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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 136

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 136

I had this entry 90% done and lost it. It's never as good when you have to go back and rewrite from scratch. Grrr. Saturday we had a wonderful day with Grandpa BoBo, Aunt Shelley, and cousin Aria.  Grandpa Bobo brought Daphne a fishing rod as a belated birthday gift and the girls went out and fished in our pond. We grilled (Daphne ate a cheeseburger!), they played, we swam, and a really wonderful day was had by all. Daphne had no problem sleeping that night.

Our friends from the U.K., Amy & Liv, are back in town. We reunited the girls at Hollywood Studios on Sunday.  Thick as thieves, instantly. 


We met up with Bella and her family, too, for Disney Junior show fun. At this point these people all feel like family. The girls seem to think so, too, as evidenced by their hopping from lap to lap. I snuck a selfie with Bella.

The girls decided to visit Doc McStuffins next. One of my favorite parts of doing Disney with friends for D is how they can entertain each other while waiting in lines. 

Sometimes meeting a character with multiple toddlers at once can mean bedlam, but the girls were reasonably calm. There was hugging, dancing, kissing (or, in Bella's case, refusal to be involved. I'm quite familiar with THAT toddler move, thank you very much). 

Next was a long overdue reunion with Daphne's boyfriend, Jake. Bella opted out, but Daphne shared some hugs with Liv.

Then D started getting all coy and shy and giggly. Lord help me. Daphne would have stayed there all day cuddling Jake.

Don't feel too bad, Liv. I feel like a third wheel with Jake & Daphne, too.


Bella's family split off for lunch. We let the girls run amok on some stairs. For close to an hour. Not kidding. They were thrilled. We got back together to go to the Frozen Singalong. 

Wardrobe change! It's been ages since we were at Hollywood Studios, so we were finally able to debut D's Tower of Terror Bellhop costume.

Daphne offered to share her bracelets with Bella while the girls shopped for a little bit, killing time before trying to catch a Characterpalooza. 


We headed over toward the Tower of Terror gift shop to wait on Characterpalooza. D ran into some new friends. 

Then the girls pretty much ran around in circles. Again, it is glorious to have other kids to play with when trying to kill time at the parks. 

Daddy was the hero of the day, BTW

Daddy was the hero of the day, BTW

At last the gates opened.  There were only a few characters out, but one of them was Pinocchio (one of Liv's favorites whom she didn't get to meet last time, so I was overjoyed for them). D beelined for Minnie Mouse. Whom she proceeded to tackle. To the ground. Not kidding. Mortified parent, giggling toddler. No, kid, this is not football. Thankfully no one was harmed. 

D got to see Donald Duck in his original outfit, which is a treat (he doesn't wear it at any of his set meets in the parks). He was so fluffy, I was rather enthralled. 

Liv had finished meeting Pinocchio, so we made our last stop a group outing for our favorite little blue alien. It has been far too long since we had a meeting with Stitch. Stitch took these two crazy kiddo in stride, not missing a beat when Daphne pretended to faint dead away in his arms after a kiss. 

Stitch kisses make Daphne weak in the knees, apparently

Stitch kisses make Daphne weak in the knees, apparently

At that point we called it a day, worn out from our very active weekend. Group hugs.


D barely made it out of the parking lot. 


Liv and Amy are still in town through next weekend, so more Disney hijinks are sure to ensue. Tuesday night we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but I've got almost 800 photos to pick over and edit, so expect that to maybe get its very own post later this week. 

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