Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 129

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 129

Remember that house we were buying? The one we got the inspection and appraisal done on? The one we were due to close on this Friday? Yeah... that's not happening now. It's currently mapped in a high risk flood zone. But I'm not freaking out about this.  No, really. I'M TOTALLY FINE. So, back to the house hunt we go...

That ceiling fan was, seriously, about to fall down any minute

That ceiling fan was, seriously, about to fall down any minute

Everything is awful. Dozens of houses pop up while we have one under contract. We're looking again and the choices are beyond uninspiring. I'M TOTALLY OK WITH THIS. 

Ian's cousin, David, came to visit Saturday. He helped entertain Daphne while we looked at awful houses and joined us for a tasty breakfast at The Coop (D is happy anywhere she can get scrambled eggs these days).

Grocery store pitstop. Any opportunity to Sissy That Walk.

David hadn't gotten a chance to see Inside Out yet, so we took a rainy day field trip to the movie theater.  Daphne was VERY excited. She was a perfect angel the whole time during the film, she asked for food once but forgot about it right away, went right back to being totally hypnotized by the film. She didn't even want to leave the theater when the credits started rolling. We walked her out of the theater and I tried to get her to go to the bathroom.  Oh, hello mood swing. "MOMMY NO! I NO GO POTTY! [takes a swing] I. DON'T. LOVE. YOU." Oh... oh great. This is our game. Cue epic meltdown. Screaming. All the way to the car. I kept asking her what was wrong and she kept saying something about the movie theater and going to the movie again. Finally, the most coherent statement...

Yup. She's mad that the movie is over. All this. Because the movie ended. Because it's not on an endless loop in front of her face. This is the kind of stuff there's no preparing yourself for when you become a parent. 

Sunday morning. After the emotional rollercoaster week, I wasn't going to push for a Disney day. Ian surprised me by not only wanting one, but choosing (of all places) Hollywood Studios (definitely our least favorite park, particularly since so much of it is shut down right now). On the other hand, we'd yet to let the kiddo experience Frozen Summer Fun, so off we went. It was overcast, but it was keeping the temperature remarkably pleasant (I kept saying "wait this is August?").  We started off the day by taking Ian for his first ever viewing of Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  D liked it well enough. I found it... dated. Still, it's a nice way to kill 15 minutes in the air conditioning.

Exiting the theater, we let the kiddo call the shots. She wanted to see Doc. Over Jake. Still can't believe she stood up her boyfriend. 

D was thrilled that Doc did the "Elsa-hand" with her.

The "Royal Welcome" parade was due to start in around 30 minutes, so I optimistically staked out a prime piece of real estate in front of the stage and hoped to keep the kiddo entertained while we waited. She was remarkably good, especially once she figured out a parade would be involved. 

D loved the parade but, like always, she didn't really interact with the characters during it.  She gave a high five to one of the snowflake girls, but mostly she just stares very intensely. Like she's studying. I'll also say that, compared to last year's parade, Disney upped their game admirably.  The parade stops in a few spots and they flood the street with fake snow while everybody sings "Let It Go" and Anna and Elsa get down off their floats and walk around interacting with the crowds.  It was brief, but solid. After that we took a walk around and decided to take in Frozen Summer Fever while it rained.  It was sprinkling, but the rain stopped just in time to catch the Olaf stage show. D, for her part, had an awesome time WAITING for the show.

MOMMY TAKE MY PICTURE! Then I got dished some serious Diva poses. Honestly, this kid...

Daphne made a new friend, MacKenzie. She enjoyed showing off the little promo card she'd gotten for the new Disney shorts Blu Ray. 

She found a cast member blowing bubbles.

We headed over to the Hyperion Theater to check out the Frozen Singalong in its new home. We liked the new effects, but the show hasn't changed much.  The theater seems smaller, though? Reduced capacity at one of their most popular attractions seems... like a strange choice but whatever. D practiced her Inside Out faces while we waited for the show to start.

Sadness is definitely my favorite. "Mommy! You got to pull you hair down like dis!"

Finally we headed over to the Great Movie Ride (which D continues to request, even though she holds her hands over her ears for most of it).  We were in the front row. Boss.  We were pretty soaked and soggy from all the rain at that point so we called it. D was on her best behavior that whole day. Right up until the point we had to leave. She's such a tiny dictator.

She pitched a fit all over again when we got home over taking a nap. Eventually she tapped out. 

Please send us good vibes for the house hunt. I really really really REALLY don't want to have to sign a lease and move AGAIN AND AGAIN. :(

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 130

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 130

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 128

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 128