Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 57

Jinx Jinx Jinx.... the Peanut's good mood continues to prevail... add to that a an exceptional trip to WDW and time with friends and we have all the ingredients to make


That bow disappeared a couple hours into our day

We ordered our Magic Bands for Disney, and I'm so ready for them, but this was also the first trip that we were eligible to use the My Disney Experience App to play our Fast Passes ahead of time, and it was GLORIOUS.  We arrived right at the start of our first Fast Pass window for Ariel's Under The Sea ride.  There was no line, so we went through without using the pass, which allowed me to use the mobile app on my phone to swap out that fast pass for another to use later in the day.  Pretty Gosh Darn Bitchin'. 

Tried to take a family shot on Ariel, when Ian saw this he INSISTED this shot make it in to the Peanut

Tried to take a family shot on Ariel, when Ian saw this he INSISTED this shot make it in to the Peanut

Since it was early we then hustled over to Winnie the Pooh, which had a 25 minute wait posted (that's about the extent of D's threshold for line waiting).  The only other times we've done Pooh have been FastPass, so it was the first time we went through the line set up they have and it was a truly excellent example of Disney Genius.  D LOVED all the toys they had set up for line entertainment. Pooh also continues to be my absolute favorite of the Fantasyland attractions (Ian prefers Peter Pan).  

D and I took a quick snack/selfie break before using our first Fast Pass for Peter Pan (which was already up to a 45 minute wait, good call).  

she's such a selfie pro

she's such a selfie pro

Lunch at Pecos Bill is part of our Magic Kingdom Ritual at this point.  Ordered Ian and myself taco salads, then got D a PB&J kids meal and corn on the cob. D wanted nothing to do with the sandwich.  The corn on the cob was fine, and she also wanted plenty of our taco salad too.  Most expensive, uneaten, PB&J ever.  

Hi, Mickey!

Hi, Mickey!

We got stopped on the way to our next FastPass by the Celebrate Parade, which we'd never seen.  It made for a fun pit stop, with D waving at the cast members and clapping along (sort of...we still need to work on her rhythm).  

This next part is going to be abbreviated, because I'm planning to give the experience it's own post on account of how darn awesome it was.  All I'll say is that we took D for her first Character experience, and it was one of the most incredible moments I've yet had as a parent.  Seriously excited to share the whole experience with everybody in detail, look for that story in the next few days.  

We left Disney riding high, and I still haven't managed to wipe the dopey grin off my face.  Sunday morning I had to work so D enjoyed some Daddy time, including her first trip to the dog park.  Apparently this involved a lot of her chasing Fiona around yelling "NINNY! NI-NEEEEEE!" whenever the dog tried to run off.  D also had a great time meeting new doggies, giving hugs to any that got close enough.  

We were invited to a St Paddy's part at a friend's house that evening, and I bribed D with promises of seeing her bestie, Audrey. D was pretty awesome. She helped Katy open her birthday present, played with Audrey's blocks, ate some Vegetarian Shepherd's pie, and tried to drink everybody's beers.  Weirdo. 

D enjoyed her first St Paddy's day, and I got no good pictures of her in her special festive outfit.  Sounds about right.  

But I'm still smiling.


What "important" pictures have you missed out on, because life got in the way?

Everything is Magic (through a child's eyes) [The Weekly Peanut Issue 57 1/2]

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 56