Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 120

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 120

Brief. Truncated. Succinct. Abridged. 

All words that can be used to described this week's peanut. Don't worry. I'm not holding out on you. There's just not much you can do when you're dealing with this...

and this...

all week. Indeed, Daphne had to have her Disney privileges revoked again. Serves me right for bragging about how awesome she's been lately. Hmph. 

Don't get me wrong, we had our cute moments. Like watching pies get made at one of our favorite new breakfast stops, Se7en Bites.

Or her adorable stubbornness about combing her own hair.

Or watching her very seriously consider the brunch menu at Cask & Larder... upside down...

In fact D has been exhibiting lots of extremes in everything this past week. She doesn't just sing, she sing-screams. She dances violently. She flails. She screeches every response then laughs like it's the funniest thing ever. CALM. DOWN. KID. 

Ian and I got to have a much appreciated break Saturday afternoon when Grandpa Bobo came to watch the peanut. The hubby and I saw Mad Max (there was a kid in there a little older than Daphne, and I'm trying not to judge those parents) and had a grown up dinner with cocktails and no ipads in sight. 

I've also noticed that D is trying to put together more sophisticated sentences. A lot of times they make no sense, but I really admire the addition of prepositional phrases to her vocabulary seemingly overnight. For example:
D: Mommy, I has snack?
Me: Not right now kiddo, you can have some more food when we go meet up with Daddy, and you know how to ask for things better than that.
D:  Mommy, I PLEASE has snack BEFORE we go see daddy I has snack?
ME: O_O well.. uhh... jeez ok.

That's right, the kid is starting to understand time better. Particularly "before", "after", and "later". Of course, that sentence could have been a total fluke. Right after that I offered her the graham cracker she asked for and she proceeded to declare "YUMM! OH YUMMMMMM! DIS DA BEST GRAHAM CRACKER YUMMM!" And then she sang a song to the graham cracker that went something like "Oh graham cracker, you are yummy, Oh graham cracker, where you goooo? Dere you aaaaaaare... [chomp chomp chomp]." I tried to get her to sing again for the camera ,but it didn't happen. Of course. I got this instead, though...

Keep your fingers crossed that she gets it together this week so we can (gosh darn it) finally go meet Baymax and Hiro!

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