Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 147

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 147

One of those weeks...

Definitely in the downswing of D's mood cycles. Fortunately there are far less meltdowns, but she also changes at the drop of a hat. It is dizzying trying to keep up. She's still generally far more polite to other people, while Ian and I face the brunt of the diva-tude. She gives me full on teenager UGHHHHH now every time I say no to her or suggest something that's not to her liking. Ian and I both agreed it's time to nip THAT little behavior in the tush.

Grandma DeeDee and Grandpa Marc came down from St. Louis for a visit. They brought Hannukah presents from our out of town family.

Went to dinner at Stefano's. D discovered a dinglehopper at her place setting.

We took the Grandparents to Animal Kingdom on Sunday (they'd never been!) to show them what we think are the best shows and overall immersion that any disney park has to offer.

D saw Flik and wanted to go meet him, but we had a non-character agenda that day. I felt bad. She looked really sad. I had to promise her we'd come back to AK soon and visit Flik and Poca and Tarzan (yup, she said she wanted to go see Tarzan). She also wanted to go see "Flik's show" (It's Tough To Be A Bug), but Grandma DeeDee is not really a fan of bugs, so I didn't think that show would go over too well. Kilimanjaro Safari time.

D is an expert safari guide. In case you're wondering, anything with stripes is a zebra.

Had some time before our Lion King FastPass, so we walked the Pangani trail before hopping on the train...


and heading over to Rafiki's Planet Watch. MOMMY TAKE MY PICTURE WITH FIKI! Kid, I'm pretty sure Rafiki is right inside the building-- NO DIS FIKI!! Ok...

no idea what this pose is

no idea what this pose is

Planet Watch had so much going on! There was an exam on a sedated monkey, a pair of tree monitors was mating (giggity), and we got to meet a new friend. This is Magoo. Magoo was hit by a truck on Disney property around 25 years ago, lost her eye, and has lived with Disney caretakers ever since. D really wanted to "pet her" (she would pet everything in there, even the bugs, if we let her I think).

It was time to head back and get in line for a prime spot for Festival of the Lion King. I honestly don't know whether I was more excited for the grandparents to see this show or Nemo, they are both so stellar.  D had an outfit change and decided to take a nap in line. Not really.

We managed to snag seats near the center of the third row for the Lion section. The great part about the set up in that theater is that, with it being in the round, there aren't really BAD seats. HOWEVER, for taking pictures? These seats were WAAAAAYYY better than where I was the last time I attempted to shoot this show.

Maybe the show was even better than usual, or maybe it was the great seats or getting to share it with new eyes, but we were all blown away. The grandparents remarked that this was broadway caliber, and all I could think was "wait until they see Nemo."

Lunch time. On the way to Flame Tree Barbecue, I noticed one of the small food stands with a sign that said "Poached salmon salad with mixed greens, candied pecans [some other stuff]" for... wait for it.. less than $7. WHAAA? I wasn't starving and I was trying to eat healthy, so I decided to give it a try. I wish I'd gotten a picture. For Food & Wine tiny sample price, I got a reasonably sized (the container was a little larger than what you might see at F&W), well-dressed salad with A METRIC CRAP TON OF SALMON (ok, just proportionally a lot). I still can't believe they are only charging $7. Knowing my luck, this will be gone in a week and I'll never see it again, but hot dog that made me happy. After eating we walked through the nature trail in Asia (it had been a long time), before heading back to snag a spot in line for Nemo.  I tried to teach D how to say Hello the next time we go see Pocahontas. She's getting there...

Nemo was, as always, absolutely incredible. My favorite part was watching my dad's jaw drop open when Nigel, the pelican, made his first appearance. The grandparents, not being the hardcore Disney-goers we are, were pretty ready to call it a day so we headed out (did I mention we got seriously boss parking, too? I'm worried I'm using up all my parking karma and am going to get stuck with really awful spots for the next few weeks!).

Monday evening Grandpa Bobo came over so we could all go to dinner together. We headed to The Porch in Winter Park. D was a little punch drunk, but by some incredible twist of fate seating, I was not seated next to my own child. Ian had to wrangle her the whole dinner. It was novel, though I'm sure it will probably never happen again (usually we sit on either side of her to tag team the wrangling).

We may have moved away from Winter Park, but we were hoping the neighborhood with all the crazy Christmas Lights would still be up and running (we've taken D pretty much every year of her life). We've taken the grandparents before, and it was they who reminded me and asked if we could make the trip this year, too. Sure enough

Fortunately, no crowds just yet. We were able to park a little ways down and walk with no slow downs or traffic.

Of course we also had to go see the train set up down the street.

And the snow machine.

I always forget how crazy December gets for us. Most of our holiday shopping is done (Halleluyerrr), but I still need to ship some stuff (d'ohhhh) while managing to attend parties and go to work and get D fancied up for her school picture with Santa and get our Disney fix while avoiding the ever growing crowds. Send me good vibes... or lots of coffee...

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