lunch went innocently enough with D scarfing down her black beans and rice. Then we walked over to Old Navy, which D loves.  We picked out outfits to try on together.  Got into the fitting room. D is loving all her clothes. "Ok, D, now pick out your two favorites, and I'll get those for you." Cue. Epic. Spoiled. Brat. Meltdown. Because she wanted all of them.  I was bowled over.  I've never seen this much rage and entitlement from my kid. You could hear her screaming all across the store. I tried talking to her and calming her, and she just continued to escalate. Finally I just scooped her up, apologetically returned all the clothes, and did the march of shame through the staring Black Friday shopping hordes with my tantrum-ing child back out to the car and all the way home.  The tantrum continued most of the ride home.  Ian and I were at a bit of a loss.  At last when she'd calmed down at home, we sat down and had a VERY long talk.  Serious talk. We cancelled the Sea World trip we'd planned for Saturday and let her know she'd have to really pull it together if she wanted to go Sunday.

Saturday morning we stayed around the house.  Told D no TV or movies until she proved she'd taken what we'd said seriously the previous day about her behavior. So... she did.  She played with toys quietly, cleaned up her bedroom and all the other rooms she'd managed to spread her stuff to in the house. She really seemed to be taking us seriously.  Ian had to go to a work event that afternoon, so I asked her if she'd like to go to a movie together (mostly I was interested in testing this behavior in public). Oh yes, she would. And please, can we go see...

Viewing #2.  She's pretty obsessed.  It's all she wants to listen to in the car (and she knows almost all the words to the songs at this point). For my part, I liked the movie even more this time and was able to pick up on some more writing elements that I'd missed the first viewing. The movie got out pretty early, so I offered to take D to Target and walk around.  This would DEFINITELY be a test.

She got right into the shopping cart, no arguments.  All "Thank you, Mommy" and "Yes, please, Mommy." We walked through the toy section, and I told her she could let me know what stuff she might be interested in getting for Christmas from Santa if she continued to behave well (did I mention we played the Santa card during our long talk Saturday? Anything to get her to listen at this point.). We walked around. She let me shop for a couple of things that I needed.  She got to buy NOTHING, but she didn't complain or whine. Honestly, most of the time she was just ENDLESSLY rehashing the plot of Moana in minute detail.  We decided to stop at Bubbalou's for dinner on the way home, since she'd apparently liked it so much with Daddy.

She ordered mac and cheese. Then proceeded to POUR BBQ SAUCE ON IT.  Repeatedly.  She's cover the top, eat the top layer, then add more. And more. Ew.

Sunday we decided D could have her trip to Sea World, since she'd been so good the day before. But first, Ian wanted another stab at some Black Friday savings so we hit up the outlets.  While Ian took advantage of some massive sales, I walked D up to the Toy Store outlet.  She beelined for... one guess...

"Mommy, I need a boat. A canoe.  For my tsumtsums." Noted.  On to Sea World. Where you wanna go first, kid?

Daphne also got to see some family having Dolphin interactions. I told her she needed to learn to swim first (my policy, not Sea World's).

In exciting developments, D's growth spurts have paid off, and she's finally tall enough for the 42" rides at Sea World.  We did Atlantis first, which she almost chickened out on at the last minute.  She said she didn't like it.  But not because of the drop, because of the "spooky green eye monster."

Had lunch at the BBQ place.  D actually ate a hot dog. With ketchup AND mustard.  Then we tried to go on the Penguin ride.  YET AGAIN it broke down as soon as we got to the loading room. We are cursed.  Oh well. D mostly just wanted to see the penguins anyway.

Our next stop I was super excited about: Elmo's Christmas Wish.  We loved the Halloween show, so I was definitely ready for this one.  What I had not emotionally prepared myself for was that this show would feature Grover and Cookie Monster, two of my childhood favorites.  And Cookie sang my favorite Christmas Song.  About cookies. 

D got the opportunity to stay and meet the cast again, and she was over the moon. Huge thanks (again!!!) to the management and cast at Sea World for making this happen. I about lost it when Cookie Monster walked up, and I think he sensed it, because he grabbed me in a big hug and tasted my hair to see if it might be cookies. 

Zoe pulled D up for a picture on stage again.  D wouldn't leave until she gave EVERYBODY a kiss. At one point Cookie sort of fell over so D initiated a belated tackle hug that, thank goodness, was welcomed.  Such a surreal moment, watching my kid play with some of my childhood favorites.

D knew exactly what she wanted to do next: "I pet the sharks!" (yes, at some point recently, Daphne has spontaneously mastered the "th" sound).

D also got to ride Wild Arctic for the first time.

"Now we go Trick or Treating!"  Uhh... no... no I'm afraid there's no trick or treating at Christmas.  We did take a walk through the Christmas marketplace, and they still had their glorious hot toddies with AP discounts.  We made a beeline for the special character meetings (D was very gung ho about these), and it was apparently very popular.  I went ahead and got in line for Rudolph straight away, but was still about a 40 minute wait (to be clear, we entered when it first opened at 5). So while I held down the fort in the line, Ian took D to meet Bumble.

At last, D got to meet Rudolph and Clarice.  Y'all. If you are planning to go to this, the line for these two is CRAZY.  Plan accordingly.

And finally, Yukon Cornelius.  Ian was a bit beside himself.

We hit the road as the sun went down. Stopped in to Lucky's market on the way home for some dinner.  I can't believe their massive made-to-order sandwiches are $6. Heck yeah.

Monday night I had an evening lecture to do, so Ian and D got to go have dinner with Amanda and Maddie.  Daphne actually ate. And tried to leave the house with Maddie's jewelry.

Our holiday social season continues with a vengeance this coming week. 

I'll sleep in January.



The Weekly Peanut, Issue 199

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 199

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 197

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 197