Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 140

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 140

Can't lie, it's been pretty awesome to be a parent this past week.

"mommy I draw never beast!"

"mommy I draw never beast!"

We made our obligatory Pumpkin Patch trip. Daphne helped us pick out the perfect gourd.

Saturday was Ian's high school anniversary in Tampa. We took the kiddo over to spend the evening with Grandpa Bobo. I think it's safe to say she had a blast.

Some old friends of mine from my own high school days were in town to have a Disney trip, and we had plans to meet up with them and their kids at Magic Kingdom Sunday. Daphne was very excited to debut her new Cinderella dress.

We arrived in Town Square just in time to grab some prime real estate for (finally) the fall trolley show. We parked under the train station and were quickly joined by friends. First, Ashlyn, a long time instagram friend who recently started her Disney College Program in Magic Kingdom (but had the day off to play with us!).


and Meg...

...were right behind her. With so many friends to play with, the Trolley show was upon us before we knew it. We were thrilled to see some familiar faces in the show. Taylor came right over to Daphne after the show. 

D loves the trolley kids, and they are so great to her. I'm pretty sure D would twirl with the trolley girls all day. D definitely has twirl envy for those amazing trolley skirts. 

They took turns hopping as high as they could.

Then D got asked what she was going to be for Halloween. BING BONG! They sang the Bing Bong song together. 

Daphne introduced Taylor to her patented tackle hugs.

Sachi joined the girls for extra hugs.

The girls even played peekaboo with their parasols.

Next we took Ashlyn to introduce her to Daphne's big sister. D decided that Jaq wasn't getting taken out of her mouth. Tiana told Daphne no mice are allowed in her restaurant.

Philharmagic break.

Given D's ensemble, a trip to the Tremaines was definitely in order. "Mommy, they won't tear my dress." Of course not, kiddo. 

These three are quickly becoming a favorite of our family.

Drizella finally got Daphne to master the finger-under-the-chin Tremaine pose!

Drizella was very happy that we "got the bow placement right" (it's making a comeback, she says). Drizella and Anastasia got some big hugs and thank you's...

Then I told her she should go give Lady Tremaine a hug...

Lady Tremaine: "Oh... dear... hugs... look Drizella! See! I'm a good parent! See!"


We took a shopping break on Main Street. Ashlyn introduced Daphne to the new giant pillow pets. D, of course, wanted to treat them as a magic carpet. She and Ashlyn did a duet of "A Whole New World." Did I forget to mention we FINALLY own Aladdin and D loves it?

We met up with our out of town friends right in front of the castle for Dream Along (also Ashlyn's first time seeing it).  It's been a while since we got to see the show front and center. D got along straight away with Amelia and Lillian. 

We had a window before Festival of Fantasy, and when we heard that the girls hadn't met Tiana yet? Well, obviously, D had to go introduce some more friends to her sister. 

We snagged a great spot right outside Tiana's meeting spot to watch the parade. D cheered on her favorites with Lillian and Amelia. D was pretty tired at that point (late night and Grandpa's Saturday...), but to avoid the massive post-parade exit crowds, we opted to reacquaint ourselves with a group ride on Pirates of the Caribbean (finally open after a lengthy refurbishment). We said our goodbyes, and D (over MUCH protestation) was out cold before we were out of the parking lot.

D woke up just in time for us to grab dinner at Bonfires, a barbecue joint near our new house we wanted to try out. They'd run out of crayons, but D got a blue marker. No problem.

Yes, that's the theme song from the Finding Nemo musical. 

This coming weekend is jam-packed yet again. D continues to wake up every day and ask me if it's Halloween yet. Soon, kiddo. Soon...

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