Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 149

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 149

There's going to be a lot of Disney in this issue. Even for us, a lot of Disney. Last Thursday we joined our friends for one last Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom to celebrate our friend, Amanda's, birthday. We got there a little early and found out that the new Skipper's Canteen in Adventureland was not only open, but had no wait. Well we need to eat, let's give it a shot...

We really enjoyed the place. On the pricier side (a la Be Our Guest, but without alcohol options), and not a whole lot for picky kids (D ate crackers from our bag), but Ian and I enjoyed it. 

Hugs for the Birthday girl!

Hugs for the Birthday girl!

Met up with our friends after that for a trip to the Tiki room before getting in line for some Princes in Fantasyland (D's request, we'd left our "big ticket" item of the night up to her, and she asked for Aurora & Phillip and Snow & Snow Prince). 

At last Daphne got to meet my favorite prince ever (ok, I got to meet him, too).  Aurora was pretty excited about Daphne's little Briar Rose dress. D had Christmas gifts to hand out, too.

I may have told Aurora she'd gotten the pick of the prince litter. And Phillip may have given me a big hug after I said that. I have no shame. Meanwhile the girls had moved on to visit with the OG couple themselves.

Pretty cool that between the two Christmas Parties we'd managed to meet all the Princes that generally only come out for these special events (Flynn, Charming, Phillip, Snow). Daphne gave hugs to all the boys right along with the girls, she sure has made progress.

This party, as opposed to the one we went to in November, was a sell out crowd. We were not feeling particularly ambitious, so we made our way to Town Square to stake out a spot for first parade. At least it wasn't raining! D got to reopen her beauty parlor while we waited for Kringle Krew. 

Kringle Krew is a crowd warming party they do on Main Street and Town Square while people are waiting for the parade, and we had friends in the Krew. D had no problem running to Brook and bringing out her patented skip/shuffle move. Mary Poppins and Bert had been doing meets in Town Square, and suddenly there they were in the middle of all these dancing kids! Bert was really high on Ian's bucket list, so we were pretty excited. He marched up to Daphne, who seemed more interested in twirling than new people at first.

But as soon as he crouched down and offered his hand, D (quite maturely, I assure you) gave him a How Do You Do. Mary came over, too. I love these little unexpected moments at Disney!!

More Kringle Krew ball shenanigans with Brooke and Junie.

The Krew moved on and one of the Main Street merchandise workers saw Daphne's dress and fell in love.  She gave D a little gift.

At last it was time for the parade again. The girls got a visit from Alice & Hatter.

Blew lots of kisses to Ralph. Got snubbed by Grumpy. And got a big cuddle from the Teddy Bear in the Toyland unit.

No trip to Town Square is complete without a visit to our favorite pixie (in her winter wear!). We had special gifts for Tink, and the girls were predictably insane. There was wing tickling and crayon shenanigans and somehow my daughter's butt got covered in dust bunnies. Absolutely NO fun was had.

Fireworks were due to start soon, so we decided to avoid the crazy crowds of the hub and go back up to Fantasyland again. The fireworks started and D very bravely left her ears uncovered. Aurora and Phillip waved the girls over and they got to watch the last half of the show with royalty. No big deal. When Aurora crouches down next to Daphne? I'm not crying. Nope.

There was no topping that. Daphne was getting a little toddler drunk, and Ian and I had to work in the morning, so we called it a night.

Friday was quiet recovery time for all of us, since we had big plans for Saturday: meet up with most of our Disney friends to resort hop and exchange Christmas gifts. Daphne surprised me by picking out her Gaston dress to wear (she never chooses it. I was grateful since it will be too small soon!). We got to MK in time to see the 2nd Christmas parade from Town square. We were joined by Simone and Eric for Kringle Krew and parade fun.

D took to Simone and Eric right away. She gave them froggy stickers and dragged them all over main street to show them the castle and the window displays while Ian and I held our spot for the parade. Daphne also pulled both of them out with Kringle Krew to play with "my bess frenn, Junie!"

After parade we said goodbye to Eric (off to see Star Wars) and see you real soon to Simone (who had to go to her car before meeting us at the Polynesian). D cried a lot when Simone left. A LOT. No matter how much I told her Simone was coming back. She didn't stop crying until she saw the boats going back to the Polynesian. Then she cried again when we told her we couldn't take them, because the line was too long. Yes, this was fortuitous of the night to come.

Kelsey, Haley, and Sierra joined us on the monorail back to the polynesian. Daphne continued to go crazier on the monorail.

When we got to the Poly, D's favorites were out in the lobby greeting guests. Always good to be reunited with our Hawaiian buddies. They really dug Daphne's Lilo & Stitch bow, too.

We grabbed some food at Captain Cooks before heading out to the patio to enjoy it. It was cooling off fast, and D (refusing to eat) ran in circles laughing hysterically, refusing to put on a coat, alternating between saying "Mama I REAL COLD!" and "no! no jacket!" Ugh. UGH. Ian and I both had to have sit downs with her to calm her down. I had her having a quiet time behind a rock, when she started rolling her eyes back in her head. I asked her if she was ok, and she answered in this low growly voice "MOMMYYYY MOMMY SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ROCK.... HAHAHAHAHA" WTF Linda Blair flashbacks O_O.

D managed to calm down a LITTLE when we went back in the lobby to open gifts. I'm still overwhelmed by how many people came out to share some Christmas love with us.

We met up with Bella's family at our next stop, the Grand Floridian. But that place was PACKED so we moved on to the Contemporary relatively quickly. Found ourselves a quiet corner to sit and hang out. The kids were still a little nuts, but the girls could grab sneaky hugs from Chip & Dale as they walked by so it worked out. D fed Lea's french friends to Chris...

And we got to have a really awesome night overall (even if D stressed me out really hard for the first part of the night, ugh, KID). Huge thanks to all the people who helped wrangle my little demon and who were so kind to all of us this year.

We may be away from our families, but you all help us remember that we have another family right here in town.

Yes, I'm wearing an ugly hot pink Christmas sweater that says "On Christmas We Wear Pink!"

Daphne has been remarkably subdued since Saturday. We've been lying relatively low before the holidays. We have plans for Epcot Christmas Eve (pray for us), to introduce Daphne to the candlelight processional for the first time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. to all our readers. I hope you are all blessed with your own happiness, whatever that may be, this week and that the new year brings you all good things. See you next week!

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