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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 59

Usually when I sit down to write this, I have already been thinking about ideas and events to chronicle.  This past week, though? No major landmarks. No new developments.  No trips to Disney.  It was just a week in the life of a toddler. Don't worry, though, I still managed to take a pile of pictures.

The Peanut

The Peanut

Developmentally all i can remark on is that her hair has really kicked into high gear. Filling out that is.  She lets me comb/brush it, part it, or stroke it while she sits on my lap.  Though she enthusiastically shouts "BOW!" and loves to hold them in her hands, she sees no need to actually keep one on her head.  C'est la vie. 

D is also trying to put sentences together.  I understand very few of them, but she certainly believes she is communicating at a higher level now. 

D tries to watch Frozen every day.  EVERY. DAY.   This weekend she was pitching a fit in the car, Let It Go came on the radio- fit ends, song ends- fit resumes.  Not making this up. She has literally DOZENS of Blu-rays she can pick from, she digs up Frozen every time now.  Fortunately, she's been gifted with one parent who can watch the same movie over and over again. And read the same book OVER and OVER again (she has dozens of books, she only wants to read the same 3 pretty much every night.  Night Night, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton is always in the rotation.)

We had a fun visit from Grandpa Bobo Saturday morning. We shared a yummy lunch at The Ravenous Pig.  We were supposed to go to a birthday party that afternoon but we got rained out so, you guessed it, Frozen Viewing #1,443,201.

Ian and I got our Disney Magic Bands FINALLY.  Let me tell you how mature and responsible we are: rather than going to Disney on Sunday, we groomed the house inside and out and prepped all our tax documents.  Being a grown up is TOTALLY overrated (something I promise to tell Daphne at every opportunity as the years progress).  We took a break from work after nap time to go to Lukas Nursery.  D has so much fun there.  She kept trying to run laps around the aisles, so rather than chasing her I just let her go.  Any time she started to get too far away I'd say "Daphne! Bye bye!" and wave like we were leaving and she'd squeal in dismay and come charging back over.  She also enjoyed riding on the cart.  And helping Daddy load the cart.  And arranging the plants on the cart in descending size order in a frightening display of O.C.D.  

Sunday started out with a yummy cheerios breakfast, followed by brunch for the parents at White Wolf Cafe (shame on us for going back, the service is just total crap there). We made a pit stop at my work, and D took the opportunity to color, of course.

Sunday night we introduced D to Lady & The Tramp (one of mommy's all-time favorites).  Some of Disney's Blu-ray releases/restorations are meh but, particularly of this era, Lady & The Tramp is a seriously stellar addition to any video library; the transfer is BEAUTIFUL (on par with the Cinderella restoration).   D tried to sing! Darling sings a lullaby to the baby...

Well D just took that and ran with it...

And then she started improvising...

Look at that sassy little hand on her hip.  "I'm A Little Teapot" can't be far behind. 

Do you have a non-obvious place you take your family where they have an unexpectedly awesome time, like the plant nursery?

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