Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 61

Ian's family celebrated Easter early this weekend. I had to work.  Daddy-Daphne day! It was an "awesome" time.  D learned how to hunt for easter eggs (something we're going to put to the test this coming weekend!) and played with her cousin, Aria  They "hid" in the bushes and kicked dirt. D met a tiny pony at Grandpa Bobo's. She helped rake leaves. Daphne ate apple slices (this is a feat, we've only been able to her to eat fruit that is pureed in a pouch) and craisins! Ian used a CD I burned of Disney (mostly Frozen) songs to keep D happy for the car ride. I felt terribly left out, but Ian was kind enough to take lots of pictures (and videos!) for me (and all of you, too!).  

We've been gradually working our way through Disney movies with the peanut.  Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Muppets Take Manhattan were all tackled this week.  Of course Frozen also had to get watched a few times.  I have, however, discovered a way to use D's fixation to my advantage.

Watching Frozen this weekend, I cooked D a dinner which she was refusing to taste, trying to con me into letting her have a dinner of Wheat Thins instead.  I paused the movie. D, you will eat your Dinner.  NOOOOOOOOO. Yes.  Eat your dinner or I will not start Frozen again.  Indecision swam in her eyes, she squirmed and turned away and Nooooo'd a few more times, but then she took a nice big bite.  I hit play, and we continued with me feeding her dinner while she happily watched the movie.  We did this same trick on Sunday when we went to brunch at C&L and she didn't want to try her biscuits and gravy. So I took the kindle away until she tried it and, sure enough, she looooooved the food and scarfed it down.  

mmmm c&l biscuits & gravy

mmmm c&l biscuits & gravy

The rest of Sunday? Sans Disney? Pretty fun, actually.  We ran errands and hung out around the house.  D took turns brushing our hair...

and making funny faces with Daddy while I cooked dinner...

Maybe our Disney-free weekend wasn't super eventful, but it was super silly...

D sure would love to be able to dress herself.  Ian offered to let her skip bathtime if she could get her own socks on.  No dice, kid. 

She's also suddenly quite taken with hair bows.  I let her wear one to school Tuesday, hoping I'll see it again one day.  She's particularly taken with the pale pink bows.  Monday night she took all three out of her bow basket and had me put them on her head for bedtime stories.  

Bedtime Bows

Bedtime Bows

More is more, right kid? We have some fun stuff planned for Easter, stay tuned for next week's episode.  

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