Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 194

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 194

Daphne's fever lasted long enough to talk me into taking her to the doctor.  Fortunately not strep, just viral. Unfortunately, it means wait it out. Miss a whole week of school waiting for her to be fever free.  Yay. Blanket Forts.

Elaborate wedding ceremonies for Chewie & Yoda.

It also meant D coming to work with me for one day.

My hat is continually off to single parents; I don't know how anybody could make a week out of school/day care work without a partner to help shoulder the load.

Plus, my partner is pretty darn great.

D's fever broke just in time for a rushed visit to Epcot to say a bittersweet See You Real Soon and spend some time with Mulan in the rain.

D was not on her best behavior this weekend after being cooped up in the house sick for days in a row.  We discovered that D absolutely loves music videos (even if she's indifferent to the music) while Ian and I tried to clean up after the disaster that happens to a house when a kid is home sick for a week.

Saturday night Ian and I got to have a much needed date night thanks to Grandpa Bobo. 

D was still decidedly moody Sunday, so we mostly laid low.  She discovered she loves the curry mustard at Pollo Tropical and will even dip green beans in it.

We decorated pumpkins and watched Beetlejuice to get ready for Halloween.

Daphne was back at school Monday for their Halloween Pajama Party.

Picked her up from school and got her ready to Trick or Treat.  I never got a video of her singing Sarah's song from the movie, so I asked her if she'd come outside and let me get a video of it while we waited for the sun to go down.  D is generally reluctant to perform for the camera, so I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes.

She did it MORE THAN TEN TIMES. She did it for the neighbor. She did it for the dogs. She did it for the sandhill cranes on the lake. She did it for Daddy when he came outside...

At last it was time to hit the streets.  I'm very disappointed in my neighborhood: nobody except our neighbor knew who she was.  COME ON, PARENTS, WHERE WERE YOU IN THE 90'S?? With that said, that house nearby still did it up with the Spooky Decorations.  So proud of my fearless kid, who had zero hesitation to approach.

We made our way back to the house and let D stay up a little longer to hand out candy to other trick or treaters.  She hovered next to the door, desperate for the phone to ring.  We only got a few more.

I was very proud of Daphne Tuesday morning when I asked her to sacrifice most of her candy for me to take to work.  She'd never eat it all, and at most she has one or two pieces a day, so we kept a few handfuls.  No tears, very mature about the whole thing.  Good move, kid.


Happy Halloween, everybody!




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