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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 154

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 154

After our success with Singin' in the Rain, I've been trying to expand Daphne's musical horizons. This week's venture was West Side Story. Her reception was lukewarm until, predictably, the Narcissistic Anthem came on.

She made me rewind it and play it back several times before I finally insisted we move forward. She was also very fond of all the dancing scenes at the ball and the "America" number. She scolded the boys when they tried to fight. Need to get my hands on Oklahoma!

Saturday we took a trip over to Brooksville to visit with Ian's family. Daphne got her first ever manicure from Aunt Shelley.

Went off roading...

and serenaded us all with an unplugged version of Twinkle Twinkle.

We'd originally planned to go to Animal Kingdom Sunday morning, but then it turned out a bunch of our friends would be going to Hollywood Studios in the evening. D was on her best behavior all morning. She had a tea party with Daddy (he wasn't allowed to drink the tea). We ran to Target to get D some winter wear (gloves) and she checked out the new Hasbro Disney dolls (she REALLY wanted the Mulan, I told her and I told her she REALLY needed to wait for her birthday. She asks me every day if it's her birthday yet.)

She even went to her room for nap time with no fuss (she didn't actually nap, but she did lie quietly in her room which is progress). Finally made it to Hollywood Studios and ran into Ashlyn in line. First mission of the day? Redemption with Mike & Sulley.

Mission... partially accomplished. She told me over and over how excited she was to see them and how she wanted to meet them, but she still insisted I walk up with her while she clung to my hand. She gave Sulley a high-five but was having NONE of Mike. She agreed to stand and have her picture taken, and when we went to leave she gave Sulley a hug. I asked if Mike could have a hug. NO. Poor Mike. He even turned around and pouted sadly against the wall. Zero cares were given to poor, hugless Mike Wazowski. Oh well. We've still got a little while before the Monsters are kicked out in April. Maybe we'll still be able to achieve full redemption.

Took a stroll over to the courtyard to visit Meg on her break.

Safely escorted Minnie through her throngs of adoring fans to her meeting spot.

And of course, reunited with Jake ("Mommy, I need to go see my boyfriend!"). It's a good thing Jake is always so excited to see her, too, otherwise the incredibly extensive hugging could get awkward.

Remind me not to try to photograph character meets in the mid afternoon in Animation Courtyard. That combo of direct sunlight and shade is brutal. At that point we were on a mission to try to catch the Fantasmic character meeting op (since it moved we've managed to miss it or have it be cancelled for weather or something every time we've tried).  We got to the new spot and found Mellie waiting for us. Then we waited together. Daphne's jeans are apparently too big on her because they continually slid down until she looked like a teenage boy with her saggy pants. At last the gate opened...



D was very excited to see the Blue guy. A vast improvement over the only other opportunity we had to meet him. Aladdin was mostly ignored in favor of Genie cuddles.

D saw Tiana come out and said she wanted to visit with her, but knowing D's tendency to monopolize time with our favorite froggy princess, I suggested she go visit anyone else at the meet that she also wanted to see first so she could take her time with Tiana. D beelined for Snow.

Hair Talk

Hair Talk

D wanted to meet the Evil Queen. She was a little quiet about it. She gave her a long look. In the past, the queen has been quick to embrace D, despite her evil ways. This time, the queen pointed at D imperiously and gestured her over. D did not clutch my hand or get shy; she marched right up to the queen and blew me away when she remembered the special (NO SMILING!) arms crossed pose the queen taught her LAST FEBRUARY. 

Mary Poppins had a short line and I hopped into it for us. We saw Brer Fox standing all by himself. Kids never know who he is. "D, you want to go see Brer Fox?" Nope. We waited in our line. D looked at Brer again, standing all alone. Then she charged him.

Brer Fox got the biggest hug of the day (aside from Meg and Jake, maybe). D scrambled back over to me just in time to meet the World's Greatest Nanny.

They talked fowl ("Do you know what my friend is here?" "Birdie"), tried to teach D how to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backward, and Mary shared her umbrella with D, who looked rather shiftily like she might run off with it. As we were walking away she declared "MARY! I LIKE YOUR DRESS! MOMMY GOING TO GET ME YOUR DRESS!" There was still practically no one around, so I allowed D to monopolize Tiana for a while.

Guys. No, really. When did D grow up? I can't. This picture.

And a quick Howdy to Miss Mouse before heading in to use a FastPass. Minnie got an inordinate amount of kisses.

Daphne recently crossed the 40" threshold, opening her up to a whole new set of rides. Last time we did Test Track at Epcot, this time it was Star Tours. D declared she wants to do Tower of Terror, but... I'm a little hesitant after my friend, Jackie's, horror story of her little girl's first time. We'll see. Either way I really really want Disney to get their height sticks to be more consistent, because D was PLENTY big with room to spare at Test Track, but it was downright close at Star Tours. I honestly wouldn't have blamed the attendant if she'd opted to turn us away.

She didn't. And D loved Star Tours. Even kept the glasses on the whole time. We got to meet up with Amanda and Maddie in the main courtyard to sample the Adventure Happens Here Dance Party. The girls missed each other, clearly.

Daphne got to dance with some rare characters, too!

Brooke helped out when D lost a shoe.

And D got to play with Mr. Chris on his first night as a "Party Activator."

We bundled up as the sun went down and made our way to Fantasmic (D insists it is called FantasTIC) with Mellie. D waved at her favorites.

We got to our car just as the nightly fireworks were starting. It was a pretty good view, so we hung out waiting for the car to warm up for a few minutes before heading home.

There it is. D's biggest behavior problem area right now is food, so keep your fingers crossed she decides to eat the dinners I cook this week, so we don't have to have a massive battle of wills that results in her losing her Disney privileges this weekend.

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