Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 64

Firsts! For better or for worse, that was the theme of the week. 

We introduced D to the Toy Story franchise on Thursday.  She seemed to enjoy it, especially Scud (Sid's mean dog).  Whenever Scud appeared she'd point and "Doggy!" (my daughter, the queen of obvious).  What I'm finding new and amusing is that D seems to be starting to actually follow the stories and moods of movies.  Example: Buzz and Woody were being chased by Scud around Sid's house.  They hide behind a door.  During the chase, D is chanting "Doggy doggy doggy..." and then, when Scud's nose pokes around the door, she gets really shrill and points extra hard "DOGGY! DOGGY DOGGY!" She's also talking a LOT.  I showed this video of her babbling during Toy Story to some friends and so far we hear "puppy" and "running." 

D also started making a weird noise.  I got that on video, too.  It took me a while to figure out, but then I realized: she's snoring. SNORING.  Where did she learn this? Has she been perfecting the fake-nap at day care??

We also introduced D to Mary Poppins.  The movie she could take or leave but she definitely dug the music.

And speaking of understanding the story in movies better, D and I watched How to Train Your Dragon on Monday. Near the end of the film, when Hiccup and Toothless fall into the giant ball of fire, D leaned forward and said (quite urgently) "OH NO!" That was pretty cool.

I had a late day at work Friday so D got to spend some quality Daddy time.  Speaking of Daddy, he bought her some Rapunzel princess slippers from the Disney store and she's pretty obsessed, even if they're a little big.  She also looks gorgeous with flowers in her hair.

photo by daddy

photo by daddy

Saturday was a rainy day.  We had reservations for the cinco de mayo roast at Ravenous Pig.  D was super cute and generous with kisses.  

While D was napping, Ian got a wild idea: he wanted to take another shot at a late trip to Disney.  Our last one... it was not so successful.  Ian really wanted to take D out to see fireworks, though.  So we let D take a big nap, made some fastpass reservations for Illuminations, then headed down to Epcot around 5pm.  

It was still misting rain, so the park was pretty dead.  Our fast pass sent us straight to The Seas, and when D got a look at Spaceship Earth nothing else would do.  She's definitely a fan. I noticed that there was NO line for the Character Spot.  That never happens.  I asked D if she wanted to see Mickey.  "Noooooooo." Liar. That's her new favorite thing. "D are you thirsty?" "Noooooo" and then she grabs and chugs the water I'm holding out.  So in we went.

Mickey was the first character and he and D are old friends by now.  D's also becoming a pro at the photo op.  She runs, she hugs, she chats, then she swings around to pose for the photo.  For not wanting to go in, she was having a pretty awesome time.  Minnie was very excited to see D's Minnie dress.  That was a super great time all around.

FOOD! NEEDED! We decided to embrace the new and try out the Marrakesh restaurant in Morocco.  DELISH! The entrees were a little pricy so we stuck to a few appetizers and they were all really good.  D mostly wanted to play with her food, but overall she was in a great mood, despite it being an hour past her normal bedtime.  Fingers crossed fingers crossed... 

We made our way around the showcase to where the Illuminations Fast Pass would have us positioned. Ian ran ahead to get us a margarita in Mexico.  While we waited, D started getting cranky, but we had a secret weapon: the paci.  I hate to break it out, but considering we were going on two hours after typical bedtime I didn't feel so bad about breaking it out.  We grabbed our margarita and settled in to take in the fireworks.

Watching Illuminations fireworks with Daddy

Watching Illuminations fireworks with Daddy

Despite the rain and the late hour, D was a champ.  She flinched a little at the louder fireworks, but once we covered her ears she seemed totally engrossed and having a great time.  She also ripped one of the stinkiest belches I'd ever witnessed.  Silly me, I didn't think twice about it. Tsk tsk. We hustled out the the car and hauled tush home.  D refused to fall asleep in the car.  She was a little cranky for bath time, to be expected, but we tucked her in around 10 p.m. and called the night a roaring success.


Around 11:30 Ian and I were finally getting ready to go to bed.  I noticed D seemed to be coughing a lot, but she does that pretty frequently when she's winding down for bed so I just didn't think much of it.  I turned on the video feature for one last look just in time to see the show.  No, I didn't get video, but it was something like this...

Don't click. Trust me. You don't want to see it. 

Really the weird belching should have clued me in, but this was a new scenario for us.  We went charging in to the rescue.  D seemed completely out of sorts and scared when we arrived at the scene of the carnage, I suspect she was mostly asleep when it happened anyway.  Divide and conquer! We stripped D and I carried her right into the bathtub (she was none too pleased with that turn events, no ma'am) and Ian set about decontaminating the bedroom.  Not knowing if she was going to stay sick (no temperature really, but I've heard horror stories from fellow moms about all night puke bingers), we set up in the living room a "keep D happy" zone.  I dug up a bunch of old burp cloths to create a splash zone, we covered the couch in towels in blankets, and we put Frozen on the TV.  

blurry, but you get the idea

blurry, but you get the idea

I had a feeling D was going to be ok from the moment the Disney castle appeared and she started to perk up. Here we are, 2 am, watching Frozen and she's still wide awake.  Oy.  Ian was bound and determined to camp out in the living room with her for the night.  I didn't think this would work, D has never been one to sleep with/on/around other people, she seems to need the solitude to wind down.  Ian wanted to give it a shot, so I agreed.  We stretched out on the fold out couch with D in the middle.  I closed my eyes.  D's hands planted on either side of my face and started mushing it around while she giggled and babbled.  Ahem.  I rolled away, so she rolled onto her back and proceeded to flourish her arms around in grand Elsa fashion whispering "Lehh goooooo... Lehh gooooooo."  Ian and I started chucking.  So she turned to Ian and started mushing his face around.  I O_o 'd at him, and he sighed and agreed we should give D a chance to get some sleep in her crib.  D started running a very low-grade fever, so I gave her some advil and tucked her into bed.  It took her a little while but she finally went to sleep and so did we, hoping against hope she'd sleep in since we were all pretty zombified at that point.

NO DICE.  8 am rolled around and she was up and cooing like it was any other day.  

Ian and I groggily greeted the day, agreeing to take it easy/have a low key day while we gauged if D was going to be sick.  Last nights shenanigans never happened as far as she was concerned, immediately diving in to her cheerios.  After 2 days of rain, our weather was the nicest it has been in weeks. Ian and I grumbled that it would have been a perfect day for Disney, but we were not going to push our luck, no sir.  So we watched some movies, eventually ventured out to C&L for some food, but otherwise had a fun day of movies.  In our indulgence we let D watch Frozen AGAIN (we'd managed more than 2 weeks without watching it, now twice in 12 hours, oy).  

Days later and no sign of more significant illness from D.  Nor do we have any clue what triggered it.  I guess it must have been something she ate, except she ate pretty much the same things we did, so who knows.  Either way, another first checked off the list.  I'm very proud to say that, contrary to my fears, I managed to handle my daughter's vomit without being sick myself (there might have been a couple of dry heaves).  

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