Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 151

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 151

We ushered in the New Year in style. Mostly. Rather than our usual action-packed New Years of staying in the house and going to bed early, we were invited to a New Year's get together with friends and their small children... followed by going to bed early. Daphne had a ball playing in the bounce house and exploring Maddie's new castle from Santa.

Apologies for the shoddy picture. I took this while the girls were physically shoving me out. No mommies in the castle. We partied hard until around 8, then headed home to turn in for big Magic Kingdom plans the next day.

Generally speaking, Disney (particularly Magic Kingdom) is a nightmare during the Christmas break (crowd-wise), but we'd read that New Year's Day can be pretty calm (bless you, hungover party-goers). Sure enough, we got to the park a little after rope drop and it was DEAD. Ok, not dead, but as empty as I've seen it since early December.  SWEET. We arrived just in time to get D's Anastasia dress on and meet Maddie in Town Square for Trolley.

The girls had too much fun showing the Trolley Kids how to Tremaine. Next up, a magic carpet ride.

Followed by the best Jingle Cruise ever. I was laughing so hard I forgot to get pictures. Skipper Trevor, you are the man. Of course no trip to MK is complete without a visit to our favorite Bayou royalty.

D has no problem going to Prince Naveen whatsoever. It's so great to see how she's come around with males. The girls picked flowers with Tiana, and Naveen got conscripted to put them in the girls' hair, since he doesn't wear gloves.

Daphne also dazzled us all with her many pose/face variations.

Of course no trip with these outfits would be complete without a visit to the Tremaines. Unfortunately Lady T couldn't find her daughters, but our kids proved a worthy substitute. They practiced posing in line.

Lady T did a great job of getting the girls into a good pose for the new Tremaine Family Portrait.

Up next was a first for us: Woody and Jessie. I'd only taken Daphne to meet Woody one time at Hollywood Studios, and she'd wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't even know how to find their meet in Frontierland, Amanda had to show me. I'm so glad I did. It was one of the funniest interactions. D went to Woody and Jessie with no hesitation, giving out candy canes and ornaments. While Jessie started trying out Tremaine poses, Woody started dressing himself up as a Christmas Tree. And brushing his teeth with the candy cane. Totally ludicrous and way too much fun.

We strolled through Castle Couture on our way to Main Street to grab a spot for noon parade. Ran into Sir Stirling and a Royal Maiden. D helped him keep from making some very tragic fashion choices.

While I held down our favorite spot for parade in Town Square, the girls went shopping in the Emporium with daddy and Amanda. Absolutely no fun was had, darling.

First Festival of Fantasy Parade of the New Year. I missed it more than I thought.

We heard that Lady T had finally found her daughters, so of course we had to go back. This time the girls got lessons in forced perspective from Lady T (she invented Physics, don't you know?).

And the girls posed for all the family portraits and actual hugs from Drizzy and Anastasia. The sisters wanted to know how Daphne's butt flouf worked, so she happily hiked up her skirt to show them (this, dear readers, is why my kid where's shorts or pants under every dress. No exceptions.).

Finally both the girls got kisses from Driz and we said farewell to our favorite family.


Philharmagic selfies.

Our last stop of our magical New Year's Day was the grotto. I had a long talk with D about NOT molesting Ariel's shells.

She still grabbed them. She also continued slapping her forehead all day. Ariel thought it was pretty funny, at least. We said goodbye to our friends and Magic Kingdom, knowing we'd be back THE NEXT DAY, because we are crazy. Later that night some friends of ours were having people over for food. D entertained herself with a pilates ball.

The weather FINALLY got (Florida) cold Friday night. Saturday was cool enough for D to finally take her Bing Bong costume out for another spin at the parks. She was THRILLED, but also really disappointed that I didn't turn her hair pink this time.

Saturday was supposed to get pretty crowded again, so we had Fast Passes booked and low expectations for what we'd accomplish overall.  Like a ride on Haunted Mansion and a quick and easy spin on the carousel.

Cast members LOVE Bing Bong. Kris, a Fantasyland cast member, saw us in line for carousel and flipped. As we were getting off the carousel, she walked up to Daphne and asked if she'd like to visit her friends in the hall, who love imagination.

Yup, Kris took us to see the Frozen sisters. D hadn't seen them in ages (dem lines, dem sold out fastpasses, it's been months), and was SO excited.

Bing Bong must have melted Elsa's frozen heart, because she was very animated (hyuk) and had all kinds of fun conversations with Daphne about Olaf. When Daphne told Elsa she had her dress, Elsa said that Olaf snuck into her room and tried to wear her dress once. Now THAT I want to see.

Anna came over to walk D to her side of the room. She asked D if she twirled. DOES MY DAUGHTER TWIRL??

"Oh gosh! Let's join hands and twirl together!" Ah, my daughter's favorite princess activity, how did you know, Anna?

All the giggles.

We said goodbye and thanks to Kris and headed over to use our Seven Dwarves Mine Train fastpass. D has been asking to go on it every time we go, and FINALLY I nailed us FP.  She LOVES it.

We had a Christmas gift for Lady Tremaine, and she was flying solo over at the wall. D made more cast member friends in line.

I don't even know where to start with the wonderfulness of this Lady Tremaine meet. It started with her squinting at Bing Bong, thinking maybe in the recesses of her mind, Daphne was familiar to her. Perhaps from her childhood. "Lady T, I didn't think you had a childhood." "Of course I did. Briefly. It wasn't that long ago, I'm only 14, you know!"

Lady T opened her gifts next. She was very excited to have her very own Lucifer tsum to have with her all the time.

Then she opened her Maleficent necklace. "MY FAVORITE BABYSITTER!" D wanted her to put it on, but after several arched eyebrows at D's attempt to get it over her hood, Lady T came up with an alternative.

Ian has video of all this, but I haven't gotten it from him yet. Next she gave Lady T obligatory awkward hugs.

D then turned around and plopped down into Lady T's lap for pictures. "And now I'm furniture!"

We love you, Lady Tremaine.

Ran into Molly, Amanda, and Rachel watching Festival of Fantasy. Molly borrowed my shades for the parade. After we all meandered up to give driveby hugs to our favorite frogs (so quick I didn't have my phone or camera out), before heading back to the hall to visit Cindy and Punz. 

There was glove talk, twirls, and hugs of course.

For Rapunzel it was all the compliments. First they talked about eye color, but then D just wanted to tell her "I like your hair. I like your flowers. I like dis thing. I like your dress." The crowds were definitely picking up as we exited the hall, so we opted to sneak out before the second parade to avoid the mass exodus lines for the monorail. D asked if we could eat at "Da Chicken Place" so we headed to The Coop.

Where she did not eat chicken. Sunday was our recovery day. Daphne crept into our room bright and early. "Mommy. Psst. Mommy. I watch Singin' in the Rain?" I don't think anything could have gotten me out of bed faster than that statement.

Went to Cask & Larder for lunch. It'd been ages (for me anyway).

D's favorite thing to do right now is help me cook. Sunday night I set her up with a sturdy chair and she helped me make a cabbage meat pie.

While it was baking, I put a movie on that I'm very fond of, but never in a million years did I think it would hold D's attention. I was wrong.

D loves dance. LOVES it. Lord help me, looks like dance class is in my future.



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