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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 54

*Speaker crackle* That's one... small... step for man... *crackle*


...One... *crackle* giant leap... for Peanut development...

I won't say this week was easy, because it wasn't. Nor will I suggest that this kid was sunshine and rainbows, because she wasn't.  What we did see? Some really fascinating leaps in communicative development (they feel like leaps to us, the rest of you may think I'm batshit, and that's OK). 


Daphne is making friends and attachments. Not just in the way that Katy and I will throw our kids together for a playdate and call them besties, either.  Gemma is just a few months older than D, and they've apparently become a bit of the gruesome twosome at school. When I picked D up one evening last week, I commented to one of the teacher's that she'd had a stinted nap.  "Oh, she's the little social butterfly." Eh? "If she wakes up early, she'll crawl over to Gemma's mat to whisper to her. When I catch her, and say 'Daphne!' she rolls over and pretends to be asleep again." Oh jeez, is she waking up other kids? "Yup." Oh god, my kid is the problem.  D's also showing reluctance to go to school in the mornings.  Today I had to use the promise of seeing Gemma just to get her out the door.

Yay?? Salad!

Yay?? Salad!

Saturday we had a visit from Grandpa Bobo.  Lunch was surprising: after weeks and weeks of refusing anything remotely tinged green (including the green colored fruit pouches, grumble grumble), D WENT. TO. TOWN. on the salad at Guavate.  That dressing was seriously vinegary, too much for Bobo, but D? Practically slurped it up. She even dipped her bread in the leftover dressing after chowing down on salad, GREEN LETTUCE, HALLELUJAH. 

Daphne loves to DIP ALL THE THINGS

After lunch, we decided to test our luck and take D to spend her gift card for Toys/Babies R Us from Bobo for Christmas. Most of the time? D was actually kind of awesome. I wanted to look for a little pillow for her to have in her crib since she's been wadding up her pillow under her head (and wrapping it around her face and giving me a heart attack).  They didn't have any actual toddler pillow's, but when I let D play with a plush Mike Wazowski decorative pillow? She fell in love.  She propped it up on the handle of the shopping cart and kept leaning her head on it.  Daphne SHOPPED.  She managed to pick out her own ways to spend her gift card.

First she tried out some gliders with Bobo and her new Mike pillow. 

First she tried out some gliders with Bobo and her new Mike pillow. 

We cruised along the preschool toys, and she started squealing something at me. "BUHBUHPEEEEE! BUBUBUBEEEE!" Huh? *Point point point* "Bubupee!!" I looked in the direction of her point... "Bubble Guppies?" *Huge grin* "BUBUBUPPIES!!!" We have never watched this show, so I can only assume this comes from the early morning or late evening occasional TV that day care lets them watch.  D went NUTS for the Bubble Guppies school bus when I pulled it off the shelf for her.

Daphne trying to say "Bubble Guppies" is one of my new favorite things

We kept cruising and eventually found our way to Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba toys.  D has quite a time making up her mind (she'd managed to attach herself to a number of toys), but in the end she settled on a pack of the Gabba Gang action figured and the Bubble Guppies school bus (she chose it OVER the YGG boom box, to my total shock). 

Waiting in line to check out? We'd clearly pressed our luck too far.  Bobo graciously took D outside for a walk while I waited in line (is it just me or do TRU/BRU have the slowest checkout lines EVER??).  D pushed a cart around.  What is it with this kid wanting to push things when she's grumpy?  


Something needs to be said here: Ian was HIGHLY reluctant to purchase those toys for D.  With good reason: our child does not play with toys.  No, really.  In 19 months I've tried them all, the closest anything has come to holding her attention more than 5 minutes is her activity table and a few puzzles.  Mostly she'll just give a toy the side-eye then ask me to read her a book.  I was really hoping that D would prove my husband wrong on the Bubble Guppies purchase and she DID!

My kid! Playing with toys! HURRAY! After jealously eyeing my friend Katy's Friday night post about having a family movie night with Audrey and grumbling about how my kid won't sit still for a movie, I decided to give it a try.  I gave D free reign of our Blu Rays and she picked out Monsters University.  It actually held her attention for a good 45 minutes, so that seemed promising.  


Sunday started out innocently enough with a trip to B3 cafe.  D was being a pain, but a cute pain (just refusing to sit in the booster seat and being a general diva about her bread, refusing to eat it once she tore it, no really).  Then Ian started feeling sick.  Seriously sick. So that meant a day of me trying to keep D entertained and away from the plague.  

We tried out Red Bug Lake park for the first time.  I was not impressed, but D seemed keen enough.  She insisted on the big girl swing, but she promptly fell out of it the instant I gave her the little push that she was screaming at me for, so I put the k'bosh on that.  Fortunately, the only playground gear was actually geared toward preschoolers so D was quite content to go endlessly up the stairs then down one of the three slides.  

Behold: the power of nemo!

Behold: the power of nemo!

I wanted another stab at movie time, so I broke out Finding Nemo again (she's been so into Nemo lately...).  Excellent choice.  She made it through the WHOLE MOVIE (ok, we took a little break to run to the grocery store to get Ian some pepto, but she got right back into it when we returned!).  Sure she played with some toys, but she didn't try to wander off or get me to change the TV to anything else.  VICTORY!

D is also interacting more with the TV shows she watches.  When the shows ask a question she'll try to call out the answer (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bless you), she's even starting to identify letters (Super Why, bless you, too).  

We had another green things victory with D Tuesday night: she ate the broccolini in the pasta I made for dinner.  Ian's been trying to keep his distance to avoid giving D the plague, so I have been selfishly spending most of this week's evenings the same way once dinner has been finished and dishes are in the washer: put on NickJr or DisneyJr or Sprout, splay out in the LaZBoy and greedily gobble down all the snuggles I can get from my little Miss Independent.  Sometimes we play with toys or do non TV things, but honestly? She's usually too drained from playing all day at day care to do much else, and I want snuggles while I can still get them, gosh darn it! I want to endlessly huff my child's head like modeler glue. I want to nuzzle her neck. I want her to spontaneously turn her head to look at me like I'm crazy, or better yet SMILE and Mahmeee! If that means we spend the last 30 minutes of her day watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Who gives a crap? 

I almost forgot! D is trying to wink.  I wink at her occasionally, and I noticed recently she's trying to mimic it with the same dopey grin.  So far it's just a weird, squinty blink, but it's pretty adorbs. 

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