Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 190

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 190

Amanda and Maddie invited us over for dinner last week.  Daphne very bravely (with much incentivizing, trust me) tried chicken pot pie. And ate (for her) a reasonable amount.  Mostly the girls just hung out and acted silly.

We renewed our Annual Passes, which meant we suddenly had access to the past year's worth of PhotoPass downloads (which promptly crashed our account, leading to us having to delete all our MDE friends so we could even load our page).  Forgive this brief journey down memory lane.

This photo is particularly significant, because this was the last time we got to see our friends, Amy and Liv, back in the spring.  *Drumroll please* THEY'RE COMING BACK THIS WEEK! We can't wait to reunite.

Saturday marked the 45th Anniversary of the opening of Magic Kingdom/ Walt Disney World.  There was a special presentation planned for the morning, but rather than fighting to get to rope drop and dealing with those crowds, I opted to sleep in (relative with this kid), and make our way to the parks at our leisure.  Also, Ian had to work Zwanze day all day in Titusville, so flying solo with the kid for the first time in months also had me cautious.  We'd decided to go to Epcot first to visit Aurora, thinking I'd have an easier job of parking, and then we'd just monorail to MK later, etc.  I forgot about Food & Wine. And the fact that October 1st was also Epcot's 34th Anniversary.  DOH.

This was the backup at the car gate at 11:45 a.m. Ugh.  You won't be seeing a lot of Epcot trips for us until Food & Wine is over, I predict. Hustled from the car all the way back to France to catch Aurora's first set.  We had some special gifts for her, and D's favorite thing is giving presents these days.

We had such a special visit with Aurora. I honestly can't remember D ever hugging and cuddling on a princess so much (except MAYBE Tiana, usually she's just super chatty and playful; Aurora got so many cuddles). The World Showcase was absolutely swarmed with people. We went into the Liberty Inn to grab D some lunch, but there were no tables.  So we hovered over the little decorative historical table near the check out lanes.  I have no shame.  If they didn't want us there, they shouldn't have chairs.  I opted to quickly evacuate us from the World Showcase, but Daphne really wanted to go on a ride. I told her to pick one. Figment. Great. Y'ALL, JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION ACTUALLY HAD A LINE. What is life??

Decided to head to the monorail so we could make it to Magic Kingdom in time for Festival of Fantasy.

The Flik billboard is her favorite thing to point out to people. D had a costume change. She's been asking to wear this costume for months.

We met up with Mary and some friends at our usual FoF spot. D asked to watch/listen to the Jungle Book: Alive with Magic while we waited.  She then proceeded to perform most of the show for our immediate company. I thought I had video, but you're going to have to take my word for it.

The opening notes of the parade sifted through Town Square.  D stood in front of me on the rope. "MOMMY! Just WAIT until until everybody sees my dress! They all going to LOVE it!"  She wasn't wrong.

It was roasty toasty, so D and I opted to escape to Country Bear Jamboree.  How crowded was Magic Kingdom for its 45th Anniversary? Country Bears was packed. As we were leaving, we were originally going to do Tiki Room, but some friends mentioned they were hanging out in the hub grass. I asked D if she wanted to go.  "HUB GRASS?! YAY YAY YAY YAYYYYYY!!!" Bless her. She asks to go play in the hub grass all the time, but it's been SO HOT.

Ran into Cameron on the way to the hub grass, and he decided to join us. Finally met Caylin and her family. Giana, Christine, and other friends came.  The girls played, Daphne PERFORMED Friendship Faire. My kid was on fire Saturday.

A woman came up to D as she was dancing and handed her a pair of custom Minnie ears themed around the Little Mermaid.  How sweet was that? Eventually the party broke up as people went to work or do other things.  In our case we had a date with a Winnie the Pooh FastPass.  D was really disappointed when she found out using the FP meant she wouldn't get to play with all the toys in line. She did, however, find the 7 Dwarfs merchandise in the exit gift shop quite entrancing.

We rode the teacups.  I got this face. 

Definitely my kid

Definitely my kid

She reminded me vividly of her father when she tried to spin the teacups hard enough to make me puke.  Fortunately I can still overpower her. For now. It started to rain. I tucked D into the stroller cover and took out my largely ineffectual umbrella.  We met up with Ado and Eli outside the grotto to go visit the fishy.  Hopefully she wouldn't be too bothered by our soggy states. D had picked out a gift for Ariel: a pumpkin spice candle.  D. Loves. Candles.

It was absolutely pouring when we left the grotto, so D and I took shelter in the Storybook Circus gift shop. With many others.  We camped out near some hats and ate snacks, waiting for the deluge to end so we could make our way to Town Square to see the Electrical Parade one last time.

The rain lightened enough for us to make our way to Town Square. We camped out just outside of the Emporium for the parade and waited for the rain to stop. Some custodial workers were also seeking shelter, and D made friends.  Spencer started asking her about her dress. D went on to recount/act out the entire story of the Little Mermaid. As well as other movies. Spencer then surprised Daphne with her very own Ariel Bubble Wand.  She made pyramids of bubbles and took turns tossing them at the Cast Members, then rinsing them away in the rain.

These awesome CM's played with my kid for upwards of an hour until our last hopes of the parade happening were dashed by the continued lightning. What could have been a long and increasingly disappointing evening, ended up being unexpectedly magical thanks to these three. Spencer, Bethany, and Kevin. Thank you.

Sunday we had Daddy back, and he needed a Disney fix, so we headed down to Hollywood Studios on Daphne's request.  Let her pick her outfit, too. Hit up the Great Movie Ride, then sought shelter from the weather in Launch Bay. D had spent all the time we were getting ready that morning picking out items to trade with the Jawas. Unfortunately when we found the Jawa, she had run out of things to trade.  Daphne was not deterred and decided to just give her a bracelet anyway. And some hugs. And a kiss.

The park was very crowded, but we were able to get into the Disney Visa Character meet to see Kylo pretty quickly.  D was holding my hand nervously while we waited, but once Kylo appeared (I think she was just nervous he would jump out and scare her), she dropped my hand and marched forward just fine all by herself.

Daphne somehow talked Ian into going to see Beauty and the Beast Live.  I like it. D loves it. Ian? Bless him. He did it for us.  Although we were both quite taken with the sign language interpreters, who put on a hell of a show.

Daphne asked to go watch Jedi Training. Only to cheer on the man in black with my child would I melt in the sun. But then something great happened. The temple doors refused to open, and the cast had to start improvising.  Here, I'll let Daphne explain it.

Went to watch Star Wars Fashion Show.

Starbucks for some icy cold refreshments.  Sitting in her stroller holding a cup of water, Daphne suddenly launched herself out of her stroller, dumping her water all over me.  Why? She saw a woman wearing Wicked leggings, and she had to run over to her and tell her how much she liked them. Then she had to clean the counter.

 We let D shop around and check out some of the new Rogue One merchandise.  She was quite taken with a Death Star suitcase.

Sarah caught up with us in the shops and we headed out front to catch a Fantasmic set.  D gave her dance lessons.

Moments later the gates opened.  "Daphne! Come here, child!" The Evil Queen summoned Daphne.

They caught up on beauty and pose tips.  D got a huge case of the giggles.

It was absolutely adorable. I let D decide who she wanted to visit with after that. No surprise she chose her Bayou Big Sister.

And of course, Warrior Woman time with the Hero of China was in order.

At that point most of the rest of the characters had lines, so D went back to the stroller to chill on a bench with Sarah. Storms were looming so we said our goodbyes and headed out. 

It's been such a good week.  D has been incredible. Ian and I are waiting for the other shoe to drop (inevitable, I know), but we're both desperately clinging to the hope that the kid we've had these past few weeks is indicative of who our child is shaping up to be in the long term.

This Hurricane Matthew thing needs to go away, though, we've got plans this week!


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