Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 197

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 197

Thus begins the season of ALL THE THINGS.  Ian's work is picking up in earnest as his brewery goes into distribution, plus the holidays just add infinite plans and things to do over the coming weeks.  January... I'll sleep in January.

Friday night we stopped by Redlight Redlight for the first launch party and tap takeover for Playalinda Brewing.  D found a baby.  She was very happy.

Saturday morning we headed to Epcot for what was sure to be a blissfully peaceful experience, with it being the first weekend after Food and Wine finally came to an end.  Indeed, the park was mostly empty.  Ian and I, for the first time ever, forgot our stroller at home.  Amanda saved the day and brought their spare. 

Daphne loves snapchat filters, btw. We rode Spaceship Earth, met up with Amanda and Maddie, and took Maddie for her first ever trip on Test Track.

Contrary to what this picture would suggest, everybody loved the ride and wanted to ride again. The girls also would have stayed all day jumping in and out of all the display cars and pretending to drive.

We headed up into the relatively empty World Showcase (again, it's a novelty once you get accustomed to fighting the crowds of Food & Wine).  Alice was out in the UK, so that was a mandatory stop.

Daphne declared she wanted to eat in Morocco. So we went.  I got her extra chicken gyro to share.  She refused to eat it. Of course.  But then... she ate Amanda's salad.  What is life?

The girls wanted to ride the Mexico boat, but IT WAS CLOSED.  Ugh. So instead we headed back to Future World to meet up with the Inside Out squad at Headquarters.

Ian had a work event, so we called it a day and headed home.  I told Daphne that Sunday there would be a special surprise for her. "What is it???" Kid, that would defeat the purpose of a surprise...   When I told her the event would be in the evening, she asked, "Mommy, after my surprise, can we go to Hollywood Studios and see the Moana preview again?" Little did she know...

The surprise was that we'd been invited to an early screening and media event for Moana at the Polynesian Village resort.  I didn't tell her this. I surprised her with Moana's light up necklace, but opted for her Lilo dress since it was supposed to be cold.  D saw the dress. "Mommy! We go to the Polynesian?!" Nothing gets past my kid...

(I'll be making a separate post going into more detail about the movie and the experience on the Disney blog part of the site soon). Our first stop once we arrived at the resort was a family dinner at Luau Cove hosted by Disney's team. 

There is an absolutely incredible waiting area outside Luau cove with twinkle lights and tropical plants and benches.  D was in love.  She would have played there all night.

D started to figure out what was going on once she saw the Moana sign up on the stage.  There was a great buffet spread, and D got to have all her favorite beige food.

An ambassador announced that, after dinner, Moana would be coming to meet everybody.  I'd anticipated this possibility, so I'd helped D make some friendship bracelets earlier that day.  D made bracelets for Moana to take back to Maui, Pua, and HeiHei, too.

D was so excited to meet Moana, even not having seen the movie yet.  She's been obsessing over the trailers for months now.  The girls talked necklaces (and bracelets) and pigs and roosters.

We also got to meet Jared Bush (who, in addition to writing Moana, also wrote Zootopia).  I'd planned to go thank him for Judy Hopps, but D promptly monopolized the conversation.  Jared clearly has kids, as he seemed completely unbothered by letting D endlessly correct his pronunciation of tsumtsum (he was right, by the way, Daphne doesn't technically pronounce it the way it's supposed to, but neither do I).

After dinner we got the opportunity to explore one of the new DVC bungalows.  You know, the ones I plan to move into when I win the Powerball.

D made herself right at home. At last we had to go check all our phones and cameras and find our way to our seats for the movie.  I'd packed accordingly: blankets for everyone for one of the coldest nights of the year.

I was mildly concerned about how D would do, what with the movie not even starting until well after her normal bedtime, plus she was so squirrelly at dinner. My worries were unfounded; D curled up and stared raptly at the screen through the entire run time.  Y'all, get ready for this to be the new soundtrack on an infinite loop in your house.  It's pretty great.  The movie is lovely and Moana is another fantastic addition to this roster of Badass Female Disney Leads. 

D was asleep almost before we left the parking lot, curled up under her blanket. 

And now Thanksgiving is looming just over the horizon...

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 198

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 198

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 196

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 196