Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 69

Ahhhh the joys and pains of daily life with a toddler. Right now I'm just trying to wrap myself mentally around the idea that my little girl is going to be two in just a few short weeks. 

Bedtime Princess

Bedtime Princess

D is getting better at stringing sentences together. Her speech is also getting clearer... or maybe I'm just getting better at understanding her.  I think the biggest step to understanding your toddler is to just completely let go of the idea that what she's trying to say has to make a lick of sense to your adult mind.  Or that your child will use the most effective words to communicate what it is that she's after.  For example: 

"Essaaaaah! Essaahhhhh!" literally translates to "Elsa." D was very fond of chanting this at me whenever I'd lay her down on the changing table.  At first I thought she named her socks Elsa, since she would point down at her feet when she said it.  Now? I know it is D's way of demanding I sing "Let It Go," something I'd started a couple weeks ago to keep her from getting squirmy while dressing her.  

Speaking of that ubiquitous song, apparently Elsa and I are the only ones allowed to sing it.  Any time Ian tries to chime in, D pitches a fit.  "NOOOO! NOO DADDEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOO!" flavored with emphatic head shaking, arm waving, and if we aren't careful, swatting.  

Agh! The hitting! If I had a dollar for every time I'd already told my kid "We do NOT hit!" I'd have her college education paid for by now. 

We embraced our first summer Disney black out weekend by embracing the new and taking a drive over to the Brevard Zoo.  It's definitely a step up from Sanford, so we went ahead and got a membership.  We also met up with D's BFF Audrey and her dad, who are also members.  

Our incredibly long-legged toddler is not fitting very well in her Joovy any more.  We tried her in Audrey's stroller, which fit AND THEN SOME, and Ian fell in love.  So, yup, we've ordered a new stroller and are working on selling the Joovy and the jogging stroller we NEVER use.  Lightweight/umbrella strollers just aren't a viable option for my kid apparently.  Since Ian's so enamored of the "patented one handed fold" on the new stroller, I'll just make him carry it around. 

D loves a zoo.  Brevard has a lot of options to interact with the animals, too.  D got to feed a deer, some lorikeets, and... A GIRAFFE!! The giraffe thing was the coooooooooolest! 

D also greeted every animal by name.  She's getting so good at repeating new words. "Hi, 'Raffe!" "Hello, Deeuh!" "Hi, Kittyyyy!" "Hey Muhkeee!" "Hello, Boidy!" (Ok, she's hung up on this weird Jersey-accented version of birdie) 

Brevard Zoo also has a really neat splash pad/ wading pool area.  D was strangely disinterested, but it was close to nap time so that might have been the reason for her lack of enthusiasm. 

Sunday started out as a Daddy/Daphne day since I had to work, but after my half day I hustled home so we could all have Sunday brunch together at Cask & Larder. 

D was acting a damn fool.  This is my new favorite toddler behavior: inconsolable crying for apparently no reason. More accurately, crying and "Mommyyyyyyy, mahmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" She'd been at it for a while before I bothered to get my camera out.  I'd laugh if it wasn't supposedly a bad thing to laugh at bad behavior.  Oy.  


Otherwise it was a quiet day.  Watched some Labyrinth, wore some bows. 

I'll leave you now with D actively participating in her favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

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