Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 144

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 144

We made an unusual mid-week visit to Epcot last week when we heard that Ariel was making a special appearance there on legs. D got to play with friends while we waited at the Gateway.

Ariel arrived and D and Maddie were quick to engage her in proper twirling form.

D gave Ariel a portrait of Flounder she'd drawn and introduced her to TsumTsums.

D introduced Maddie to the Donald Duck ride in Mexico

Headed to Seasons for dinner. Maddie helped feed D.

There I was, finishing my own dinner, when I hear a gagging sound. I look up, and D has spit up Macaroni on her plate and dress. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN?? "Mommy! MOMMY! I choke on da macaroni!!" Kid, are you sick? Do you feel ok? "Mommy no, I fine! I fine! I choke on da macaroni!" As if to prove her point she grabbed her jello and ate it at a frightening speed. I kept watching her with growing anxiety and, after an outfit change (thanks for the loan, Maddie), I made the call that we'd be leaving. D was not pleased. "MOMMY NO! I WANT TO STAYYYY! I WANT TO STAY WITH MADDIE!!! I FIIIIIIIINE!" *sigh*

This weekend we'd decided to take a break from Disney (and my growing anxiety puke complex) and get some stuff accomplished around the house, errands, and such. D came into our room Saturday morning and declared she wanted "Eggs at da chicken place" for breakfast. Off to the Coop.

Checked out a patio furniture store. D was really into the fake food they had out on all the tables.

Ian had a couple of work related events that we tagged along to. First out to Playalinda brewery in Titusville.

We finally have Inside Out. And Playalinda had wifi. Thank Gawd.

Then to Red Cypress in Winter Springs. D made friends. 


Sunday was another day for errands and getting things done at the house. First up: Home Depot.

Grabbed lunch at Waterford Lakes.

Daphne "helped" me cook chili, further proving that if D is involved in the prep process, she's far more likely to actually eat the dinner.

Our older dog, Fiona, has been on her way out for some time (heart disease AND cancer). This weekend we decided it was finally time to say goodbye. Monday morning we sat Daphne down with Fiona and had a little chat with her.

Hey, kiddo. You know how Fiona has been sick? Well she is very old. She's dying. It's time to say goodbye to her.

Daphne: You take our sweet old lady to the doctor?

Yes, but she is too old and sick. The doctor cannot fix her now, so it is her time.

Daphne: Mommy, don't cry. We have so much fun with her. We have fun walking her. We have fun feeding and petting her. Don't be sad, mommy....

Ahh, from the mouths of babes. I smiled at her through my tears. MOMMY, WAIT! She ran out of the room and returned with a paper towel. Which she proceeded to smash against my eyes, ordering "MOMMY YOU STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW!" Oh, ok. 

Thanks, kid.

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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 145

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