Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 196

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 196

Friday evening I hightailed it out of work to grab the kid and head down to Hollywood Studios, so we could finally meet up with some friends visiting from Disneyland: Sophie and her mom, Velia.  I've been talking to them for over a year, and we were really excited to finally get these two girls together.  D, for her part, is always excited to make new friends and go to Hollywood Studios.

We caught up with the girls and Mellie in Animation Courtyard, and I took D to change into her outfit.  She and Sophie immediately started playing a vigorous game of hide and seek, but it was so crowded (Veteran's Day weekend, yikes).  We took the girls over to see Jedi Training.

The crowds ended up leading us to just take refuge in launch bay.  They played on the ipads.  Shared crackers.  Gave each other dance lessons.

D took Sophie to trade with her Jawa buddies.  D had rings again, but this time she actually got a toy car in return.

The girls really really wanted to go see Chewbacca, so we got in the rather long line and waited. At least they had their new goodies from the Jawas to distract them.

At last it was our turn, and Chewie and his attendants about lost their minds over Maz and Rey.  It was absolutely adorable. 

Chewie got all the hugs and kisses. Then they whispered secrets in his ear and posed for their pictures. Chewie gave both the girls special cards with codes on them that I hadn't seen before.  Daphne even got in one of her Group Hugs.

Ian arrived around then. Even though D and Sophie had both already seen it, the girls were very eager to go watch the Moana extended preview. Again.

Headed to Sunset to grab some food. Daphne inhaled her pizza and two yogurts.  Goodness, here comes a growth spurt.  After letting the girls run around for a bit, we finally called it a night knowing we'd be waking up early the next day.

BECAUSE DAPPER DAY!!  Dapper Day is an unofficial event at the disney parks that happens twice a year; participants are encouraged to "step out in style." Many people choose to dress in vintage fashion and/or create vintage inspired "DisneyBound" looks (disneybounds are non-costume outfits inspired by the look of disney characters).  I'd been trying to get together a family look, but we ran out of time.  D, of course, had a complete outfit: Genie from Aladdin.  We got to the parks, and D was already acting contrary about taking a picture with us.  The park was also absolutely nuts crowded (between Dapper Day, Veteran's Day weekend, and the last weekend of food and wine, we expected it).  At least our photopass managed to grab this picture.

Rode Spaceship Earth then immediately began our obligatory lap of world showcase.  The crowds were growing by the minute, but some of the food and wine booths weren't too bad yet so we opted to grab a few items we'd missed out on this year (at the Chew, the beef skewer and duck confit and the escargot croissant in France).  Of course, we had to go visit Princess Jasmine in Morocco (Aladdin recently stopped meeting guests at Epcot.  Frowny face). D was more than happy to chat up Jasmine and show off her dapper day ensemble.

D wanted to go on the Donald Duck ride in Mexico, but it had a massive line (that's how crowded it was).  I had managed to snag us some Soarin' fastpasses, though, which we were all quite happy to cash in.

D loved Soarin' but continued being moody, so we decided to flee Epcot before it became even more packed.  Stopped by the outlets on our way home.  D spent 20 minutes organizing a massive display of Star Wars pins. I'm not kidding.

We took advantage of how early it was and decided to go to Pizza Bruno for dinner.  Finally had the epic garlic knots.  I'm still sweating garlic. I have no regrets.

Sunday morning we took the drive out to Titusville to check out Playalinda Brix Project's new brunch offerings.  D was a big fan of the doughnut sampler.  Especially the chocolate ganache.

We came home and took the opportunity to clean the house.  D dove enthusiastically into the project, getting both her bedroom and playroom cleaned in less than the time it took her dad and I to tackle the kitchen and living room. So she got to come with me when I went shopping at Once Upon a Child to pick out a fancy dress for a Christmas Party she has coming up in December.  We found one. 

I have a special surprise for D this weekend.  Stay tuned. ;)


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